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  • 9min Announcement on WAVES Deposit and Withdrawal Suspension r/wavesDear CoinEx users, Due to the network upgrade of WAVES, CoinEx has suspended WAVES deposit and withdrawal to ensure our users’ assets security. The details are as follows. WAVES Deposit and Withdrawal: Close at: 10:00 January 25, 2021 (UTC) Estimated time to reopen: Depends on the update progress. Notes: 1. During the suspension of deposit and withdrawal for WAVES, the users will still be able ..
  • 14h Waves (WAVES) - Token Launch - 07 Feb 2021 r/waves submitted by /u/CoinsCalendar [link] [comments]
  • 3d Dismisses Craig Wright’s Lawsuit Threat for Hosting Bitcoin Whitepaper btcmanagerPopular Bitcoin (BTC) contributor “Cobra” has dismissed Craig Wright’s calls for and to stop hosting the Bitcoin white paper. CSW has a history of taking legal action against notable figures in the Bitcoin space who dismiss his claims of being Satoshi. Unbothered as CSW Waves the Lawsuit Hammer Once Again Craig S.Read More
  • 3d SURGE AND PROG coins r/wavesI've had some of these airdropped a while back in to my WAVES wallet. What exactly can I do with them? submitted by /u/pricesturgidtache [link] [comments]
  • 4d How to pay for mobile, internet and TV in cryptocurrency? r/wavesCryptocurrencies integrating in our life deeper. What's about such basic thing as telecom, internet and mobile payments, do you use bank card or e-money, right? How's about to start to use cryptocurrency to pay bills from a today, ah? Of course, if you have relating motivation to do that. For example, one friend of mine, was passionate by an idea of anonymity usage of mobile, including n..
  • 4d Buying Waves? r/wavesHow can I buy waves on the waves exchange without having any waves? I think I need 0.003 waves to buy waves :-( submitted by /u/ramxrp [link] [comments]
  • 4d Waves cards: DAO r/waves The Waves DAO is a tool for decentralized and transparent decision-making, offering all participants equal access to data and the process. This DAO model will be used by Waves Association members to select projects for grants and research work. Find out more ..
  • 5d How to add a new blockchain into Gravity r/waves submitted by /u/WavesNews [link] [comments]
  • 6d Trading Tokes (TKS) r/wavesI wish to place sell orders on TKS/BTC but it keeps returning the error "Not enough TKS". Any tips? submitted by /u/asmpllife [link] [comments]
  • 6d Upvote Waves to show price data in Zerion! r/waves submitted by /u/UniswapDipGuru [link] [comments]
  • 6d 🏄💞🌴 r/waves submitted by /u/HeGmEg-Leipzig [link] [comments]
  • 7d Interview with member of Waves Association Luca Silvani r/waves The Waves Association’s series of interviews with its members continues! Meet Luca Silvani, an active contributor to the Waves community, who shares the details of his journey with Waves and his views on blockchain prospects. Read the interview submitted by ..
  • 9d Decentralized Waves DEX Marcher r/wavesI think now is the big time to allow to waves community to run his own matchers, have a centralized matcher is a big point of failure to blockchain philosophy , do es Devs have some ETA to implement free DEX choice by the users? if not, we are getting lots of risks and we never will be competitive against Ethereum or other big projects, it is only my thought, would be nice if community can tell us..
  • 9d Ethereum Gas Fee for USDT to USDN transaction on Waves Exchange r/wavesHi I am wondering will there be a gas fee - ethereum gas - if I make a trade from USDT (tether) to USDN (neutrino) or vice versa, in the waves exchange or is the USDT available wrapped? I don't want to pay ethereum's high gas fees. Also, is there a slippage and if so how do to calculate it? submitted by /u/daithi_mjl [link] [comments]
  • 11d Neutrino will integrate Chainlink Proof-of-Reserve r/waves Neutrino, a multi-chain assetization protocol built on the Waves blockchain, is expanding its inter-chain capabilities thanks to the upcoming integration with Chainlink Proof of Reserve! The collaboration will enable seamless transfers between the two blockchains a..
  • 15d Trading Application with Bots, Signals and Arbitrage for 28 Cryptocurrency Exchanges r/wavesBitsgap allow extended operations on multiply cryptocurrency exchanges within one interface and on safe mode, this including: Trading terminal with instant switch between 28 crypto Exchanges and all trading pairs on them. Portfolio management: overview of all positions, trading history, assets value and ROI-performance on all Exchanges with CSV export. Advanced market orders types: limit/stop ord..
  • 16d How to transfer into real money? r/wavesHello and sorry for my stupid question. Yesterday I realized I own some waves, btc and etereum on my wallet. I bought them some years ago. I downloaded the app Exchange now and installed my seed there. How can I transform them into real EUROS on my bank account? Please help me ... submitted by /u/vegetarmin [link] [comments]
  • 16d simdaq tokens r/waves Hi ,2 years ago i moved my simdaq tokens to "waves client" on my win desktop, and now when i entered it , it shows' like synchronizing for long time and i cant see my smq , and after an hour it logs out. i can see my 9296 tokens on my address What can i do to see my tokens in my wallet ?
  • 16d Phishing scam r/wavesHi, I got phishing scammed through Exodus for few of my holdings (I already post about on other subreddits these days). I know...stupid mistake. Is there any chance I can somehow return my WAVES tokens if I know whole TX ID history from my wallet to the current scammers wallet? Can I somehow know if that last address is on any exchange to step into contact with them? Every help is welcomed. Thank..
  • 17d Crypto Mining Equipment - 35% OFF - Great Opportunity for Crypto Mining Investor - Take the advantage now! r/waves submitted by /u/Prior-Tap3880 [link] [comments]
  • 17d Year in review r/waves submitted by /u/WavesNews [link] [comments]
  • 17d Account recovery r/wavesI guess the desktop waves dex application I used to use either changed or isn't supported. Is there a way to recover my login? I don't think I saved my seed anywhere other than in the application. submitted by /u/SuknIsh2 [link] [comments]
  • 18d Waves Wallets r/waves ​ Waves’ cards streak continues into 2021! Let us remind you of the variety of wallets in the Waves ecosystem, built for interacting with the Waves blockchain and a wide range of digital assets. All of the wallets offer different features! Visit this page f..
  • 20d Pools on PancakeSwap r/waves submitted by /u/WavesNews [link] [comments]
  • 25d Weekly /r/Wavesplatform Discussion - Gravity Launch r/wavesHey Waves community! This week sees the launch of Gravity's whitepaper. The new solution addresses the issues below: provides communication between all existing blockchains combines cross chain, data oracles and sidechains into a single integrated structure. truly agnostic driven by the concept of oracle consensus We would like to hear your feedback on what Gravity will bring to the blockc..

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