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  • 1h Have you guys had successful withdrawals from Nexo? r/nexoWas just reading the trustpilot reviews for Nexo and some are a bit worrying saying they’ve had withdrawal problems with Nexo. Have you guys managed to successfully withdraw crypto to external wallets from nexo? submitted by /u/goochfondler [link] [comments]
  • 2h 2FA r/nexoTrying to withdraw Crypto, ask for 2FA code and says its invalid, anyone else having this problem? submitted by /u/Terrible_Can8222 [link] [comments]
  • 4h Nexo To The Moon r/nexo submitted by /u/JacquelineBaker [link] [comments]
  • 4h Any chance for dark mode ? r/nexoWould be nice to have and save our eyes :) submitted by /u/manstain2 [link] [comments]
  • 4h Question on loan rate, how to get to 5.9%? r/nexoHow do I get the 5.9% borrow interest rate that was advertised? When I first signed on there were options to lower the rate at each level (silver, gold, plat) but now it just looks like 9% across the board, whether I buy NEXO tokens or not. Did something change for the lending side? Also, where it says "If the value of your collateral assets reaches $XXXXX, small partial loan repayments will ..
  • 4h USDC Deposit Network Question r/nexoHi, I have a question regarding which network to use when depositing USDC to Nexo, which I hope an existing user can answer for me. I want to deposit USDC from my Binance account to Nexo, and I have three options for which network to transfer on; Binance Chain (BNB) , Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum (ETH). Which network should I use? I'm assuming that I'll have to use the ETH networ..
  • 5h Lack of Customer Service is Very Concerning r/nexoLast week, I asked Reddit how I could wire money (in USD) as my NEXO app doesn't show USD. I was told to use EUR or GBP. However, before that, I submitted a request to NEXO directly asking them. I was originally told I'd see a reply in 24-48hrs via their site. It's been 5 days now, and still nothing. This is absolutely concerning. If I struggle to get help to give them money, what hap..
  • 5h Could you help me sort this one out? Medical expenses and other life decisions r/nexoHey. I'm new to NEXO, Cryptos and everything but I have an idea to afford my mom's cancer treatment and maybe you kind souls can help me know if I'm crazy or it could work. I live in Venezuela, where even private insurance coverage is well... not reliable. I have to cover in the next month around 5000 USD in costs for treatment and other expenses for my mom. I have a couple people that..
  • 6h TOKEN ADDITION r/nexoAs the tittle shows what do you think will be the next crypto addition in NEXO platform aside from ADA? View Poll submitted by /u/jadasays [link] [comments]
  • 7h A bug, and very bad UX - this needs fixing r/nexoI was trying to move XLM onto an exchange ( First, the app's scanner errored on me, and instead of a customer-facing error message, I saw the error object. So I logged in on web. I went to make a test transfer, and I was allowed to attempt the transaction of 0.0000001 XLM. And it kicked back "Amount too small". Then the real kicker is that there now seems to be a cool-dow..
  • 7h Zero conrirmations after 3 hrs r/nexoI sent USDT from Bitmart to my Nexo Account 3 hrs ago - nothing at all has happened and in Bitmart it says 0/25 confirmations. The address is definitely correct. Is this normal or has something gone wrong? submitted by /u/Derek-Grebe [link] [comments]
  • 8h Trouble Registering r/nexois there a hold on new accounts? When i go to register, the "Sign Up" Button stays greyed out no matter what I enter. I have a valid e-mail and password entered. ​ submitted by /u/Edxactly [link] [comments]
  • 8h Merchant Token $MTO ICO - The most complete review you will find - Tokenomics, ICO Details, Token Distribution, Roadmap and more r/nexoAbout HIPS Payment Group Ltd ( HIPS Payment Group Ltd. is a provider of innovative and cost-effective e-commerce and mobile payment solutions. Built on cutting-edge technology, Hips is disrupting the finance industry with its Payment gateway for Point of Sale, e-commerce, and m-commerce, a fully integrated, digital financial commerce platform with full reconciliation and financing support..
  • 9h New to Nexo - my honest take r/nexoJust opened a nexo account last week and after funding it with 50xrp [which took 15m to transfer] ive now added a good few more XRP to my holdings. I’m always amazed by the eco system crypto has created and 5% is nice enough for me considering it was earning me a big 0% before. As just some guy on the internet I’d like to share to take. Pros: SO EASY TO USE 5% APY for fixed term works for me as ..
