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  • 1h Transaction revoked?? r/tronI recently purchased KLV via simplex in the Klever app & the transaction says it’s revoked?? What does this mean & how did I fix the issue?? I have TRX in my wallet. Please advise submitted by /u/TravelingCryptoKat [link] [comments]
  • 2h Thanks for the dip r/tron submitted by /u/ThatHessGuy [link] [comments]
  • 5h Newbie questions r/tronHey guys, I hope this is the right subreddit (I did a little research) How do I mine the btt? by seeding torrents? Is there any particular site/file types/content that yields btt? Is it worth it or is it better to trade? submitted by /u/InsideIndividual3355 [link] [comments]
  • 6h You can't comprehend the power of the Tron network! ❤️ r/tron submitted by /u/Opposite-Cat-1375 [link] [comments]
  • 6h 🍀 Ferox [$270k market cap] 🍀 Rising Star of DeFi, Phenomenal Discount on Private Sales, Liquidity & Dividends Locked, Be Your Own "Tokenized" Hedge Fund r/tron$FRX (Ferox token) is a 53 days old hidden gem from the recently reinvigorated Tron Network with a state of the art crypto team we built around it. Unique use cases with robust intrinsic utility backed by fiat trading dividends (please see WP for details) give FRX a peerless long term value proposition in crypto space. Around 800 holders now, supply locked at 700 million, the low market cap is ste..
  • 6h Tronix Tokens lost in MyEtherWallet? r/tronHi all. - I bought 750ish tronix tokens in 2018 before it became its own coin (?) - I forgot all about it - I recently remembered I had the coins and found the private key - I opened up my wallet on MyEtherWallet and wanted to transfer the tokens to Binance to convert them into actual Tronix coins - I don't have any ETH to use as gas - I tried to send a small amount of ETH to MEW to use as gas..
  • 8h How good is the TronLink Wallet? r/tronDo you recommend using it? submitted by /u/cfu48 [link] [comments]
  • 9h Newbie needs help! r/tronIm just now getting into crypto and i just wanna find some coins i can drop money into and hold. I just stumbled upon Tron and i’d like to know a lot more about it. price seems real cheap so i’d love to cash in on it but i need to do some of my own research. I read through here and heard people mention voting, dAPPS, and stakes. not too sure what any of these things are and if anybody has links, v..
  • 10h I have mined over 600BTT but only have... 40? Why? r/tronDoes anyone know why I am not gaining in-app balance? I mined BTT through bittorent. I have contacted the support team but they don't reply. Help please submitted by /u/BlueBug02 [link] [comments]
  • 10h DAO Maker Brings Its Token Launch Framework to TRON cryptopotatoThe popular DeFi-based project, DAO Maker, will bring its token launch framework to the TRON Network.
  • 10h TRON Partners with Incubator DAO Maker to Build on TRON Network coinspeaker Continue reading at Coinspeaker
  • 10h Tron Blockchain Partners with DAO Maker Incubator. What Does This Mean for Crypto Community? u.todayOne more project empowered its customers with the opportunity to access Tron (TRX) blockchain seamlessly
  • 10h TRC20 Token Transfer r/tronHello, I just tried to transfer 1 test token to another TRX Address and it consumed 3005 Energy and 1,5 TRX also 350 Bandwidth. It literally consumed all my Energy and still failed because of to low fee? Why does it cost so much to transfer a TRC20 token? TX Hash 9e1676d45655c08aec78ecbdf7f42c1d05f830781303e6c956afbb2d9fb29f4f That’s hilarious. How much energy does it take? And where can I lend En..
  • 12h BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, DASH, BNB, TRX – Technical Analysis For April 20 beincryptoXRP (XRP) might have finished its corrective wave.  Ethereum (ETH) is retesting its previous breakout levels as support. Stellar (XLM) and Dash (DASH) are trading inside horizontal ranges. Binance Coin (BNB) has been increasing since breaking out from a symmetrical triangle. Tron (TRX) has broken down from an ascending support line. BTC BTC is following … Continued The post BTC, ETH, XR..
