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  • 4h ELI5 - Create2 - how does it work? r/ethereum How does Create2 work when calculating smart contract addresses? How is it possible to calculate the address of a smart contract before it is deployed? Does that make it possible to send ETH or tokens to the smart contract before it is deployed? What happens to the tokens while they are waiting for the smart contract to be deployed? Thanks! submitted by /u/celticwarrior72 [link]..
  • 8h Look to Design, Not Laws, to Protect Privacy in the Surveillance Age coindeskIn the smart home era, we need to take privacy protection into our own hands, says the co-founder of IoTeX. Privacy laws won't help us.
  • 8h Ethereum Investors Appear to FOMO as Speculation Mounts Around ETH 2.0 newsbtcThe upcoming launch of Ethereum 2.0 has investors and market participants alike speculating whether Ether is preparing for a moonshot. After the most recent correction that saw prices plummet to $191, many have claimed that the smart contracts giant hit market bottom. Santiment, a behavior analytics platform, noticed that some Reddit users are becoming overwhelmingly...
  • 15h Interoperability Platform to Use Telos Tech for Cross-Chain Transactions cointelegraphTransledger's platform enables inter-blockchain communication allowing cross-chain transactions to speed up decentralized exchanges and give Bitcoin the features of smart contracts.
  • 1d [Bounty] Help me verify my contract on Etherscan r/ethereumHello, I created my own smart contract and deployed it to the mainnet using Remix. The source consists of multiple .Sol files and I compiled it with optimization on. I exported the exact files from Remix to Github so they are the exact files used to compile and deploy the contract. If anyone is able to take my source code and use it to get my contract verified on Etherscan, please PM me. I'm w..
  • 2d Crypto-Based E-Sports Streaming Service Comes Installed on 75 Million Samsung Galaxy Phones bitcoinnews75 million Samsung Galaxy users will be able to mine the TFUEL crypto just by using the pre-installed Theta TV app Theta TV, an E-Sports video streaming platform which runs on the Theta blockchain, has announced a major partnership with Samsung. Now Theta TV will be installed on all Samsung Galaxy S20 smart phones, as … The post Crypto-Based E-Sports Streaming Service Comes Installed on 75 Million..
  • 6d Algorand vs Ethereum: A serious Contender to the world’s number one decentralized Application Network coinscribbleOver the last few years, we have had several projects that touted themselves as the “Ethereum killer.” From Neo to EOS to Cardano, we have had many projects who made pretty ambitious claims about replacing Ethereum as the premier smart contract platform in the world. However, it looks like the real heir to the throne […] The post Algorand vs Ethereum: A serious Contender to the world’s..
  • 14d Chainalysis partners with the Smart Contract Security Alliance bravenewcoinChainalysis has announced a partnership with the Smart Contract Security Alliance (SCSA) to help businesses understand the risks and opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.
  • 15d Ethereum (ETH) Price Prediction and Analysis in May 2020 coindooWe will be looking at the past historical trends and developments for ETH so that we can develop an Ethereum price prediction for May 2020. Ethereum Overview Ethereum is the most popular and used smart contract and dapp development platform in the crypto industry. Its functions are powered by the ETH crypto. It is currently […] The post Ethereum (ETH) Price Prediction and Analysis in May 202..
  • 19d GSX Group launches the ‘GRID’, a venue for tokenized securities cryptoninjasThe GSX Group, an end-to-end financial services and exchange ecosystem, today has announced the launch of the GRID, a venue to create and deploy ‘Smart Securities’ in tokenized form. The GRID facilitates the tokenization of new and existing debt securities and funds, with equities rolling out in the second phase of the GRID’s development. Commenting […] CryptoNinjas: GSX Group launches the ‘..
  • 21d ChainLink Price Analysis - On-chain metrics show a strong uptick in activity over the past several months bravenewcoinChainLink (LINK) is a decentralized oracle network built on Ethereum. The network is designed to connect off-chain data sources, such as APIs, data feeds, or bank payments, to on-chain smart contracts. ChainLink went live on May 30th, 2019.
  • 223d Nationwide Blockchain of China Finally Preparing for Launch u.todayChina launching nationwide blockchain service in beta mode until March 2020. It must push forward digital economy and smart cities

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