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  • 15h Bull market is back… Another wave of hacker attacks starts again? r/quark-chain ​ The picture from COINDESK related reports On Aug. 2, Ethereum Classic Labs (ETC Labs) made an important announcement on ETC blockchain. ETC Labs said due to network attack, Ethereum Classic suffered a reorganization on August 1st. This has been the second attack on the Ethereum Classic Network this year. Did renting-power cause the problem again? In this ETC incident, one of the min..
  • 1d QuarkChain Monthly Project Progress Report: July, 2020 r/quark-chain ​ ​ Welcome to the 55th QuarkChain Monthly Report. This is our July issue. We will post monthly reports including development progress, monthly news, and events at the end of each month. In the future, QuarkChain strives to do better. Let’s review what..
  • 1d QuarkChain Monthly AMA Summary-07/31/2020 r/quark-chain ​ ​ QuarkChain held the monthly AMAs in Telegram/Wechat groups on 7/31/2020 14:00 PST/CST. Dr. Zhou, CEO of QuarkChain, Anthurine Xiang, CMO of QuarkChain, and more than 22,400 community members attended the online AMA; 300+ community members left the..
  • 9d QuarkChain shared its unique DeFi technology at On-Chain Financial Technology Conference in Korea r/quark-chain ​ QuarkChain participated in the 2020 On-Chain Fintech online conference held in Seoul, South Korea, on July 24th. QuarkChain founder and CEO Dr. Zhou attended the conference in the form of video connection and gave a speech titled “Building the next-generati..
  • 21d QuarkChain and Amazon Web Service reached in-depth technical cooperation and launched the Enterprise BaaS Platform r/quark-chain ​ Recently, QuarkChain reached in-depth technical cooperation with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and launched an Enterprise of the high-performance and highly flexible “Blockchain as a Service” (BaaS) one-stop application platform on AWS. The clients can build ap..
  • 27d QuarkChain Achieved 1,000,000+ TPS, The Third TSP Competition will Start in Q4 2020 r/quark-chain ​ The QuarkChain 2nd TPS competition was successfully concluded last December. After the final review by our engineers, the final peak TPS for this competition was 318,052. It has proved that the multi-chain heterogeneous design of QuarkChain can effectively ..
  • 30d QuarkChain announced a strategic cooperation with the official government to jointly develop Environment Governance Platform on Blockchain r/quark-chain QuarkChain announced official cooperation with an ecological department under a Chinese province government. Both parties will work together on developing an Environmental Governance Platform on Blockchain (hereinafter referred to as “EGPB”), which will be firstly used for a northwest province in China for construction resource management and trading. ​ ▶The partner is an official dep..
  • 30d QuarkChain Monthly AMA Summary-06/26/2020 r/quark-chain ​ QuarkChain held the LIVE AMA for the second time on June 26, 2020. Dr. Zhou, CEO of QuarkChain and Anthurine Xiang, CMO of QuarkChain attend the live AMA. More than 400 community members participated in the interaction; those who won top 3 on our sticker b..
  • 34d Personal data r/quark-chainHello Quarkchain team! I've been trying to get hold of you through email without any success, so I thought I would try here. I would like to discuss the handling of KYC data sent to you by participants of the ICO. This as a customer right according to the GDPR rules. Please come in touch with me as soon as possible. Thanks! submitted by /u/Shad654194 [link] [comments]
  • 38d I am mining QKC on qkc.ontopool, my coins go in mainnet.quarkchain wallet. But from there I am not able to move my coins to binance. It says that the address is too short. Anyone can help or direct me to informations that could help me. Thank you r/quark-chain submitted by /u/EricDra [link] [comments]
  • 39d I am mining quark on a pool, entered my address to send to zelcore wallet, the pool say Total Paid: 101 but I received anything in my wallet. any clue what I am doing wrong ? thank you r/quark-chain submitted by /u/EricDra [link] [comments]
  • 40d QKC dude r/quark-chainWhy is the price of kucoin against Binance different if the correct token is on kucoin) (SWAP) submitted by /u/criptospn [link] [comments]
  • 51d QuarkChain’s plan for the second half of 2020: launch staking DeFi products and the new mainnet BigBang with multi-native tokens r/quark-chainMembers of QuarkChain community: Although the epidemic is raging around the world and our work is inevitably affected to some extent, the tasks of QuarkChain in the first half of 2020 have been successfully completed, including upgrading the major functions of the mainnet, reducing production, and launching QPool which can support the mining in QuarkChain mainnet. Besides, many breakthroughs have ..
