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  • 11h [Blog] We just published a guest post from redsolver about their experience building on Skynet during the SkyDB hackathon! Learn about SkyFeed, their decentralized Twitter-style dapp built with designer Julian! r/siacoin submitted by /u/sia-steve [link] [comments]
  • 21h Can't send any SC to an exchange! r/siacoinhi peeps, trying to cash out some SC to go GME shopping XD, i was unable to send my coins to the exchange with Sia UI (1.5.4) i go through all the motions and everything checks, but then ive waited literally 5 hours and still no sign of a pending drop in Bittrex. whats the deal? submitted by /u/saaduddin11 [link] [comments]
  • 1d skynet-js 3.0 Release! The newest version of Skynet's Javascript SDK is now available. r/siacoin submitted by /u/dghelm [link] [comments]
  • 2d Files stored on Sia should auto repair themselves without the client having to come online r/siacoinHey. I've read the renting FAQ at and wondered why the Client has to come on now and then to ensure that the files stay online. This makes an unsafe impression. With bad luck one could lose one's data. But if one host has gone offline for n minutes, then this chunk could easily be restored from two other hosts. The chance of three hosts going offline simultaneous is much, muc..
  • 2d Sia dev update for the past couple weeks r/siacoinSia v1.5.4 Earlier this month we released Sia 1.5.4, the update that is required for the upcoming network hardfork. The hardfork institutes a dev fee that funds the Sia Foundation, a non-profit that will guide the future of decentralized storage, with a particular focus on the Sia storage network. Check out the specific hardfork code here. Download it here. And reference our guide to figure out ho..
  • 2d David on Skynet accounts, content monetization, and what many people are getting wrong about decentralized social media. 🎧Listen now! r/siacoin submitted by /u/nicolehtay [link] [comments]
  • 2d Sia Daemon keeps causing network resets. I'm at my wits end. r/siacoinSo here's an interesting problem I'm having. The network connection on my sia host keeps dropping dead. Why do I think it's Sia? Because I built another machine, migrated my sia host over to it and started it back up and it's experiencing the same behavior while the previous host is now problem free. When the sia daemon is running and the host is online, the network will just ceas..
  • 2d Time for Sia to shine with a decentralized version of Twitter with Jack Dorsey? r/siacoin submitted by /u/evolved22 [link] [comments]
  • 3d What happened with SiaSetup? r/siacoinHello, Today, I was looking for help because my backup (I'm renting storage on Sia) didn't want to sync to 100% (currently stuck at 5,0000) and I came across this I'm pretty concerned by this as SiaSetup was for me a reference regarding resources and help about the project. Furthermore, I feel even more unsecured about this issue bec..
  • 5d saicoin wallet r/siacoinThis may be a losing battle, but I cant lose by asking. Is there any way to identify a wallet by an address? Back on 11-16-20, I moved my Saicoin off of to a wallet. At the time, I was opening several platforms as to have different access during this current bullrun. Well, I wrote down alot of things as I usually do but for some reason, everything I wrote down, works well with me signi..
  • 5d [Video] Back in action: We just published the Sia Weekly Update! This one focuses on our latest dev and discussion of the upcoming hardfork. r/siacoin submitted by /u/sia-steve [link] [comments]
  • 7d If anyone is looking for a side project, we are building a product that uses the Sia network to offer customers a privacy-focused smart home security system. We are either looking for someone who wants to do contract work, or come on as a co-founder. r/siacoinBasically as the title says, we have been working on this for over a year now. We have taken our company to new venture competitions across the US and Canada, winning one and placing another. One of our co-founders started a new job that didn't allow him to have enough time on the side to work on it, and we are looking for someone who can help complete our MVP and provide technical insight, ei..
  • 7d I'm sorry that SIA doesn't care about the Chinese market. r/siacoinI'm sorry that SIA doesn't pay attention to marketing and marketing, and doesn't care about the Chinese market. I am a Chinese investor. The digital currency investors here have strong purchasing power, but few Chinese people know about SC at present. In 2017, SC just launched China's Yunbi exchange, and the popularity of SC in China at that time was mainly promoted by Chinese capi..
  • 8d Drag and drop macOS uploads to Sia using Filebase and Dropshare r/siacoin submitted by /u/filebase [link] [comments]
  • 8d SiaStream updated to 1.5.4 r/siacoinSiaStream just got a minor update to ensure 1.5.4 compatibility. siad is updated to 1.5.4, npm and Homebrew installations are both updated, and minor dependencies were updated to improve stability and security. You can download it at submitted by /u/sia-steve [link] [comments]
  • 8d [Blog] The new Sia support center r/siacoin submitted by /u/sia-steve [link] [comments]
  • 9d Can anyone please explain... r/siacoin how this is possible and what have i done wrong in host configuration? ​ submitted by /u/Direct_Bodybuilder13 [link] [comments]
  • 10d Sia Tech Disappointment r/siacoinI have been following Sia for a few years now and I'm frustrated by the lack of clarity, progress, and professionalism in this project. They have developed skynet but there is no clear explanation of it or how to use it on their homepage. You have to have had followed this project for years and read their blog posts etc.. to know what it is and how to use it. Why develop something if not for u..
  • 10d MySQL with database files stored on sia r/siacoinI know it sounds crazy, but would the following setup be possible: A VPS with a fuse monuted sia drive A MySQL database running on that VPS with data dir on the mounted sia drive (Optional) more VPS instances using the exact same configuration and storage in order to sync and provide multiple front ends. I know this might not be optimal for performance, but how would something like this work for..
  • 11d Role Based Access Control Model - SkyGroups? r/siacoinHello SiaCoin community, I had reached out to Taek about this previously and he seemed to concur the idea had some potential (or was interesting - I forget the verbiage) so I wanted to out the feelers out to the community on this. I will preface this by saying I haven't reviewed the latest update to know if this capability has been added so please chime in if it has but I was curious if the a..
  • 11d Looking for a decentralized 'google drive like' desktop app r/siacoinI would like to replace my google drive desktop app with a decentralized alternativ. I'm looking for something simple, like I download the gui app, I select the folder to sync, I add some siacoin to pay and that's all. I've seen that page, but I didnt found my dream. Reportory looks complicated, and siasync has not gui. Any solution please guys ? sub..
  • 12d Is there a stateless siacoin wallet? r/siacoin I don't want to download the whole blockchain as I only want to do a couple of transactions. submitted by /u/BeginAgain2016 [link] [comments]
  • 12d "Decentralization isn’t just what we do, it’s how we do it." r/siacoin submitted by /u/nicolehtay [link] [comments]
  • 12d [Article] Navigating the Sia hardfork r/siacoin submitted by /u/sia-steve [link] [comments]
  • 13d We just published the latest Skynet App Spotlight! r/siacoin submitted by /u/sia-steve [link] [comments]
  • 141d Proposal: The Sia Foundation r/siacoinVision Statement A common sentiment is brewing online; a shared desire for the internet that might have been. After decades of corporate encroachment, you don't need to be a power user to realize that something has gone very wrong. In the early days of the internet, the future was bright. In that future, when you sent an instant message, it traveled directly to the recipient. When you needed t..
  • 344d The Internet is about to change forever. r/siacoinWe are pleased to announce Skynet, a decentralized CDN and file sharing platform to serve as the storage foundation for a Free Internet. Try now at One day, you’ll say you were among the first! Read Nebulous co-founder and Sia lead dev David Vorick's announcement blog post. submitted by /u/sia-steve [link] [comments]

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