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  • 2h THOR r/thorchain submitted by /u/ChadTorrance5 [link] [comments]
  • 12h Limit orders on DEX-es r/thorchainIs there any particular reason why most DEX-es don't implement the "limit Order" functionality for swaps? I mean, as from my knowledge, only one has limit orders, and that is 1inch. Does anyone know, is Thorswap considering this? submitted by /u/Fun_Artichoke8765 [link] [comments]
  • 13h RUNE - THORChain Technical Analysis for December 5, 2021 - RUNE - PRICE UPDATE r/thorchain submitted by /u/TRAcademy [link] [comments]
  • 15h Troubleshooting , transfer from trust to xdefi r/thorchainNew to the community, swapped bnb for bep2 rune on trust wallet thinking I was moving in the right direction and created an xdefi wallet . Sent the rune from trust wallet to the bnb rune b1a address that was in xdefi. I thought I had messed up somewhere and lost the coins but it appears to have made it but was then transferred out to another address bnb address. Do you think I made an error or pos..
  • 1d RUNE - THORChain Technical Analysis for December 5, 2021 - RUNE r/thorchain submitted by /u/TRAcademy [link] [comments]
  • 1d Still very early to get on Vader. State of the art defi that combines the best features of RUNE, LUNA and OHM. Being launched as we speak, 60% of circulating supply staked in less than 24h. Get in! r/thorchain submitted by /u/zeroboundss [link] [comments]
  • 2d Earn up to 40 $RUNE for solving analytics bounties r/thorchain submitted by /u/bmflip [link] [comments]
  • 2d Is Asgardex actually working or just a demonstration of the interface? Can I use it to exchange between the assets listed there? r/thorchain submitted by /u/kakazao3 [link] [comments]
  • 2d LP refund r/thorchainHi, I noticed that i was able to add liquidity to the THOR/RUNE pool earlier and I went for it. Submitted it and it processed for awhile and got "refund" in the notification. Am i right to assume that the gas fee is gone? What would refund mean? should i be expecting the same amount of THOR and RUNE i submitted back? This is because i only got back 1/3 of the THOR i submitted. As for RUN..
  • 3d BTC to ETH r/thorchainCan we swap Bitcoin for ETH on Thorchain yet? If not, any place a person could swap BTC for ETH without KYC at the moment? Thanks in advance for your help. submitted by /u/thepointchaser [link] [comments]
  • 3d THORswap Liquidity Cap Limit: THOR-RUNE LP questions (and dev questions) r/thorchainI am trying to stake my THOR-RUNE, but am hitting the dreaded LP cap error. I have been watching for the past couple days and the LP limit has dropped from 105.3% down to 104.5%. If I provided a higher pool share, would that prioritize my LP? Do I just need to continuous monitor THORswap and wait for it to dip below 100%? Is there a Liquidity Cap API endpoint? Are there any API/developer documen..
  • 3d Question about withdrawing stake on rune vault - r/thorchainHello - apologies in advance for sounding like a newbie here but I’ve exhausted many options over the course of many months. I staked my rune on the runevault site and have not been able to withdraw it since things have moved to the new site. I link up my ledger to my computer and when I click to withdraw, I receive an error saying “there’s not enough token to withdraw” I have more than enough BN..
  • 4d Swapping BTC to Rune, keep getting this error, any suggestions? r/thorchain submitted by /u/Ujo000 [link] [comments]
  • 4d Price difference on thorswap r/thorchainWhy the price of rune on thorswap is less than that on Binance submitted by /u/InSyncYT [link] [comments]
  • 4d Unable to see positions on ThorYield r/thorchainLooks like the UI for ThorYield has changed - when I click over to ThorYield from a liquidity position from Thorswap, I'm only able to see the dashboard of all transactions. Anyone else seeing this behavior? submitted by /u/Sea_Noise_8307 [link] [comments]
  • 4d Difference between native $RUNE vs $RUNE (CEX) r/thorchainHey guys, I have a question regarding the difference between native $RUNE vs $RUNE bought in CEX? I have came across multiple posts about this but none of them really explains if there is any difference. Thanks in advance. submitted by /u/tonicamines22 [link] [comments]
  • 4d Newbie post : ERC20 RUNE BEPP-2RUNE or Native RUNE ? One don't know the best for joining Thor community. r/thorchain submitted by /u/Crafty_Industry_6431 [link] [comments]
  • 6d How to get rid of Native Rune? r/thorchainI bought native rune in order to stake THOR, and like many was unable to do so. Noticing how lacking and poorly managed this ecosystem seems to be, I would like to get out 100%. If anyone has a reason to stay please clue me in - I am basing this off the THOR launch and the headache that ensued, as well as difficulties using the swap and staking platforms via Trust Wallet. Lacking a reason to stay,..
  • 6d How come the apy is nearly double on the BTCB pool compared to native BTC? r/thorchainIs it just because of the risk associated with wrapping your BTC? it's currently 19% compared to 10%. Don't understand why anyone wouldn't just wrap to earn a double yield on the same asset? submitted by /u/Less_Use_3942 [link] [comments]
  • 6d THORChain - Finding Renewed Success Through Aligned Incentives r/thorchain submitted by /u/bordoisse [link] [comments]
  • 9d Rune mainnet launch December 2021 r/thorchainWhat is yall price prediction as most fundamentally sound coins have had major price increase on mainnet launch 🚀 ?? submitted by /u/makavelibloc [link] [comments]
  • 9d BTC withdrawal issue thorswap r/thorchain submitted by /u/puntepunt11 [link] [comments]
  • 10d How does the apr make it worth it if I lost a dollar for every native rune that I convert back to bep 2 rune. Seems kind of pointless or is that just a inevitable trade off r/thorchain submitted by /u/Xeltrax [link] [comments]
  • 10d Is there any way to convert native THOR.RUNE back to BNB.RUNE or ETH.RUNE? r/thorchainI’ve noticed there is no way to swap on trust wallet once in native rune and can’t deposit back to exchanges like kucoin and on Thorswap the price is over $1.00 lower than the market price. Any idea??? submitted by /u/Ice275 [link] [comments]
  • 11d metamask transfer r/thorchainI just deposited my xrune from metamask on thorstarter, paid the eth fee, the transaction was successful, and its like nothing happened. I can't stake my xrune or participate in the IDO or anything. Did I do something wrong? Has anyone else had this problem? Thank you for any help! Much appreciated. submitted by /u/real059mattd2 [link] [comments]
  • 118d THORChain Uncensored Discord r/thorchain submitted by /u/thearchitect108 [link] [comments]

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