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  • 2h Online platforms accepting NANO r/nanoCSV file (Google Sheets) This afternoon I wrote a quick python script using Selenium to scrape Coingate's Merchant Directory! The CSV file is the output of the program and it contains every online platform's category, name, and site link. Let me know if you have any questions otherwise check out which stores accept $NANO :) submitted by /u/socalbro99 [link] [commen..
  • 6h The Reddit Bake-Off, Reddit-wide tokenization, and where NANO fits in the future of digital exchange. r/nanoI first learned about Bitcoin from a person I met at an interview in late 2017. My primary interest was Bitcoin, but at the time I saw how much profit early Ethereum adopters yielded and I envied them for finding such a successful project in its early stages. My first investment in cryptocurrency was Litecoin. I was attracted to the fact that, although it was essentially the same as Bitcoin, it wa..
  • 7h Nano really needs a service like this to encourage vendor use and adoption r/nano Preferably with a credit/debit card option rather than linking a bank account. We can come close at the moment with some of the fiat gateways and wallets, however the process has not been simplified for the customer or streamlined in this manner. High fees, minimum purchase amounts, and delays for KYC verification currently are also problems a motiv..
  • 9h Blockchain, the amazing solution for almost nothing r/nano submitted by /u/Vegas85 [link] [comments]
  • 11h Here since XRB, exited after BrainBlocks died, and now I'm back. What's new? r/nanoHi all, I was an early adopter of XRB and held for 3 years. I sold after BrainBlocks, but I re-entered last night in anticipation of today's move upward. I think NANO is poised to make a huge comeback during the next major market move. Why hasn't Coinbase listed NANO yet? Obviously, this is not essential for the success of NANO, but Coinbase as an on-ramp for U.S. investors is important f..
  • 15h What is Nano? - NANO Beginners Guide r/nano submitted by /u/PotentialFortune [link] [comments]
  • 20h Nano still alive? r/nanoHaven’t been in this reddit for a long time. Nano still alive, how’s dev fund? Holding for a long time, but lost hope. submitted by /u/blogabo [link] [comments]
  • 1d Nanobets update r/nanoI have built nanobets to showcase the advantages of using the nano cryptocurrency and to show how simple a provably fair system can work. So to continue that effort I have further simplified and reiterated the dice game. It now closer resembles an actual dice throwing game. Updates: Each new account gets a free bet for a limited time. (dependent on registration spam) New domain: B..
  • 1d Explaining Nano’s Strengths to CryptoSaul r/nano submitted by /u/SonderDev [link] [comments]
  • 2d Nano/ plz tell me more - r/nanoWhat gives it a value , will it hold this value , And how can it be used and invested in productively? I am familiar with the workings of various crypto currencies but unfamiliar with this one . Thanks 😊 submitted by /u/Greenhoused [link] [comments]
  • 2d Weekly General Discussion r/nanoWelcome! This weekly post is meant for things which are relevant but do not justify their own post. For example, debates, issues, simple questions, memes or suggested services/ companies/ cryptocurrencies/ etc. We normally recommend using our Discord server for a more effective chat and quicker answers but using this post is fine if you don't have/want Discord. It's common that users have ..
  • 2d Do we have stacking rewards or something similar for Nano? r/nanoI was googling exchanges and I can’t find anything. submitted by /u/aregus [link] [comments]
  • 2d Need help setting up a Representative Node r/nanoHey guys. Im new to the community and got inspired by a bunch of folks on Twitter torun a node. I set it up on a Docker following this article Is that all? I have no idea what to do next, any help will be appreciated. Please don't direct me to ask on Discord. I'm taking a break from most social media platforms. submitted b..
  • 3d Been off for a long time, need some help r/nanoHi there! So, I jumped into crypto back at the ATH - a little before actually, so I saw both heaven and hell. Long story short, I've got a Ledger back then to store my Nano and not to worry about crypto for a few years (sitting at a huge loss right now, but whatever, I still strongly believe it's a great project). The thing is, I remember I had a raiwallet account (which eventually led to..
