• 11-20-2019 Exchange your QKC in the most simple way r/quark-chainThere are a huge amount of exchanges and swap services in which you can easily be drowned. If you're not ready wasting your time looking for the best option try The secret is that we have integrated some of the best swap services and as a result we have more then 300 cryptocurrencies as well as QKC. We also have fixed and floating exchange rates. You don't need to register and..
  • 11-19-2019 QuarkChain Bi-Weekly AMA Summary-11/16/2019 r/quark-chain submitted by /u/QuarkChain [link] [comments]
  • 11-19-2019 QuarkChain 2nd TPS Competition Is Launching With 3 BTC Rewards r/quark-chain submitted by /u/QuarkChain [link] [comments]
  • 11-19-2019 After Scaling, Why Do Public Chains Still Fail to Land? r/quark-chain submitted by /u/QuarkChain [link] [comments]
  • 11-1-2019 Quarkchain will provide distributed ledger technology solutions for Vera. Boson consensus, exclusively developed by QuarkChain, enables every shard to have different consensus algorithms, ledger models, transaction models, and token economics. r/quark-chain submitted by /u/gengyanisme3e [link] [comments]
  • 10-30-2019 QuarkChain Bi-Weekly AMA Summary-10/19/2019 r/quark-chainQuarkChain holds a bi-weekly AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Telegram/Wechat groups on Saturday at 7–8 PM PST. This is the summary for AMA from last week. We welcome any questions, comments, and suggestions. Part 1: Questions about the Blockchain economy Q1: Any updates from the team? Did the team join any events? A1: Although the market is relatively cooled down, we are still developing our technologies..
  • 10-24-2019 QuarkChain “Helping the Birth of Korean Blockchain Unicorns” — 2019.10.08 r/quark-chainUnicorn companies are defined as unlisted start-ups whose valuation exceeds $1 billion. South Korea’s Coupang, Toss, and Uber of the United States, Airbnb and Xiaomi of China are among the most prominent unicorns in the tech industry. Bithumb, cryptocurrency exchange, was also once classified as a unicorn despite some controversy. Seeing the innovation growth brought by unicorn companies, the Kore..
  • 10-19-2019 The mining algorithm in shard 6 and shard 7 has been successfully upgraded r/quark-chainThe mining algorithm in shard 6 and shard 7 has been successfully upgraded to qkchash with rotation stats, which is more friendly for CPU miners. The expected mining return is much higher than the previous qkchash algorithm. Please download the CPU mining software in ( or use the docker image (jyouyj/qkchash_with_rotation:qkc..
  • 10-14-2019 QuarkChain technical white paper titling "Boson Consensus: A scalable blockchain consensus" released r/quark-chainFrom the paper, we derive a blockchain sharding system with three main principles: Global security for all shards Multi-consensus/ledger model support Secure and efficient cross-shard ​ These principles are also applicable for other blockchains such as consortium, tokenless or private as long as the blockchain needs high throughput and flexibility. ​ For more details: http://bit..
  • 10-13-2019 Important Notice! r/quark-chainThe mining algorithm in shard 6 and shard 7 will be upgraded to qkchash with rotation stats in block height 148000. Please update the mining software in ( or use docker image (jyouyj/qkchash_with_rotation:qkchashX1.0). To avoid wasting mining power, please upgrade it before Oct. 18. submitted by /u/QuarkChain [link] [co..
  • 10-10-2019 QuarkChain Bi-Weekly AMA Summary-10/05/2019 r/quark-chainQuarkChain holds a bi-weekly AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Telegram/Wechat groups on Saturday at 7-8 PM PST. This is the summary for AMA from last week. We welcome any questions, comments, and suggestions. Q3: QuarkChain mainnet updated successfully last week, Congrats. However, Cosmos Hub3 and Edgeware mainnet failed to update, and many ppl lost confidence in blockchain technology. How do you think a..
  • 10-7-2019 QuarkChain Bi-weekly Project Progress Report: Sep 20 — Oct 03, 2019 r/quark-chainWelcome to the 41st QuarkChain Bi-weekly Report for the period from Sep 20 to Oct 03. For the past two weeks, we announced plenty of news and attended many events. Highlights: TokenTuber will be implemented on a QuarkChain’s shard and adopt multiple native tokens QuarkChain Signed an MoU with K-FiNNeT QuarkChain Mainnet Updated QuarkChain Guardian Plan Updated 1) Development Progresses # Major U..
