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  • 4h Neo SPCC demonstrates NeoFS oracle requests and HTTP gateways r/neo submitted by /u/maxi_1981 [link] [comments]
  • 4h IMMINENT ALTCOIN RECOVERY SENDING 3 BEST PICKS PARABOLIC! NEO mentioned as a top pick on the Crypto Banter show! r/neo submitted by /u/CryptoNimmo [link] [comments]
  • 6h I can't find my NEO r/neoHey guys, I need help. I bought NEO a few years ago (I think around $120) and I cannot find it anywhere. I bought it on Binance and it's not there anymore. At one point I brought it over to NEOwallet. I thought it was still in there but I just looked and it's not. Is there anywhere else I could have it? Has anyone had this issue? Thanks! submitted by /u/brettwestgor [link] ..
  • 6h For new devs, this site has some great tutorials to get you started r/neoAs a dev I was/am looking to see if I could start developing in blockchain, and use smart contracts and make use of the NEO platform. Still new to blockchain philosophy so a bit hard to really grasp the subject. I just found out this site which has some great tutorials for devs to start with NEO to develop smart contracts. So, I just share it with you guys to get the word out, and get devs motiv..
  • 8h Sending NEO from smart contract r/neoHello everyone, I am new to NEO and have to develop a Vickrey Auction smart contract. I am developing it using c#. I am facing a problem. Is there a way to send some NEO from the smart contract to the Owner of the smart contract for example ? Thank you very much for your help ! submitted by /u/fizzlepizz77 [link] [comments]
  • 8h Meme Competition !?!?! r/neoI want to help create a meme competition, as memes make the world go round.First place is 1 NEO. Second is 1 Gas. Third is 1 Flamingo.I will provide the awards, and seems others from Flamingo Finance Discord community are matching each amount! (i.e. u/vivekmittal007) Need help to setup the competition for fire memes push out through twitter/reddit. u/DenverNEO / u/flamingofinance, GrabowskiDylan?..
  • 9h Getting your Encrypted key from a Json file r/neoHi all, I am trying to log into my wallet from 2017... i have a json encrypted file and i know the password for it, however neotracker either wants a keystore file, encrypted key or private key... Is there a way to find the encrypted key from the json file? Or alternatively, is there another way to recover the wallet using the json file? Thank you in advanced submitted by /u/Ok-Nec..
  • 10h NEO insights day 1: Actual Gas ROI depends so much on when you bought NEO r/neo For Some of you this insight might be a no-brainer. While for others i think it serves as a useful reminder that most of us didn't buy NEO at the current price and our gas returns are thus actually quite nice. Using my tool, i plotted Gas returns over a year and used an arbitrary number for the amount of NEO. 1000 Neo will generate around 79,4 GAS over the period. These are the settings ..
  • 10h Can I get GAS by holding NEO on Binance? r/neoAbout three years ago I had some NEO in my portfolio and I remember receiving some GAS once in a while on Binance. Does this still work? Or does NEO needs to be on a specific wallet nowadays? submitted by /u/rootpl [link] [comments]
  • 10h Neo (NEO) Price Predictions: Where Will the Ethereum Rival Go After N3 Launch? r/neo submitted by /u/justinvdz [link] [comments]
  • 10h I found an old notebook fro 2017 and inside is said NeoWallet and had what looks like maybe an 8 word seed phrase?????? That is all it said. Any clue what I could do with this? Is it even a seed phrase? r/neo submitted by /u/Illsleepinaminute [link] [comments]
  • 11h O3 Swap Trial Invitation - We will release the testing detail soon. Continue to follow our blog for future updates. r/neo submitted by /u/O3Labs [link] [comments]
  • 14h Hey [insert exchange], when $NEO? - A case to support western exchanges listing NEO r/neo submitted by /u/bhInstaller198 [link] [comments]
  • 15h Neon Wallet not loading r/neoHi guys, having trouble accessing my neon wallet using a ledger. I open the neon wallet app on my windows laptop, connect my ledger, I get the message, "wake up neo" on the ledger and the neon wallet looks like its trying to load but gets stuck on that. Am I doing something wrong here? submitted by /u/packer4lifegb [link] [comments]
  • 1d Anyone else got the feeling neo is about to go parabolic? r/neoBeen in neo since ant shares, but never seen this much interest in it. Even this sub alone is blowing up, 10k subscribers in just a few days! Not exactly d and d, but it's a solid sign of growing interest. I think the recent acknowledgement by the ccp of crypto currencies has put neo in the limelight as a mainstream investment opportunity. I'm going to be watching closely over the next few..
  • 1d Dca neo r/neoI have missed the boat for neo when it was low have you guys bought any neo today ? Should I wait for a big dip or? submitted by /u/MHSlayerArashiii [link] [comments]
  • 1d NEO can’t be bought in fractional amounts. r/neoHow can NEO be a good currency if it can’t be bought and sold in fractional amounts? That would be like having only one denomination in a currency. Can someone explain why NEO is so popular and why it can continue? submitted by /u/Broad-Apple-8605 [link] [comments]
  • 1d The evolution of GAS in the Neo N3 blockchain ecosystem r/neo submitted by /u/DenverNEO [link] [comments]
  • 1d NEO GAS problem r/neoSo I have a some NEO sitting in an Exodus wallet that I'm trying to transfer to another wallet. But I'm in a conundrum being unable to transfer it because I have 0 GAS. I could claim my NEO GAS from all my NEO.... but I need 0.001 Gas to claim it!! I see you can exchange for GAS in Binance.... but I am in the US and it won't let me. Binance US doesn't appear to have GAS, nor any of..
  • 1d btc echo reports from neo. largest crypto news site in German-speaking countries. r/neo submitted by /u/ExtremeNeo [link] [comments]
  • 1d Free NEO ROI calculator I made r/neo Hi there, Like many of you i've been a hodler of neo for a while and i have been seeing a lot of uncertainty with regard to the best method of holding/ staking etc. I tried to do all kinds of projections in excel but the complex environment (fluctuating prices and gas production) made that a nightmare. So i wrote a program that answered my initial question:Is it worth to buy NEO with the..
  • 1d China considers Bitcoin and cryptos as investment tools, VET and NEO prices soar r/neo submitted by /u/helperpc [link] [comments]
  • 1d Neo Lecture at Fudan University, 4-week Hackathon Event ($80k prizes), and Neo Summer Intern 2021! r/neo submitted by /u/helperpc [link] [comments]
  • 1d Back in the TOP 20 r/neo submitted by /u/wertvorstellungx [link] [comments]
  • 4d Weekly discussion: April 16th - April 23rd, 2021 r/neo submitted by /u/EdgeDLT [link] [comments]
  • 14d NEO Price Analysis - 7th April 2021 bravenewcoinNEO Price Analysis - 7th April 2021.
  • 204d New to Neo? Here are a bunch of ways to keep up with the ecosystem. r/neoGreetings! There are a lot of new people coming into the Neo community with the launch of Flamingo. So if this is you, welcome! The Neo News Today team would like you to stick around, and we want to help keep you in the loop. NNT does its best to bring you all the latest news from throughout the Neo ecosystem and has a range of different options to help you to stay up to date. Firstly, you can alw..

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