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  • 11h Coin, Ontology, FTX Token Price Analysis: 20 October Coin was already in a strong wave of selling pressure before Bitcoin’s recent break toward $12,000 further pulled capital out of the altcoin market. At press time the king coin was trading at $11,766 with a 24-hour trading volume of $132.6 billion. FTX Token faced a critical resistance it has been unable to close […] The post Coin, Ontology, FTX Token Price Analys..
  • 17h Ontology boosts security and compliance through integration with Chainalysis! r/ontology submitted by /u/OntologyNetwork [link] [comments]
  • 1d Ontology introduces OScore - the first credit score on blockchain r/ontologyA revolutionary addition to the #Ontology blockchain, we introduce #OScore - the first #credit score on #blockchain 💯 With it, you can lower your rates on #loans, #collaterals & much more! 💹 Get your OScore today! 👉 $ONT $ONG submitted by /u/OntologyNetwork [link] [comments]
  • 5d Accidentally deposited ONTd instead of ONT to Binance r/ontologyAs seen in the title, I sent ONTd from my Cyano wallet to Binance not realizing that it needed to be converted back to ONT. I can see that my ONT address for Binance has this ONTd, but it is not showing up in my Binance ONT wallet. If someone could help me with my next steps regarding getting my ONTd back I would greatly appreciate it. submitted by /u/SamKush23 [link] [commen..
  • 5d Exchange your ONT right now on with fixed rate and completely anonymously. r/ontology submitted by /u/Exolix_Exolix [link] [comments]
  • 6d Are there any vanity address generators for Ontology? r/ontology submitted by /u/0b1-w4n_ken0b1 [link] [comments]
  • 6d Milestones don't happen often, so we want to take a second and appreciate all the support we've received from our community in generating our 10 millionth block!! 🥳🥂 Here's to 10 million more! r/ontology submitted by /u/OntologyNetwork [link] [comments]
  • 6d Hey Ontology folks, how are you? SwapSpace team is here with a reminder that we support ONT swaps with more than 350 other cryptos! You’re welcome to try it out :) r/ontology submitted by /u/SwapSpace_co [link] [comments]
  • 6d How Being On The Road Will Feel Just Like Home With Ontology & Daimler Mobility r/ontology submitted by /u/OntologyNetwork [link] [comments]
  • 8d Is there something wrong with OWallet? r/ontologyI try to import my old wallet OWallet but it keeps on Loading forever! Since the last wallet update I cannot log-in, when willing to do this with the Key store they tell me that this is not correct and when inserting the PK it keeps on Loading. Can you please advise? Thank you submitted by /u/Cos07 [link] [comments]
  • 10d Weekly report (October 1-8) r/ontology submitted by /u/OntologyNetwork [link] [comments]
  • 11d Does the ONTO wallet for iphone have a private key? r/ontologyHey guys i am wandering if the ONTO wallet has a private key. I am searching for it and i am unable to find it. If you know how to find it please let me know submitted by /u/TrueFloww [link] [comments]
  • 12d Great news for all Ontology Network fans - to celebrate our partnership, we're giving away 60 $ONT! r/ontology submitted by /u/SwapzoneIO [link] [comments]
  • 12d Ontology Weekly Metrics Report r/ontology submitted by /u/_iamvlad [link] [comments]
  • 14d Unable to unwrap ontd from flamingo. r/ontologyHello everyone. I'm trying to unwrap my ontd from flamingo using cyano wallet + ledger. When i try to confirm the transaction through the ledger it says "unknown cyano wallet". Moreover, i can't do any other unwrap activity. Can anyone help me? This is a screenshot submitted by /u/Oloap14 [link] [comments]
  • 15d Does anyone know how to cancel staking on the ONTO wallet? r/ontologyHello everyone I've been trying to cancel staked ONT on the ONTO wallet but every time i press cancel it does not register. I tried to export the private key and try cancelling on another wallet but i can't find the private key either! Is there anyone who can help with this? submitted by /u/TrueFloww [link] [comments]
  • 16d ont 10u r/ontologybay len thoi tui du dinh roi submitted by /u/cuongmec [link] [comments]
  • 17d Flamingo - ONTd to pONT wrapping stuck on Polynetwork r/ontologyDid the wrapping of my ONTd to pONT on flamingo using the Cyano plugin linked to my Owallet The ONTd is removed from my wallet, But the status on polynetwork is still ‘in progress’ for days now ​ If I check the Cross-chain Transaction Progress Sending Transaction: Confirmed Poly-chain Transact..
  • 18d I accidentally sent ONTd to a Neo wallet and now i can't withdraw the ONTd? Can someone help me withdraw them? r/ontologyBasically i see them on here as OEP-4 Assets ONTD: 100 And i can't find any wallet that's compatible with ONTd submitted by /u/TrueFloww [link] [comments]
  • 18d A letter from Jun LI to the WingDAO community on the progress we made so far in our latest DeFi project r/ontology submitted by /u/OntologyNetwork [link] [comments]
  • 20d $WING will be listed on uTrade by Unifi Protocol! Provide liquidity and start earning $UP! r/ontology submitted by /u/ShaboFilms [link] [comments]
  • 20d Monthly Report (September 2020) r/ontology submitted by /u/OntologyNetwork [link] [comments]
  • 20d Hi, Ontology community! You can make limitless exchanges of ONG and ONT without any registration! We're delighted to welcome you to crypto exchange, more than 300 cryptocurrencies, free from sign-ups and providing personal data. Isn't that awesome? r/ontology submitted by /u/Stealthex_io [link] [comments]
  • 22d ONT, ONG, SEED and UP will be available since launch! Prepare your bags to Liquidity Mining! r/ontology submitted by /u/am4terazu [link] [comments]
  • 22d How to mint FLM token on NEO blockchain using ONT (ONT/NEO cross-chain yield farming) r/ontology submitted by /u/skxch [link] [comments]
  • 23d Flamingo (FLM) - frictionless access to Neo, Ethereum and Ontology based Networks r/ontology submitted by /u/bordoisse [link] [comments]
  • 143d Who needs ONG? r/ontologyWho needs ONG? Someone maybe sticky this? It seems that new requests for ONG get posted every other day. Why not keep it to a single thread? submitted by /u/ra_ncho [link] [comments]

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