  • 9-25-2019 Important Notice r/quark-chain The QuarkChain mainnet will be upgraded on September 27th at 12:00:00 AM GMT-07:00 DST. This upgrade aims to support smart contract and PoSW mining on the root chain. Please be sure to upgrade your cluster to avoid wasting mining power. For the corresponding docker info, please refer to: Due to the upgrade of the mainnet, ..
  • 9-24-2019 Blockchain Size r/quark-chainGuys, what is the current size of Zilliqa blockchain? Does it grow fast? Have you had any problems with the lack of storage? submitted by /u/tarasov1992 [link] [comments]
  • 9-12-2019 Testnet 3.0 will start a new chapter!! r/quark-chain submitted by /u/MultiVAC_global [link] [comments]
  • 9-10-2019 Online AMA in Bithumb Community Summary r/quark-chain Congratulations on QuarkChain’s mainnet launch and successful mainnet token swap! Please briefly introduce QuarkChain for us. A: QuarkChain was established in Silicon Valley last January. Most of our team members come from top technology corporations like Google and Facebook, Facebook is the company that released Libra recently. Our engineers all have backgrounds of the distributed underlying ar..
  • 9-8-2019 Convert my ERC-20 to Mainnet r/quark-chainI’ve notice this happened a bit ago. What’s the best way to convert my QKC over to mainnet from my wallet? submitted by /u/TheFutureIsCrypto [link] [comments]
  • 9-4-2019 You can swap QKC on SimpleSwap – instant exchange with more than 300 currencies! r/quark-chain submitted by /u/SimpleSwapExchange [link] [comments]
  • 8-31-2019 QuarkChain Announces a Strategic Partnership with Unicom Innovation VC r/quark-chainQuarkChain and Unicom Innovation Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (hereafter abbreviated as Unicom Innovation VC) have established a strategic partnership. Both sides will fully use their advantages of technology, products, assets. and resources to find a blockchain innovation lab and explore the blockchain technology applications in energy security and steel industry areas. With the arrival of the era o..
  • 8-27-2019 QuarkChain CEO Dr. Qi Zhou Gave Excellent Speeches on Web3 Summit r/quark-chain Web3 Summit 2019 was held in Berlin August 19–21, 2019 attracting thousands of web developers from all over the world to Funkhaus.QuarkChain CEO, Dr. Qi Zhou, also attended the summit together with his team. Dr. Qi Zhou gave two speeches about Boson and PoSW consensus. He also attended the open discussion about future of blockchain and Oracle and expressed his views on these topics. Web3 sum..
  • 8-24-2019 QuarkChain Bi-weekly Project Progress Report: Aug 09 — Aug 22, 2019 r/quark-chain Welcome to the 38th QuarkChain Bi-weekly Report for the period from Aug 09 to Aug 22. For the past two weeks, we announced plenty of news and attended many events. Highlights: QuarkChain added new functions: Implemented PoSW cost / revenue calculator QuarkChain Token Swap Progress Summary QuarkChain Buyback Program Update QuarkChain signed MOU with Korea Mobile Game Association and Korea Bl..
  • 8-21-2019 QuarkChain Is Prepared to Support Digital Yuan! r/quark-chain ​ The author is a QuarkChain scientist, Professor of Xi’an Jiaotong University The most recent big news is that China’s Libra, cryptocurrency digital Yuan is coming. On a forum held on August 10, the deputy director for payments at the People’s Bank of China ..
  • 8-14-2019 QuarkChain Weekly AMA Summary-08/10/2019 r/quark-chain ​ QuarkChain has been holding its bi-weekly AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Telegram/Wechat groups on Saturday, from 7–8 PM PST. This is the summary for AMA from last week. We are always happy to take questions/comments/suggestions. Part 1: Marketing Questions Q1: ..
  • 8-12-2019 Where Altcoins are heading? r/quark-chainStrange though this might sound, the most interesting path of progress unfolds specifically for altcoins. On the one hand, they do not have extreme popularity and a five-digit dollar price, but on the other hand, they have the motivation to create new promising models and occupy various industry niches, largely due to the technical capabilities of their projects. Since the technology itself is sti..

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