  • 3d Reminder to take your money off exchanges and into a wallet! r/nanoPlease take your money off exchanges and put it into a proper Nano wallet (I like Natrium). This will keep it safer (less chance of it being hacked) and further decentralise Nano. Cheers. submitted by /u/Laughingboy14 [link] [comments]
  • 3d What are the prospects of having Nano integrated into LocalCryptos? r/nanoI believe LocalCryptos is rapidly becoming the go-to p2p exchange platform for crypto. I've been using these platforms for years. At first I was using local bitcoins but then they ramped up the KYC requirements due to EU regulations, I believe. Looking for alternatives I found LocalCryptos, hosted in Australia, which I think is freer than the EU and more friendly towards crypto in general. Th..
  • 3d Nano Community Moniker Suggestions Thread r/nanoMost Crypto Communities have a cool nickname/moniker to call their members like for Chainlink it's Link Marines, ICON it's ICX Spartans, Elrond Warriors, the list goes on... I'm yet to come across such catchy names for Nano Community members, I'm new so maybe I could have missed it. Do we have one? If not, let's make one. It's a major key to marketing and adoption. Also I r..
  • 3d Coinbase Custody is exploring 37 new assets, but not Nano. Love it! r/nano submitted by /u/redditor2836 [link] [comments]
  • 4d Sending nano to Binance r/nanoHey guys. I lost a lot of my investments during the big crash and now want to send my nano to Binance as the wallet shuts down. Back then I put it in Raiwallet and didn’t log in anymore. Do I select the Deposit option on the Binance site and use the hashtag under the QR code? (Bitcoin selected - it says sending crypto other than BTC to this address may result in the loss of my deposit). Thanks gu..
  • 4d Move over Moons, Here Comes Nendly r/nano submitted by /u/SonderDev [link] [comments]
  • 4d Nano Development Update — October 2020 r/nanoWe are very pleased to announce a new Nano development update! In this update, we set the stage for Nano in 2021. Join us discussing external development transitions, roadmap updates, development process visibility, and documentation here:
  • 5d Why this spot in York is 52647 year all other ones arround me is 2021 year.. hope you understand what I mean thanks r/nano submitted by /u/Miljonars [link] [comments]
  • 6d Nano for Nendly, Nano Forever! Introducing an Alternative to Moons r/nanoImportant Changes I’ve dropped Nendly’s commission to 0 and made it even better! Check out the write-up for more details on how you can earn nano on Nendly. Original Post I'm ecstatic to announce an update to Nendly that introduces a novel alternative to Reddit's Moons. This use of nano allows us to Reward great content Increase the number of posts and comments Bring new users to the n..
  • 6d Eco-friendly alternatives to Bitcoin r/nano submitted by /u/virtugranabr [link] [comments]
  • 6d Re-Appreciation for Nano after exchanging for moons! r/nanoI've held Nano for a long time now, but unfortunately holding doesnt correlate to using, so its been awhile since ive actually used Nano. This recent exposure and ability to trade Moons for Nano has really reawakened my appreciation for Nano. The whole process on was so seamless and fast, I ended up going into my Reddit Vault and completing the WHOLE process having the coins co..
  • 6d Make Nano Punk initiative. Step 1: Tag-able logo r/nano submitted by /u/alpastorburrito [link] [comments]
  • 6d Nano Digest — Network upgrade, WeNano, Partnerships, Team updates, and much more! r/nanoGrab your copy of the latest Nano Digest and catch up on everything you may have missed. 🗞️ Jam-packed with product launches, business updates, tech updates, and Nano Community news.🔥 ​
  • 370d Ripple's Xpring to Ensure XRPL Integration in Top Hardware Wallets by Investing in Towo Labs u.todayTowo Labs software producer receives a strategic investment from Xpring to enable XRP Ledger’s integration in top cold wallets – the Ledger Nano series, Trezor T

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