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  • 2d ¿in what are base the minimum requirements for storj? r/storjI've been runing a storj node for 2 months in an 8gb rasp pi 4,and I've set up recently a node in the same pi,and seeing the usage of resources I can't understand why the requirements are so high. in my system the core percent usage is like 5% as most used core? and ram has never reached 1gb ​ ¿so why they ask for at least 1 dedicated core for node and at least 8gb in the server..
  • 3d Functionality questions r/storjThis coin is a good idea I'm weighing it against other implementations Can dapps be built for this chain? will the blockchain have a public blockchain backed cloud storage website/api that converts fiat/btc/eth into whatever the blockchain uses for payment? Is it possible to make files public to any client? Can public files by downloaded from multiple "miners" at the same time (think..
  • 3d Add to your calendar Storj (STORJ) event: Town Hall Meetimg - August 26, 2020 r/storj submitted by /u/cryptocalbot [link] [comments]
  • 5d Are we now getting consolidated payouts? r/storjI have 2 nodes, before July I used to receive multuple payments with different amounts per node and I noticed since last month, I only receive 1 payment with a larger number of tokens. Is it that all payments to a specific wallet are now consolidated into one? submitted by /u/fcantusaldivar [link] [comments]
  • 5d say hello to my 20TB baby r/storj submitted by /u/pixelpox88 [link] [comments]
  • 6d Submit Your Questions for Town Hall! r/storjWe will hold our next Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, August 26, 2020. During the meeting, we will answer community questions about Storj Labs, Tardigrade, and anything else you want to ask. Please email your questions to []( and we will see you at the meeting! submitted by /u/huo_guo [link] [comments]
  • 6d Are SNOs leaving? r/storjFor about two months I am seeing way more repair egress than download, probably about 8:1. Does anyone know why that is? Are many SNOs leaving ungracefully or is StorJ coping with general data loss? My current earnings with my RPI3 and 2TB ext. HDD set up run around 3-4$ a month. But with that low of an energy consumption it's at least still "winning". Let me know what you guys are ..
  • 8d Large node, 100tb-300tb questions r/storjHi all, I haven't been able to find any info about people running considerably large storj nodes. I have a machine with about 30 idling cores, and a few zpools totaling 200tb in size. Does anyone know of what profits look like when running a node this big? My understanding is each node maxes out at 24TB, so would I have to just run like 9 instances of storj all with the same ip address? Woul..
  • 14d Storage node on VPS r/storjHello, to everyone ! Since I am using a VPS with 2TB capacity for my work but I am only using a few GB at the moment I thought to try storj because I am very interested on the project so I setted everything up and installed it without any problems on Ubuntu, but I am a bit skeptical if everything goes as expected because I have a gigabit connection and in 46 hours I have only 13.5 GB bandwidth use..
  • 19d Has there been any word about when the next quarterly town hall is? r/storjThere have been some truly impressive achievements since the last one. For example: We added support for Storj as a backend on Rclone. This was a huge accomplishment for our team because it allows anyone to use Rclone and store data on Tardigrade. Check our documentation or this pull request to learn more. We launched QNAP NAS apps for both Storage Nodes and Tardigrade users. This will allow any..
  • 21d All vs specific Storj satellite r/storjI recently started a storj node with about 20TB of storage space and I am wondering if it is better to select a specific satellite/set of satellites near me or to leave my node on all satellites. I would assume that all satellites will help fill up my storage space faster, which could be quite advantageous, but that choosing one specific node may lead to more egress due to having lower latency to ..
  • 22d Help with high cancel rate (1500/940 internet and SSD configuration) r/storjI have setup a node a little bit less than 3 days ago. I am noticing very high upload cancel rate. Here are my result: on Pastebin and my success rate results: on Pastebin My node is setup on the following relevant components: FX-6300 CPU Asus M5A97 2.0 Motherboard 16GB RAM 1333Mhz Internet connection: Fiber optic 1.5Gbps down 940 Up with Bell Canada (ethernet obviously) I have 3 S..
  • 24d The calculator caps out at symmetrical 100 mb r/storjI have symmetrical gigabit internet and was wondering if that will increase how many storj coins I get. submitted by /u/MEEPYTHEGREAT [link] [comments]
  • 24d An ongoing diary of my 1.5Gbps/940Mbps node; RAID 1 SSD experiment r/storjHi. I haven’t on reddit posted for ages. I’m making this post to continually update for other to compare their nodes and for the sake of discussing. This is an experiment to compare a RAID 1 SSD configuration to see its real world pros and cons. I am aware this is not recommended. I’m just having fun. I obviously plan on running this node for long if it proves to be working fine. Oh and I obviousl..
  • 25d STORJ has been listed on Kraken r/storj submitted by /u/swirlybuns [link] [comments]
  • 26d COMP, KAVA, KNC and STORJ – 4 New Crypto Assets Start Trading July 15 r/storj submitted by /u/kraken-jeff [link] [comments]
  • 33d What Wallet do you use? Small income gets eaten up in fees. r/storjMy EtherWallet ate over half my first storj deposit. Sounds like a GREAT service. 33 cents to deposit a 60 cent total value. submitted by /u/ActorRob [link] [comments]
  • 35d Storj va Sia r/storjWhich is the best in 2020? submitted by /u/ChesterMM [link] [comments]
  • 38d Sharing My Ubuntu docker container Command: r/storj This is for a second node at the same ddns machine address on an additional port. Reasons I'm sharing: This is a bit diggy to find the command line for this situation, but here's a bigger takeaway: Somehow (I think it was Mac OS TextEdit) had a different ANSI value or whatever for the quote characters so I had to change those in Ubuntu text editor. Yeah, quote characters are quote ch..
  • 38d Extending space r/storjAnybody knows how to extend space for Storagenode? I make a mistake and on 4TB drive set only 2TB for SN. I want to change this and extend to 3,5TB. Any help? submitted by /u/ExcaliburPLL [link] [comments]
  • 39d Possible to start node under 500meg? r/storjEdit: Duh. Gig. not meg. Have about 300 free, wondering. I know the docs say 500 but has anyone actually configured for less and have it work? submitted by /u/ActorRob [link] [comments]
  • 42d Storj node with NAS - Standalone? r/storjHi, long time lurker and finally in a position to buy a NAS so I thought I'd start asking the serious questions. I'm buying a nas, a QNAP TS-412. It'll be mainly for personal use with the surplus going to Storj (If it doesn't work, no big deal) My question is - When i set up a node, is it standalone or do i need my laptop permanently on to have the node running? If that is the case..
  • 51d I am gracefully exiting my node... r/storjI have a storj 14TB node for more than a year now. I have another 2 with 8TB each and I had another one of 6TB which was suspended and for which I had no explenation for it, so I had to just delete it, I couldn't gracefully exit it. This get me sad. Anyway, I am gracefully exiting my big node for now. I am curious how much time it will take in order to transfer all this data... ​ Hours..
  • 51d Set up a satellite r/storjIs there a possibility to launch your own satellite in the main storj network? I've build satellite cli from source code, created ID but couldn't hook the master DB. submitted by /u/grace_gone [link] [comments]
  • 51d Is my nose working properly? r/storjI just set up my node an hour ago with a 2tb hard drive. The dashboard says 177mb of bandwidth used and 0 bytes of space used. Is this correct? submitted by /u/Jackalope414 [link] [comments]
  • 109d Announcing the COVID-19 Storage Program r/storj submitted by /u/huo_guo [link] [comments]

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