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  • 167d Indeed my concern is the following: My MXM tokens stored on Atomic Wallet remain the old chips because Atomic Wallet did not swap. How can I change them at this moment in which exhange to send them on the old address of deposit? r/maximineHello, I am beginning to seriously doubt the seriousness of this society of Maximine. They never respond to the messages of our concerns (on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook), besides why their support do not they have e-mail address? It's weird. Indeed my concern is the following: My MXM tokens stored on Atomic Wallet remain the old chips because Atomic Wallet did not swap. How can I change the..
  • 288d Maximine Coin is the best performing coin of the last 24 hours based on social media and trade activity. r/maximine submitted by /u/coinsven [link] [comments]
  • 289d MaxiMine's transcribed explainer video is currently featured on dAppXplorer! r/maximine submitted by /u/dAppXplorer [link] [comments]
  • 314d Audit of Maximine Coin (MXM) performed by Callisto Network. r/maximineSecurity audit of Maximine Coin (MXM) performed by Callisto Network The Maximine Coin(MXM) contract was audited by 3 auditors. You can find original information on this audit here In total, 5 issues were reported including: 4 low severity issues. 1 owner privileges (the ability of an owner to manipulate contract, may be risky for investors). No critical security issues were found. Conclusion by ..
  • 333d 【A Recap of Our Journey】The Inaugural Anniversary of MaxiMine’s Listing! r/maximine ​ ​ June 28 is destined to be an extraordinary date. ​ It was on this very date in 1712 that famous philosopher Jean Jacob Rousseau was born, and from him came the idea of natural human rights that soon took root in the masses and inspired many ..
  • 335d Realizing True Copyright Protection With Blockchain r/maximine ​ ​ The Internet has advanced rapidly over the years and is now the primary source of information and knowledge for the masses today. Traditional media has been swept away by the wave of new media as more writers are beginning to set their sights on t..
  • 342d MXM Landing on “Mars”! r/maximine Announcing MaxiMine’s Imminent Partnership With Mars Wallet… ​ ​ Founder of cryptocurrency exchange BTC38 Huang Tian Wei believes that the future of the blockchain industry and its core lies within the cryptocurrency wallet. ​ Due to technical..
  • 342d Blockchain: Returning Games to Their Roots r/maximine ​ ​ Since the rapid development of blockchain technology, industry experts have been seeking various means to incorporate this novel technology into their fields to adapt to modern trends. Following the breaking waves blockchain technology has made in..
  • 355d MXM Ecosystem: Sharing Economy and p2p Loan r/maximine As a digital asset backed with a physical mine, MaxiMine is constantly seeking to improve its ecosystem and operations. MaxiMine's project team consists of experts from high-tech and traditional assets industries who have extensive experience in the field, setti..
  • 361d MaxiMine BiWeekly Report (1/5/19 - 15/5/19) Want to know what MaxiMine has been up to? r/maximineCheck out MaxiMine’s biweekly report (16.05.19–31.05.19) in the image below! ​ ​ submitted by /u/maximineadmin [link] [comments]
  • 364d Update: Token Swap r/maximine ​ submitted by /u/maximineadmin [link] [comments]
  • 365d MXM Ecosystem: Data Sharing on the Chain r/maximine ​ Technology has made huge strides in the past twenty years, and the number of online users has increased drastically, welcoming the arrival of the Information Age. ​ McKinsey & Company, an American worldwide management consulting firm once said: “..
  • 365d Update: Token Swap for Livecoin Exchange Users Affected by Change in Token Address r/maximine ​ ​ During the weekend, the MXM dev team has made up for the incorrect token swap of MXM tokens in Livecoin exchange. As the exchange has requested, a certain amount of new MXM tokens have been sent to Livecoin for distribution to its clients. ​..
