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  • 6h Are smart contracts ever coming to zcash blockchain? r/zcashyes/no? submitted by /u/lost_civilizations [link] [comments]
  • 7h zkSNARK vs zkSTARK r/zcashDoes zec plan to incorporate zkSTARK tech as well? ​ submitted by /u/lost_civilizations [link] [comments]
  • 12h ZEC - Zcash Technical Analysis for December 5, 2021 - ZEC - PRICE UPDATE r/zcash submitted by /u/TRAcademy [link] [comments]
  • 19h Weekly Zcash Discussion - December 05, 2021 - Use this thread for general chatter, basic questions, and if you're new to Zcash r/zcashWhat is Zcash? Zcash is a privacy preserving digital currency. It is the first blockchain to leverage a novel technology called Zero-knowledge proofs to enable privacy and selective transparency. Zero-knowledge proofs allow transactions to be verified without revealing the sender, receiver or transaction amount. Selective disclosure features within Zcash allow a user to share some transaction deta..
  • 1d ZEC - Zcash Technical Analysis for December 5, 2021 - ZEC r/zcash submitted by /u/TRAcademy [link] [comments]
  • 1d Staking (PoS) Reward Estimates? r/zcashDoes anyone have any reference materials or discussions they can share on the estimated staking rewards when zcash switches to PoS? For simplicity let's say 100 ZEC is what is being staked. What would be the expected 1 year return, and what variables would affect that estimate (ie rapid growth in staked coins etc)? submitted by /u/Kitten-Smuggler [link] [comments]
  • 1d ZEC - Zcash Technical Analysis for December 4, 2021 - ZEC r/zcash submitted by /u/TRAcademy [link] [comments]
  • 1d Will ZCash switch to PoS on time? r/zcashFrom the blog that was posted a while back in November (, ZEC is planning to move to proof-of-stake consensus mechanism sometime in 2024. But ETH has proven that switching to a different consensus is a monumental task. ETH planned to switch to PoS from a very long time ago (around 2017), but the..
  • 2d Gemini just lowered its ZEC Earn APY to less than 1%. Now at 0.74%. Where are you going for better yield? r/zcashCelsius is slightly higher but even that is pretty out of the picture due to their recent issues (CFO getting arrested and losing over $100 million in the BadgerDAO hack). Are there any other places that you're putting your ZEC to work? submitted by /u/SpontaneousDream [link] [comments]
  • 2d ZEC - Zcash Technical Analysis for December 3, 2021 - ZEC - PRICE UPDATE r/zcash submitted by /u/TRAcademy [link] [comments]
  • 4d Statement from Cake Wallet r/zcash submitted by /u/SmashTR [link] [comments]
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  • 6d ZEC - Zcash Technical Analysis for November 30, 2021 - ZEC r/zcash submitted by /u/TRAcademy [link] [comments]
  • 6d Cake Wallet wins ZOMG committee grant to add Zcash to Cake Wallet r/zcashHello Zcash community! Cake Wallet is a noncustodial, free, and open source wallet for iOS and android. Today, we learned that the ZOMG committee has approved our grant application to add Zcash to Cake Wallet! Cake Wallet began with a privacy-first mindset. We launched in early 2018 as a Monero-only wallet. We were the first ever Monero wallet for iOS. Since then, we have added new features, inclu..
  • 6d An introductory guide to Zcash (ZEC) r/zcash submitted by /u/Stoffmeister [link] [comments]
  • 6d ZCash4Mac :-( r/zcashThis is actually my third post on this channel. I'm hoping someone can help me recover my ZCash from my ZCash4mac wallet, I still have the wallet.dat file, and everything else on my computer where the ZCash4mac wallet is. I just don't know how to access it any more. I'd be happy to part with some of myn zcash to someone who can help me recover it. submitted by /u/Hipste..
  • 7d *Spend* your zcash! (a success story) r/zcashYes, I know the verb is to HODL to drive the price up. But I'll tell you what: nothing will drive the price up like spending Zcash. If it gets entrenched in the market and people know about it and what makes it great (vs. other cryptos and vs. cash/banks/cards), then demand for it will increase, and the true point of crypto in the first place (which was not simply as an investment) can be reac..
  • 7d So the inflation bug scare is over then? r/zcashThe Zcash counterfeiting vulnerability in the sprout pool was mitigated, but at the time we didn't know whether it had been exploited, leading some to question what the real max coin cap of ZEC is. Per the pool migration tool docs, the turnstile check on each shielded pool was said to be able to detect if more coins left a pool than were put in, which would be a (late) indicator of inflation i..
  • 7d Zcash shielded transactions on Trevor hardware wallet is right around the corner r/zcash submitted by /u/aarnott [link] [comments]
  • 7d Zcash foundation shows prototype support for shielded addresses on Trezor devices on twitter r/zcash submitted by /u/TheDeliman [link] [comments]
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  • 285d Get to know Zcash with our wikiguide. r/zcash submitted by /u/wobbzz [link] [comments]

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