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  • 2h What is the cheapest way to set up a Nano node? r/nanoI am a nano enthusiast and I am wondering what the cheapest way is to set up a nano node? What do I need to do that? (E.g. is a rasberry 3 sufficient?) What are the on going costs and how much internet traffic does a node generate? submitted by /u/JimmyAtreides [link] [comments]
  • 4h Where to buy nano in NY? r/nanoHi, I’m pretty new to crypto, and I’ve been trying to invest in nano. Unfortunately, I live in NYC. On what platform would I be able to buy nano with USD? Thanks!! submitted by /u/nblai [link] [comments]
  • 4h Someone on Wenano put 5 nano in a fountain at the UT campus in Austin. r/nano submitted by /u/TheDysonSystem [link] [comments]
  • 6h Nano is a decentralized free market. Bitcoin is a decentralized cartel r/nanoIn a (free) market system, there is no imposition of how many negotiations individuals can or cannot do. Each producer, distributor, seller, etc. offer x and each consumer demand y. But the consensus model of cryptocurrencies that adopt artificial transaction limits cartelizes the thing. Only a certain number of blocks can be created, regardless of the actual supply of the network. As a consequenc..
  • 8h Best wallet to use to access tokens on Nano Ledger S? r/nanoI've had NANO (not much) for a while now and way back when I placed my NANO in my Ledger S wallet via It worked pretty easily on setting up a new address and sending my funds there. Accessing it, not really an issue either. Its been a long while since I used it, until today just to check my funds. I log onto nanovault with my ledger S connected and once I had access to the wallet..
  • 9h NANO is the Most Undervalued Cryptocurrency. r/CryptoMarkets submitted by /u/helloforrest [link] [comments]
  • 9h Are smart contracts needed for Nano to be used for micropayments? I don't understand why this isn't a thing yet. r/nanoWhat would the interface and setup look like if instead of putting the New York Times behind a subscription paywall, users had the option of sending 20 or 30 cents in Nano to read 1 article? Is a smart contract needed to make it seamless? Suppose you have your Nano in a browser-integrated wallet such as Brave. The website has a popup with two options: "subscribe" or "25 cent micropa..
  • 10h What would be the impact of a 1 million $ "smart" spam attack on Nano network? Recent below 100$ attack was a piece-of-cake, despite all noise around it. r/nanoLet's imagine a smart attack of 1 million $, which can still be considered pretty low, in comparison to the BTC fork battles seen back in 2017 and earlier (sometimes involving the hundred of millions $ !!). At the moment Nano reaches a respectable market cap, the question is not "if" but rather "when" such higher magnitude spam attack would take place. Let's imagine tha..
  • 10h Raoul Pal reads Nano twitter thread. Says: "Very good thread" r/nano submitted by /u/Xopte [link] [comments]
  • 11h Put nano in ledger about a week ago and now there's no acct. r/nanowas using nault and ledger to store some nano and came to check on it today to find that there is no account on nault for my ledger even if I am connected. Am I screwed? edit: got it working, uninstall doesn't get rid of the files and there was something buggy in the wallet. Uninstalled nault, deleted the nault folder and imported using ledger and it's there. Good to go. submitted b..
  • 11h Nano Token Overview by CoinMarketCap [link in the comments] r/nano submitted by /u/MeanLeanNerdMachine [link] [comments]
  • 14h Now over 10 years old, this was one the first posts about Bitcoin on Reddit. Interesting how many of its inherent flaws were instantly recognizable by people, and illuminates how the groundwork of Nano emerged from similar skepticism of these flaws. r/nano submitted by /u/HelloOfficer24 [link] [comments]
  • 15h How DPoW differ bad actor? r/nanoWhat's stopping bad actor to spam NANO network using Distributed Proof of Work service instead of own GPU? submitted by /u/nano_no_volume [link] [comments]
  • 16h $16/hour - cost to fully saturate the Nano network? r/nanoIn the previous post I've read comment from NANO community member: >> Cost to fully saturate the Nano network to a bad actor: $5.782/hour of rented GPU ($138.77/day) + node costs >> Cost to fully saturate the Nano network at 25x difficulty to a bad actor: $16.081/hour Is it really true? Bad actor can saturate network for pennies with 1 GPU? Just imagine if some bitcoin miner sta..
