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  • 3d *$25 FREE BITCOIN* U.S Traders: Trade Bitcoin & Over 30 Altcoins Using USD For ZERO FEES On Voyager, The New Crypto Trading App From The Minds Behind Uber And E-Trade. Use The Link In The Description Of The Video & GET $25 WORTH OF BITCOIN FREE! (Available For iPhone & Android.) r/xmaxLink In Video Description: submitted by /u/Fuddyduddy9 [link] [comments]
  • 27d XMAX Update - Mastering Bitcoin r/xmax Part of taking Bitcoin mainstream is making it accessible through education. To be ready to share Bitcoin with others we need to learn as much as possible, and “Mastering Bitcoin”is a book that dives deep into the inner-workings of Bitcoin and is available on GitHub. #XMAX #XMX #BTC #Crypto Read "Mastering Bitcoin" for Free Online: Suppor..
  • 42d XMAX Update - Start Mining at Any Scale r/xmax We believe mining should be open to everyone and will be announcing a platform in the coming months that will give you the same benefits as large-scale miners at any scale. ​ Watch on YouTube: ​ About XMAX (XMX): XMAX (XM..
  • 66d XMX Listed on UniswapDEX! r/xmax The site is a web interface to the Uniswap contracts developed as part of an Ethereum Foundation grant. Using this interface you can instantly convert between XMX and Ethereum or any other ERC-20 token. XMX has low liquidity on Uniswap, so you may consider using UniswapDEX to become a liquidity provider ..
  • 67d [Announcement] XMAX & Autonio.Foundation Merger & Acquisition - to Power on-chain Asset Management for Bitcoin Miners r/xmax submitted by /u/XMax_Blockchain [link] [comments]
  • 81d XMAX Update - Get Ready to Mine in 2020 r/xmax We’re excited to bring you new partnerships and expand Bitcoin mining in 2020. Watch our first video update after the Spring Festival, and learn about our mission to help you mine BTC. #XMX #BTC #Crypto ​ ​ Watch on YouTube:
  • 96d Mine Bitcoin with #XMAX - First Public Presentation r/xmax Watch the first public presentation of our new co-mining partnerships. If you want to get Bitcoin, or start mining, we’re looking for mining partners. Getting started is easy, and we’ll help you every step of the way. #BTC #Crypto ​ Watch on YouTube: https:/..
  • 96d XMAX Monthly Community Update - JAN to FEB 2019 r/xmax Every community needs a way to track growth and development, so we’re publishing community stats around this time each month. One page updates with the latest social media figures as well as a few project highlights. #XMX #BTC #Mining ​ submitted by &..
  • 125d XMAX Audits Available on r/xmax Thank you all for being part of the project and helping us expand XMAX mining operations globally. If you're looking for company updates, one of the best places to find detailed info is our Audits section (updated monthly) on with independent reports. New reports are available now. ​ ​ ​
  • 131d Professional Miner Services Coming in 2020 r/xmax It’s a new year, and now XMAX will open our co-mining services to everyone. With this new service, you own the miners and enjoy all the advantages of mining at scale, even with only one or two miners. We will post more information on this and the other new services in the coming weeks. Thank you for being part of the XMAX community and becoming a BTC miner. #XMX #BTC #Crypto Watch on YouTube..
  • 131d XMAX Monthly Community Update - DEC to JAN 2019 r/xmax Every community needs a way to track growth and development, so we’re publishing community stats around this time each month. One page updates with the latest social media figures as well as a few project highlights. ​ Join XMAX on Telegram:
  • 140d Create your Bitcoin Wallet - BTC Tools Series r/xmax There are many tools available for crypto mining, but a safe wallet is a must-have for any crypto enthusiast. Today we look at how to create crypto wallets on and show you options for cold wallets and wallet security. ​ Watch on YouTube: ​
  • 144d Want to Mine like a Pro? Learn to use Bitcoin Tools r/xmax As professional miners, we use free tools like those offered on to learn about changes on the Bitcoin Network. We're starting a video series to help you explore these tools and posting the series next week. Watch on YouTube: ​
  • 148d Learn to Use the APMinerTool to Manage Bitcoin Miners r/xmax Watch one of the tech team members train an #XMAX employee on how to manage miners in with the APMiner Tool. We’ll cover mining pool tips, firmware updates, and mining modes. #XMX #BTC #CryptoMining Watch on YouTube: ​ ​ &..
