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  • 3h A tale of horses, carriages and cars r/nanoOnce upon a time, man domesticated horses and started riding on them as a means of transportation. This move was controversial and met with scepticism at first, but as more people began using it for travel, it became evident that the benefits of faster, longer distance travel were worth. Horses grew in popularity and before you knew it, everyone had their own opinion on how to make the ride better..
  • 9h How to covert BNB to NANO? r/nanoHello! I am interested in getting into the NANO game. I have about $100 in BNB in my Trust Wallet, and I want to cash it out and get some Nano. How do I go about this? submitted by /u/RandomUsername409 [link] [comments]
  • 9h Another lost nano post r/nanoSent Raiblocks from Mercatox to a wallet on Dec 31, 2017. I have tried using my seed to find the crypto and I've made 20 accounts on Nault...still showing 0 coins. Am I missing something? Is there a way to see further transaction history with nanocrawler to see where the coins could have gone from there? ​ Kicking myself for not being more adamant about this over the last 3 years. I'..
  • 10h a smart way to use NANO in daily shopping r/nanomany are wondering how I can use nano for everyday shopping if the price is volatile. I do it this way I have 2 wallet addresses, 1 for daily purchases 1 for NANO savings (hoping that the price will increase over time). the wallet for daily purchases, I feed it every time I need to buy with NANO, regardless of the price of NANO at that time!, for example if I have to buy from a shopkeeper who acce..
  • 11h Curious where to buy Nano? Here is the list r/nano submitted by /u/Away_Rich_6502 [link] [comments]
  • 13h How confirmation works r/nanoExplain to me like im five how confirmation works , from A to Z submitted by /u/tyler_durden07 [link] [comments]
  • 15h Privacy (again) is not a boolean r/nanoHi! I read some post about privacy. I'm not very comfortable having all my transaction publicly available. It would make abuse very easy similar to the one we have on personal data and targeted ads. If it's possible to track, an industry we be build and track your transaction, build profiles, and all those stuff. Yes user could use all kind of tricks like mixer, but those are poor hack. To..
  • 16h Disclaimer: I want to be informed. Why would I use this coin as a currency if it is projected to just keep increasing in value? r/nanoI'll admit, I held Nano for a while and eventually sold as I thought more and more about it's vision. It's fast, feeless, etc, but who cares if the 5 euro in Nano I used in a transaction is now worth 10 euro a few months down the line? Can someone give me a good reason why I would use this over a stablecoin as an actual currency? Why is being a stablecoin not in Nano's best interes..
  • 18h Anyone use WeNano? r/nanoJust found it and I love the function. Its like geocaching and craigslist had a kid, and it runs on Nano. I like submitted by /u/dontforgetthisone9 [link] [comments]
  • 19h NANO vs Cardano r/nanoHey guys, I am relatively new to the cryptoverse. I started with being interested in BTC and ETH, since I understand those. It took some time and I understood ADA. Now I see that Nano basically claims similar things to ADA. Can somebody explain me why you believe that Nano has its place in the world in the future? Maybe even why it is better than ADA? Thanks to everyone that took some time out of ..
  • 20h How long do withdrawals take on Kraken? r/nanoI've been waiting for a withdrawal for over 3 hours now... Seems ridiculous. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks. submitted by /u/tumbleweed911 [link] [comments]
  • 21h General Info and Daily Discussion r/nanoWelcome to Nano! This post is meant for things which are relevant but do not justify their own post. For example, debates, issues, simple questions, memes or similar. We normally recommend using our Discord server for quicker answers but using this post is fine if you don't have/want Discord. It's common that users have the same questions. So please, before making a new thread, make some r..
  • 21h Help!!! Brute forcing mnemonic phrase r/nanoI have 23 words and I know the correct order also but the 24th word is missing completely. Is there a chance I can recover my wallet? Can someone pls guide me on this? submitted by /u/Rude-Combination3500 [link] [comments]
  • 22h DOGE brought me here and now I’m a NANO holder r/nanoI only own 2 coins but hey, a shibes gotta start somewhere. NANO is the first legit crypto that I have invested in and I’m ecstatic about it. It feels good to be apart of this movement. It feels good to invest in a vision and not a meme. Although I do feel like I got in too late :( My plan for the foreseeable future is to invest incrementally and build slowly. I still have much to learn about cry..
