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  • 32d ODEM EDUCATOR HIGHLIGHT: Peter Welch. r/odemPeter has a vast experience in accounting, internal audit, risk assessment, internal control, treasury and auditing. He is a Certified Trainer with the International Academy of Business and Financial Management (IABFM) and globally teaches accounting and finance certification programs. On ODEM he offers his 101 beginners program in accounting and bookkeeping. Get to know more about your future edu..
  • 48d Promo materials: ODEM animated logo and gold coin r/odem submitted by /u/pratamishus [link] [comments]
  • 96d Blockchain in Education – 2020 Update r/odemBlockchain technology is impacting an array of fields, with education fast-becoming one of them. ODEM is one of the numerous platforms that implements this technology into its system. The blockchain allows educators, students, and professionals to connect with relevant courses and resources. This informative article dives further into how ODEM utilizes blockchain technology, as well as highlights ..
  • 111d 2020 Trends in Education r/odem In contemporary society, technological innovations have led to dynamic trends not only in educational learning environments and systems but also in almost all aspects of life. Find out which trends will influence 2020 by Julius Ondara. ​
  • 119d New Free courses on ODEM r/odem If you are planning to start a new career this year, or just improve your value in the jobs market, the best thing that you can do is to acquire blockchain skills. Companies around the world are looking for people with capabilities in this field and it appears that demand far outpaces the supply.
  • 135d Let's meet! r/odem Our CEO, Rich Maaghul, is in Europe now until mid-February and he wants to meet with our community! Where should he go? Please send us a message or drop a comment with an EdTech or Blockchain event/meet-up/conference that you would like to see him at and he will try to be there! #SeeYouSoon!
  • 138d We are currently accepting guest content submissions! r/odem Get your name in front of a community of educators, students and those interested in education technology by submitting your content on another website as a guest blogger. We are currently accepting guest content submissions! Check out the full guideline submissions at ​
  • 166d December 11th, 10 am PST/7 pm CET - Crypto Trading Education, Facebook and LinkedIn live. r/odemIf you are interested in Crypto, Trading or you just wanna know more about one of the hottest topics around the world, Blockchain, you might wanna save the date of this LinkedIn and Facebook Live. December 11th, 10 am PST/7 pm CET - Crypto Trading Education, Facebook and LinkedIn live. Get your questions ready because we will answer all of them! Follow us on LinkedIn to get a notification when we ..
  • 185d Partnership With Bitfinex on November 21 r/odem submitted by /u/Coindar_ [link] [comments]
  • 186d Bitfinex Announces Strategic Collaboration with ODEM to Expand Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Education r/odem We are excited to announce the strategic collaboration with Bitfinex to Expand Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Education. Discover the details of this strategic collaboration and stay tuned for more information ​
  • 187d Are you curious to find out what a Cryptocurrency Investigator does? r/odem Find out more at Blockchain Intelligence Group provides an in-depth and specialized Cryptocurrency Investigator course for finance, law enforcement and regulatory professionals who seek to bring innovation, security and accountability to their organizations. ​
  • 187d Great mentioned about the work ODEM is doing with EU ESCO Initiatives! r/odemesco submitted by /u/415rich [link] [comments]
  • 203d Leadership Upskill Opportunity r/odem Chart Learning Solutions offers through ODEM a 5 module leadership program. It covers the essential skills that every leader needs to succeed. Learn these effective Leadership Skills and advance your career or start a new one ​
  • 207d Win any course you want from the ODEM platform (valued up to $100) and get a Blockchain Certificate r/odem We at ODEM understand the power of education. That's why we're sponsoring 3 people this month to learn the latest in-demand skills for free! Winners may choose any course on the ODEM platform (valued up to $100) to take. ​ Once you've passed your course, you'll be issued a certificate on the blockchain that you can share with any em..
  • 234d Join us on our first #LinkedInLive! 3rd October, 10 AM PST/7 PM CEE r/odem Come learn more about our CEO, Richard Maaghul and get the chance to ask him anything! Rich is going tell never shared stories about how it all started. Plus, discover how ODEM got to be the first-of-its-kind digital marketplace that resolves critical flaws in the education, training and employment industries.
  • 247d How Can I Make My Teaching More Inclusive? r/odem How Can I Make My Teaching More Inclusive? Increasing inclusivity in education brings a range of perspectives together, widens an educator's reach and reinforces students’ confidence to pursue higher education. Read more at ​
  • 255d ODEM partnered with the Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG) to launch a Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator course on ODEM. r/odem Today we're thrilled to announce the first in a series of new partnerships! We've partnered with the Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG) to launch a Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator course on ODEM. BIG provides cryptocurrency training for investigators by investigators, ensuring that the curriculum offered through BIG helps students understand how to analyze blockchain transacti..
  • 263d Blockchain 101: What Do I Need to Know? r/odem The basics of blockchain technology include decentralization, cryptography, chain of custody, and smart contracts, which contribute to the technology's support for user security and autonomy. s..
  • 271d A Quick Overview Of Odem Project r/odem submitted by /u/sandrozc [link] [comments]
  • 285d Cryptocurrency Wallets: What You Need to Know r/odem Cryptocurrency Wallets 101. What You Need to Know: FAQs,Tips&Tricks, and useful information for beginners. Read more at
  • 299d Top 50 blockchain companies in Crypto Valley r/odem Once again ODEM is added to the Crypto Valley TOP 50 Report and even more impressive we are the only DApp in the Education category! The Top 50 blockchain companies in Crypto Valley doubled their valuations in the first six months of 2019 from US$ 20 billion to US$ 40 billion. The ecosystem now includes 800+ companies active in Distributed Ledger Technology and blockchain 6 unicorns and empl..
  • 303d Blockchain Technology is Disrupting The Global Education System r/odem Blockchain Technology is Disrupting The Global Education System. Education has come a long way since the days of location-based learning. Today, with internet-based communication, we can connect to anyone, anywhere. But with global communication comes risk of illegitimacy and inauthenticity; how can you put trust in connections made across an insecure digital network? Read more at: https://..
  • 306d Implementing Technology with Higher Education for Improved Learning r/odem Implementation of technology in education, Ed Tech, comes in many forms, changing how educators, students and executives of higher education connect across the internet. Find out more at ​
  • 310d Edtech: Engaging, On-Demand Learning for Digital Generations r/odem Education technology, shortened to 'edtech.' The application of new and emerging technologies to education has become its own and very significant category nowadays. Read more about Engaging and On-Demand Learning for Digital Generations at ​
  • 318d Blockchain 101! r/odem Blockchain 101! Starting next week, we will provide 1 definition/week for 1 commonly used Blockchain/Crypto terminology. Drop in the comments the term that you are curious about finding its true meaning, and we will explain it to you in an easy to understand way. ​

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