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  • 31min YFI is one of the most fairly distributed DeFi tokens on Ethereum: data cryptoslateA big issue in the cryptocurrency community is the centralization of coins. The post YFI is one of the most fairly distributed DeFi tokens on Ethereum: data appeared first on CryptoSlate.
  • 21h Yield Farming Token (YFT) has the highest APY in Defi r/ethtraderYFT Stats: TVL = $5.56m price = $284 APY of DAI pool = +2900% APY of yCRV pool = +2500% Fully diluted supply = 20150 YFT YFT is not simply a clone of YFI. It improves upon the original. For example, YFI is still depending on a 6-of-9 multisig to control the mint function. YFT is a Minimetoken for an Aragon DAO. Holders can vote to mint YFT and to control the allocation of any mints. The largest ho..
  • 1d YFI clones: When one 'Wifey' is not enough decrypt.coThe success of YFI's token has spawned a number of knockoffs, including YFII, C.R.E.A.M and WIFEY, and the first DeFi exit scam.
  • 3d YFI Copycat YFFI Enters Death Spiral As It Plummets By Almost 100% coingapeAfter the community observed’s [YFI] price hitting almost $5K, several tokens mimicking YFI entered the market. However, they seem to be nothing but products of a pump and dump scheme.  Decentralized Finance [DeFi] had all eyes on it after certain applications brought in immense value. DeFi’s lending and borrowing platform, Compound Finance undoubtedly initiated (yfi)

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