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  • ###robinhoodRobinhood now offering fractional shares. Join today and get a free stock!
  • 5h first time buying bitcoin, i just accidently sent the money to testnet adress. can i save the money? r/bitcoinive sent the seller my adress and i didnt see anything in my wallet. then i reopend my wallet and and saw a note says this is fake wallet. what shuld i do now? im using electrum wallet if it matters submitted by /u/GUY7893 [link] [comments]
  • 1d ETH stuck in internal transaction r/ethereumHi everyone, I'm really being annoyed by Bitstamp as I just withdrew some ETH from the marketplace and the coins aren't sent as plain ETH but instead are locked into some kind of smart contract and therefore the funds aren't usable as they're show in the internal transactions in etherscan for example. Does anyone know how can I use say coins embedded in the smart contract? I must a..
  • 2d $1 Billion Bitcoin Moved From Bitfinex trustnodesSome 123,446 bitcoin, worth more than one billion dollars, was moved from Bitfinex’s cold storage this Wednesday. According to blockchain data, 1,500 bitcoin ($13 million) was sent to a hot... The post $1 Billion Bitcoin Moved From Bitfinex appeared first on Trustnodes.
  • 4d $66,4 Mln Worth of Bitcoin Sent from Anonymous Wallets to Binance ? Will BTC Price Dump? u.todayOver $66,4 mln worth of Bitcoin has been transferred between Binance and anonymous wallets, some in the community now expect the BTC price to slump
  • 53d Bitcoin plunges amidst China crypto crackdown bravenewcoinAn announcement from China‚Äôs central bank has sent a chill through the cryptocurrency markets, suggesting bullish investors overreacted to President Xi's recent speech encouraging blockchain development.

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