  • 370d MXM: Real-time Cross-border Payments Are No Longer a Dream! r/maximine ​ ​ In recent times, the Sino-US trade war has intensified as the United States (US) increased the tariffs imposed on nearly 200 billion US dollars worth of Chinese goods. The barrier of trade between China and the US is becoming increasingly opaque, a..
  • 371d Lesser Fullness of Grain r/maximine A seed slowly ripens and inches a day closer to harvest… ​ Translation: The State of Happiness - A Little More Than What Was Better Before Small, but significant; A seed awaits its maturation with harvest in its sight. Abundant joy and anticipation encapsulated in a grain. It has yet to be what it can, a lesser of its fullness. Still, a growing expectation, and a fullness all the same..
  • 372d MaxiMine Forms Strategic Partnership With Jinse Finance as Salon Series Hits Chengdu r/maximine ​ ​ Distributed cloud-based pool mining platform, MaxiMine, is honoured to announce that it will be joining the incoming Jinse Salon Series as a strategic partner this May. MaxiMine’s CTO and Operations Executive (China), Mr. Yao Kunhua, has been invit..
  • 377d MaxiMine BiWeekly Report (1/5/19 - 15/5/19) r/maximine Want to know what MaxiMine has been up to? Check out MaxiMine’s biweekly report (1.05.19–15.05.19) in the image below! ​ submitted by /u/maximineadmin [link] [comments]
  • 378d CoinBene (KR) and MaxiMine Proudly Presents MXM Trading Competition r/maximine Get your spirits pumping ’cause it’s going to be a rocking good time! ​ ** Competition Time: 15 May 2019 00:00 to 21 May 2019 23:59 (GMT+8) Participation Requirement: KYC Customers ** OPEN TO KOREAN MARKET ONLY ​ [Trading Pioneer Prize] During the co..
  • 378d MXM Token: The Shining Beacon of Hope in Bear Markets r/maximine ​ ​ As agreed upon by most investors, the MXM token has emerged from the bearish market by performing exceptionally well against major cryptocurrencies, surging up to several-hundred-percent despite the gloomy market outlook. This testifies to the true..
  • 380d Happy Mother’s Day r/maximine You grew up with me; I’ll grow old with you. ​ Translation: Finding Your Way Home? You’ve been scouring for treasure, but neglected the light from above, shining for you patiently in the silence. ​ From the day we were born, our mothers have sought to protect the ones she loves the most — that is us. ​ ❤ ​ It is said that the gods created mothers for they could n..
  • 384d Update: Token Swap for HitBTC Users Affected by Change in Token Address r/maximine ​ ​ Dear MXM holders, ​ As announced previously on Medium, it was agreed upon that the MXM team will take responsibility for affected traders of HitBTC during this change in token address by distributing new MXM tokens to affected users followin..
  • 385d MXM: Kickstart Your Mining Journey With Ease r/maximine ​ In the past few months, MXM experienced a sharp spike, drawing attention from the cryptocurrency circles abroad and in China. Many reputable media outlets reported on its growth and explored the factors behind MaxiMine’s excellent market performance. The ex..
  • 389d Announcement: Project Team Awaits HitBTC’s New MXM Tokens r/maximineDear MXM holders, To follow up on the project team’s announcement on 29 April, currently the project team is still waiting the return of the new MXM tokens from HitBTC. Once the project team receives the tokens from HitBTC and verifies the token holders, we will distribute the new tokens to the affected users. Thank you for your patience and understanding. ​ Yours Sincerely, MXM Team. ..
  • 391d Happy Labour Day r/maximine ​ Tired of work? Sick of menial labour? ​ Let our mining equipment labour on your behalf. ​ To find out more about MaxiMine, check out our social media accounts at: ​ Website: Telegram: Reddit:..
  • 392d Want to know what has MaxiMine been up to? r/maximineCheck out @maximinecoin 's biweekly report (16.04.19 – 30.04.19) in the image below! ​ submitted by /u/maximineadmin [link] [comments]

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