  • 151d XMAX Update - New Miner Services & Team Videos r/xmax We've partnered with incredible companies to bring miners new services. Stay tuned for announcements. Till then, we'll be posting team videos and hope to see you on Telegram. #XMX #BTC #Crypto Watch on YouTube: ​ ​
  • 158d Added 46.2146 BTC to XMAX Buyback Plan r/xmax With your help, we mined 231.0732 #Bitcoins in November and are currently completing the token buyback using 106.6246 #BTC. When the next token burn is completed, will publish an official announcement on #crypto #XMX ​ Join the movement on ..
  • 160d XMAX Update - Official Site Changes and Upcoming Mining Services r/xmax XMAX Update - Official Site Changes and Upcoming Mining Services Updated the look of the official site: and will be releasing new services to help businesses and miners partner with #XMAX to continue expanding the global #Bitcoin hash network. #XMX #BTC Watch on YouTube: ​
  • 160d XMAX Monthly Community Update - November to December 2019 r/xmax Every community needs a way to track growth and development, so we’re going to be publishing community stats around this time each month. One page updates with the latest social media figures as well as project highlights. #XMX ​ submitted by /..
  • 165d Bitcoin Mine Tour - XMAX Road Trip (Part Three) r/xmax Bitcoin Mine Tour Explore one of our project's #Bitcoin #mining facilities and see how Bitcoin mining facilities are designed and operated in this short video. Filmed on a recent trip to a remote desert mine. #XMAX #XMX #Crypto #BTC Watch on YouTube: ​
  • 167d Fixing Bitcoin Miners - XMAX Road Trip Part 2 r/xmaxFixing Bitcoin Miners Learn the top 4 repair types on #Bitcoin miners and what the parts look like on a miner. These represent the top four fixes during our mining operations — next video: a tour of the new #XMAX mine. #Crypto #XMX Watch on YouTube: submitted by /u/XMax_Blockchain [link] [comments]
  • 168d XMAX Update: Bitcoin Mining Road Trip to Set up 6000 Antminers (Part One) r/xmax The XMAX (Token: XMX) Team recently made a trip to one of our more remote mining locations to set up 6,000 Bitcoin miners. This video is the first of several we'll be posting from the trip, stay tuned for more details on how large-scale mining operations are set up. ​ Watch on YouTube: ​
  • 179d #XMAX (#XMX) – Team Video – How to Set up a #Bitcoin Miner [Antminer s9i] r/xmax Watch Chris from our tech team set up and optimize an #Antminer s9i and learn how to improve mining efficiency on older miner models. This is the first of many team update videos to come, join our Telegram to learn more. Watch on YouTube: ​
  • 180d XMAX (XMX) Project Update – [Moving the Mines] r/xmax This week we’re sharing our mining experience on the new Medium Blog ( to help you get started with #Bitcoin #mining, and also plan to fly out to film the team setting up thousands of recently moved miners. Watch on YouTube: ​
  • 181d Bitcoin Mining An Insider’s Story - The Economics of BTC Mining in Asia r/xmax Learn where Bitcoin miners fit into the BTC Markets. Watch this closed-door presentation from the #XMAX (Token: #XMX) project’s advisor Eric. Explore Bitcoin mining in Asia from an insider's perspective! ​ YouTube Video Link - Watch Online: https://youtu..
  • 182d Are you Ready to Start Mining Bitcoin? [Bitcoin Mining Guide] r/xmax Are you Ready to Start Mining Bitcoin? ​ Check out the first in our #Bitcoin #Mining Guide series to learn where to buy your miners, how to set miners up and how big mining facilities get better deals on electricity. #XMAX #XMX #cryptocurrency ​ Read on Medium:

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