  • 1d They say adoption is what make a Coin valuable, but ... 👇 r/nanoI would say tech will finally win. Tech leads to adoption...👇 Modem - Optic Fiber Edge - 5G Vapor - Electric Zeppelin - Boeing Sputnik 1 - Ingenuity Fuel - wind, sun, water BTC - Nano It's irreversible! We just can't go back! It's just a matter of time... Are you getting ready now? See you there...God willing! submitted by /u/vladyzory [link] [comments]
  • 1d We're coming and there's nothing you can do to stop us r/nano submitted by /u/BabyWhale69 [link] [comments]
  • 1d NEED HELP!! 2 week transaction from kraken to binance.... r/nanocan someone help, I sent my nano from kraken to binance on the 4th April over 2 weeks now and still not received. on the nano explorer it says unopened account with status send in red. I have checked the address 100 times and its correct. I have tried every avenue of contacting binance without any reply. submitted by /u/ballerschampagne1 [link] [comments]
  • 1d Why nano and not a other crypto? r/nanoWhat makes it different to other cryptocurrency? submitted by /u/AtroopAT8 [link] [comments]
  • 1d Just Another Thank You Post r/nanoTo the person who tipped 0.5 Nano to the Nano Frogs node, you're so money and I hope you know it! Totally not necessary but I appreciate the love and wanted to show some love in return. Thank you! submitted by /u/leucs [link] [comments]
  • 1d Just a thank you post r/nanoI've been in the world of crypto since about 2012 when I sent a money order off to a random person I had never met for 2 bitcoin and 3 litecoin because I was making a whopping $200 a week & it was all I could afford. Since then I've watched a lot of cool projects come and go, made a little money here and there, but never was the day trading type because personally I think the value of ..
  • 1d NANO V22DB14 is out! Includes the much-awaited prioritization revamp! r/nano submitted by /u/srikar_tech [link] [comments]
  • 1d has new lower stakes! r/nanoNano Fam- is live again, again! After getting the unconfirmed transactions figured out over the last couple weeks, deposits and withdrawals have been without a hitch. Go check it out. We’ve updated the wagering options, so now you don’t have to bet .25 NANO as a minimum, it can be as low as .01 XNO! Now you can roll those dice until your heart is content, and stack them nannies. The lott..
  • 1d Theory: In the future we will have DAG domination with Nano and Iota r/nanoHere is how that would become reality: Nano would be the currency used by the people to exchange value and, because Nano is feeless like Iota, but much faster, Iota have a confirmation time of about 2 minutes, and that can be a lot when you are paying something in a store, but Nano is instant, so you will not need to wait in front of the cashier and creating a queue. Iota would be the plataform to..
  • 1d Let's try to be welcoming to our fellow shibes (Dogecoiners) r/nanoDogecoin is a cryptocurrency that a lot of people feel very negatively about in this community due to the project being a meme rather than bringing new technology and innovation to the table like Nano does, but, you have to understand that for many people Dogecoin is how they get into cryptocurrency now. The times have changed, people no longer get into Bitcoin first and then dive into the rabbit ..
  • 1d V22 Update - POW r/nanoWith the new scheduler, does the protocol still need POW as spam resistance? Also what's to stop someone with a decent amount of Nano sending it to new addresses and continuously leaving behind breadcrumbs for a ledger bloat attack? Ie I send 1000 Nano to a new spam address, the send 999.9999 Nano to a new spam address and keep cycling that? submitted by /u/Sannyrk [link] ..
  • 1d Whatever the motives of the spammer/spammers were, I just want to say THANK YOU r/nanoSo let's look at what the spammers intentions could have been. As far as I'm aware there are two scenarios: 1. Damage Nanos reputation, show that Nano doesn't have the usability that it claims. 2. Demand change essentially, someone who is bullish wanting the Devs to implement change to Nanos most volitile flaw. Whatever the intention, this has only propelled Nano at a time that project..
  • 1d Impressed by this community r/nanoI've been in this space for a while and NANO might be one of the best communities I've seen, very strong, loyal, helpful and the growth is impressive. I think this is just the beginning and this sub will grow to millions eventually, we are just getting started. We know this is the one, we know about Bitcoin's flaws, Nano is better, cheaper, faster, more decentralized, fair launch, gree..

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