  • 57d Tokenize your brand, Reward your customers r/quark-chain ​ was founded in Estonia, Headquartered in Warsaw Poland, to explore and invent high-end technologies that would improve people’s lives. Our company has been making strides into different tech areas, and we are already in the planning phase to..
  • 59d Qpocket address not registering as valid on Bilaxy r/quark-chainHow come I cant withdraw my QKC into my QPocket wallet? I am using the address from the QKC Wallet not the other tokens... Is QKC still only an ERC-20 token? submitted by /u/sushiiallday [link] [comments]
  • 75d How Heterogeneous Sharding Empowers Enterprise r/quark-chain Despite starting out in the financial industry, we believe that blockchain technology can be applicable and useful to almost any field. QuarkChain is working on developing the most effective and useful enterprise blockchain solution. We did lots of research to understand what kind of blockchain solutions are really needed by enterprises. The first thing I believe is flexibility. In fact, it ..
  • 82d You can buy QKC for 300+ cryptocurrencies on SimpleSwap – instant crypto exchange without sign up and limits! r/quark-chain submitted by /u/SimpleSwapExchange [link] [comments]
  • 89d ERC20 Swap Deadline? r/quark-chainI'd like to send my Quark to ledger but ledger only support ERC20, when is the deadline for the swap? ​ I only use binance an they haven't done the swap either... submitted by /u/futureoutfit [link] [comments]
  • 93d QuarkChain Global Ambassador Duties and Rewards r/quark-chain ​ To better promote community development, to allow more people to participate in the QuarkChain community, and to introduce more people to QuarkChain’s vision of a blockchain-driven future world, QuarkChain Foundation is announcing the launch of its new Qua..
  • 98d Announcement On The Reduction of QuarkChain Block Output Reward r/quark-chainDear QuarkChain community members and miners, According to the initial design plan, the QuarkChain mainnet will gradually complete the first reduction in output this week according to the speed of block output. In order to help everyone understand the situation of output reduction, we have created the following special instructions regarding the process of output reduction. Output of Existing Bloc..
  • 98d Roundtable Discussion on Prosperity and Opportunities, Technologies and Mechanisms That Shape The Future of DeFi r/quark-chainLast week, Anthurine, CMO of QuarkChain, joined a roundtable discussion that was organized by Guowei Finance. Here is the summary. Q1: When any new thing is born, it would undergo different stages from birth, to budding, to emerging, to prospering, and finally to becoming a common utility. DeFi is one of the examples. Currently, more and more users are participating in DeFi loans and more entrepre..
  • 100d QuarkChain 100 Q&A Q2: PoSW - A New Partnership for QKC Miners And QKC Holders r/quark-chain​ submitted by /u/QuarkChain [link] [comments]
  • 100d Two Tools To The Same Effect, Comparison of Heterogeneous Sharing Structure of QuarkChain and Polkadot r/quark-chain Recently, Polkadot, a project targeting compatibility has redefined its technology as heterogeneous sharding and attracted attention from many. Such a re-interpretation means that Polkadot has followed the path of QuarkChain to develop heterogeneous sharding technology. Even in exchanges, Polkadot engineers have expressed that even though the two projects have different roadmaps, the solutio..
  • 101d [Notice about QPool] Security Update Notice + Miner & QKC Holder Partnership Information r/quark-chain Security Update Notification QPool was attacked by DDoS yesterday, which led to the instability of mining pool nodes. Engineers are processing and updating security as soon as possible. At present, we recommend every mimers to use full nodes to mine at this time, and we will post updates and notify the community after repair. Image download:
  • 107d QPocket, QuarkChain’s Official Crypto Wallet, Releases New Enhancements In Collaboration With MakerDAO r/quark-chain ​ QPocket is QuarkChain’s official mobile crypto wallet that supports QuarkChain, BTC, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, TRON, and TRC10/20 tokens. Its extensive functionalities span across many common areas including dApp store, staking, and lending. The QuarkChain te..

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