  • 13h Tron Daily - Price Talk and Speculation allowed here r/tron submitted by /u/AutoModerator [link] [comments]
  • 15h How much energy do you have? r/tronI was wondering how much energy people have? What would you think the average energy is? The reason for me asking the dapp I'm developing requires 2.4 million energy per transaction. I know you can rent energy. Is there a place where you can rent 3 million energy? I've seen some where you can rent 100k energy submitted by /u/Creative310 [link] [comments]
  • 18h Privacy coin question r/tronWhatever happened with the privacy coin that was announced last year? Did that end up becoming a thing? submitted by /u/jimbofbx [link] [comments]
  • 20h JustSwap and SUN not recognizing my balance r/tronSo I’ve been using JustSwap, JustLend and SUN for quite some time, always been awesome. But ever since SUN came out with the updated website for mining my wallet is linked and recognized but my TRX & SUN balances are not being recognized. Anybody have a clue why? submitted by /u/Damxchange [link] [comments]
  • 21h Anyone know why the Poloni Dex is down? r/tronCan’t trade any TRX alt coins right now.. anyone know what’s going on? submitted by /u/JustAnotherBAMF [link] [comments]
  • 23h Sesameseed r/tronI am curious if there is anyone else holding onto SEED. I recall at one point you could exchange 1 SEED for 5 or more TRX. Now it's just basically pegged slightly higher than TRX. I've been getting better gains with NEXO in the near term, but I am curious if there is any upside holding onto this coin, or is it not meant to increase in value, only become pegged to other cryptos? I know that..
  • 1d Smart contract energy questions r/tronI have been experimenting with creating TRC-721 tokens. When I mint a token it cost me over 2.4 million in energy. Here's the link to the transaction Now I'm trying to figure out the benefits on creating TRC-721 tokens on Tron VS Ethereum. It appears you would need thousands of dollars..
  • 1d How could the CCP being involved with TRX be beneficial to the project? r/tronI’ve seen speculation on here that China could possibly legalize trx, which would be huge for the project. But how could a project dedicated to decentralizing the internet ever be embraced by the CCP? submitted by /u/GingeredKerfuffler [link] [comments]
  • 1d, freeze and vote r/tronI can do that all at the same time? for example if I have 50k units can I use them all to stake/mine at and freeze them to vote with the energy? submitted by /u/Carlito53 [link] [comments]
  • 1d What exchanges take TRX deposit? r/tronHi all, I had been out of crypto for a long time and was not aware Binance was now blocked for US. I can no longer convert the TRX to ETH to I can transfer it out to Binance US, nor can I sell it. Does anyone know if any other exchanges take a direct TRX deposit so I can transfer it there instead of trying to find a way to convert it first to transfer over to Binance US? Thanks! submitted b..
  • 2d Tronlink and additional tokens r/tronCan anyone tell me why when I first sent TRX to Tronlink I was also given TOFU10, and GNX? I was reading something that said there are scam coins in TL but I can find seemingly legit info on both coins. TOFU DEFI seems to be pretty new and early stage but GNX seems like an older dead coin? submitted by /u/Ponkermagoo [link] [comments]
  • 3d Why You Should Hold Long Term r/tronAbout 2 months back, this subreddit had a number of posts by “long term holders” who finally decided to cash out. Each post had a little army of commenters that were on the same page, and they were also cashing out. They were upset (understandably) that Tron was wavering between 2cents and 5cents for so long, with no increases. They thought that Tron was dead and it was downhill from there. These..
  • 3d A familiar feeling r/tronDo you remember back in 2017/2018 when everyone of us were talking to our friends? Trying to explain what altcoins were, and why Tron etc. There was so much buzz in the air. Everyone knew but no one KNEW what to expect. Funny thing is... Over the last couple years, I've had a few new friends join the crew. And they are telling me all about these NEW crypto coins like xrp, theta, and when one o..
  • 365d Justin Sun Baffled By a Jump in New Tron (TRX) Accounts ethereumworldnewsIn brief: On the 19th of April, the Tron network recorded its highest daily increase in new accounts. This feat was noticed by a senior Tron Community member. Justin Sun was baffled by the sudden increase. However, it could be due to the Just (JST) token scale next month and the allure of staking TRX. The Tron (TRX) network has continued to run smoothly since its mainnet was launched in mid-2018. ..
  • 366d Why Staking Crypto such as TRX, KAVA and more is Gathering Steam ethereumworldnewsIn brief: The Coronavirus crash of mid-March has resulted in a lot of crypto traders being cautious.  The dominance of stablecoins is proof that they are waiting for favorable crypto conditions to get back to trading.  Staking crypto on the various exchanges has provided an alternative to trading and/or storing value in stablecoins.  The Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto market crash of mid-March was one e..

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