  • 10h Just an FYI. r/nexoSome of the people in the crypto space I pay attention to because they're accurate are starting to talk about blow off tops and massive retracement. What that means for us here is you should probably be paying your loans against collateral down. Yes you. There's been plenty of people that have complained for some reason or another about loosing collateral, so you might want to be proactive..
  • 10h Interest question r/nexoHey all! I received my first interest payment and I noticed something kind of weird. Does the interest get deposited separately when you’re on a fixed interest plan? My Bitcoin is on a fixed reoccurring interest plan but my collected interest is just sitting in my account instead of being reinvested. So this seems kind of stupid, no? Or am I looking at this wrong? submitted by /u/xes..
  • 11h Antoni Trenchev on The Wolf of All Streets Podcast r/nexoMissed The Wolf of All Streets podcast on Friday? Scott Melker was with Antoni Trenchev discussing Nexo’s products, services and plans for the future. You can watch the full live recording or read about it on our blog: Antoni Trenchev on The Wolf of All Streets Antoni on The Wolf of All Streets submitted by /u/NexoFinance [link] [comments]
  • 12h What’s the best starting level of investment on Nexo to make it worth your while? r/nexoWhat would you say is the lowest amount of money that would be suitable to store on Nexo and to make it worth my while? I’m currently using Uphold which still works with the fluctuations of the market in terms of value of the coins, but you don’t ever lose the amount of coins you purchased, so it’s great for HODLing, but I’m trying to get my head around Nexo? submitted by /u/Double_C..
  • 13h Who’d like a referral program? r/nexoView Poll submitted by /u/Additional_Tune8960 [link] [comments]
  • 15h Facebook fraud advice r/nexoSlighly OT but still relevant. I’ve probably seen at least 5 different Nexo fake pages in the comments of Nexo posts on Facebook and even some posting my profile picture in a public post saying like “you won $$$$$ click here”. I’ve reported every single post and page but Facebook ALWAYS says they don’t violate community standards. Literal fraud doesn’t violate community standards? Ok Zucc. Anyway,..
  • 16h Is the $350 Million Insurance legit? I'm a concerned Nexo user r/nexoI have a lot of funds with Nexo and I love the platform but recently I saw a video that the company's $350 million insurance actually doesn't cover only Nexo but all of Bitgo's and Ledger Vault's clients. So in case of a catastrophe we would only get a small % back from the funds. Can anyone clarify the insurance? I just need some confirmation before I put more into the platform. ..
  • 19h Can we please get stop losses/limit orders? r/nexoIn light of this dip I really wish I could have limit orders or stop losses to help me take profits. submitted by /u/VVaId0 [link] [comments]
  • 23h First Purchase of nexo r/nexoI am 16 and new to crypto I am looking to buy 10 to 15 nexo coins and avoid the massive fees. So if you are willing to help me out can you message me. Thanks submitted by /u/Radiant-Concern9976 [link] [comments]
  • 1d Usdc Loan questions; experimenting with credit line r/nexoSay Hypothetically I have a credit line of $5000 and I take out $2000 USDC. At platinum, and on paper, it appears I could be earning an extra 4.1% on that loan(with the auto payments @ 5.9% coming out of it while it simultaneously earns that interest(10% for platinum US citizens)) Is this true or am I missing something? edit It seems this is only really worth the exposure if you do it for a rather..
  • 1d Will Nexo add support for TRC20 stablecoins? r/nexoI don't see what the problem is here, Nexo already supports Tron. Why should I have to pay $20 in ETH fees to send some ERC20 tether over to Nexo when I could do it practically free using TRC20. TrueUSD now has a TRC20 version of their stablecoin now too. submitted by /u/r4nd01 [link] [comments]
  • 1d Not enough people know about Nexo r/nexoIve not yet found a single popular video on Tiktok or youtube about Nexo. I feel like Nexo deserve to have a viral video explaining what they do. Is it only me? submitted by /u/Additional_Tune8960 [link] [comments]
  • 78d The Nexo Exchange is here! r/nexo• Swap instantly & limitlessly between 75+ crypto & fiat pairs • Enjoy seamless, fixed-price exchanges in-app • Get NEXO Tokens directly within the app ...and much more here: The Nexo Exchange submitted by /u/NexoFinance [link] [comments]

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