  • 16h We’re hiring for a Lead Software Engineer at the Nano Foundation! r/nanoClick here to apply: submitted by /u/NaomeNF [link] [comments]
  • 18h The problem with P2PoW, as it stands r/nanoThe fees. I think this deserves a post... The fees that P2PoW introduces kinda defeat an important property of Nano and also trash efficiency. For me at least, the fees put P2PoW strictly in opt-in category to use only when other options fail, but even as such it's backwards: if fees were desirable, it would be much more efficient to do so in the core protocol. Indeed, P2PoW fees triple the nu..
  • 21h Let Good Actors Fight Bad Actors During Spam Attacks? r/nanoDuring the most recent spam attack, wouldn't it be cool if good actors could help support the network? It seems like 95% of people in the network are good actors while only 5% are bad actors. If a spam attack starts, I (and many other altruistic nano holders) could turn on our laptop to fight the spammers. We would be like the minute-men of nano. We could provide proof-of-work to the network a..
  • 21h Daily General Discussion r/nanoWelcome! This daily post is meant for things which are relevant but do not justify their own post. For example, debates, issues, simple questions, memes or suggested services/ companies/ cryptocurrencies/ etc. We normally recommend using our Discord server for a more effective chat and quicker answers but using this post is fine if you don't have/want Discord. It's common that users have t..
  • 22h Natrium servers down r/nanoI got a pop up message from my Natrium wallet app today. "Natrium's servers are temporarily down due to some infrastructure maintenance. Thank you for your patience! I tried to switch my representative from the default Natrium server but no dice. I thought I could just switch representatives to bypass any issues with Natrium's servers. Does the app depend on Natrium's servers bei..
  • 23h Imagine if this had been done with Nano rather than Bitcoin r/nanoJust saw a post in r/Bitcoin about a bitcoin user whose family member, living in Argentina, had their rent doubled in the middle of the Covid pandemic and was already exhausting their savings. The redditor offered to help by transferring money. Rather than resort to a wire transfer or another third party, the user helped the family member setup a Bitcoin wallet and within 30mins transferred all ne..
  • 1d Spam Attack: Ledger Bloat vs. Clogging The Network? r/nanoI have some questions about this most recent spam attack. In terms of trying to clog the network, I think Nano held up pretty well. The dynamic POW (Proof of Work) system made it hard for the attacker to clog the network. When someone does a spam attack, shouldn't we also be worried about the ledger getting bloated (i.e. the ledger gets so gigantic that nodes can no longer hold it)? People hav..
  • 1d CoinMarketCap Spotlight on Twitter: NANO r/CryptoCurrency submitted by /u/Nachodon [link] [comments]
  • 1d Canadian here interested in acquiring Nano. r/nanoHi all. What are some of the best Canadian exchanges that support nanocurrency? submitted by /u/LookAtYourEyes [link] [comments]
  • 1d now accepts travel bookings with NANO r/nano submitted by /u/diego-d [link] [comments]
  • 1d Buying Nano with fiat currency? r/nanoAfter a bit of research and deliberation, I took the plunge into cryptocurrency. I've already used a couple of the faucets and have a few millionths of a Nano lol (the speed of transfer is outrageous!). I've seen a couple mentions of people using USD to buy NANO, but everything I search results in using BTC, ETH, or some other altcoin to trade Nano. I'd appreciate confirmation on wheth..
  • 1d Thoughts on supporting the maintenance/upgrades of PR nodes? r/nanoIs there a website specifically for donating to PR nodes? I know there is, but i'm thinking we need a separate intuitive, user friendly website just for donating to the top 100 PR nodes. It can have the following features: The owners of the PR nodes can register on that website They can choose to mention what hardware/software specs they are using. They can also specify the ..
  • 1d Our very own Patrick Luberus destroys Nano! r/nano submitted by /u/DramaticFirefighter8 [link] [comments]

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