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  • 1h Here’s why ‘virtual land’ NFTs are selling for millions of dollars on Ethereum cryptoslateJapanese videogame maker Atari says it plans to launch its own non-fungible token (NFT)-based virtual world, as per a report on news outlet Reuters today. The post Here’s why ‘virtual land’ NFTs are selling for millions of dollars on Ethereum appeared first on CryptoSlate.
  • 2h We're glad to have MKR available internationally! r/maker submitted by /u/JanFromAbra [link] [comments]
  • 11h DAO Maker Brings Its Token Launch Framework to TRON cryptopotatoThe popular DeFi-based project, DAO Maker, will bring its token launch framework to the TRON Network.
  • 11h TRON Partners with Incubator DAO Maker to Build on TRON Network coinspeaker Continue reading at Coinspeaker
  • 11h Tron Blockchain Partners with DAO Maker Incubator. What Does This Mean for Crypto Community? u.todayOne more project empowered its customers with the opportunity to access Tron (TRX) blockchain seamlessly
  • 12h MakerDAO Governance Votes on Activation of the Liquidations System 2.0 Upgrade btcmanagerDeFi lending and stablecoin protocol MarkerDAO has revealed that its liquidations 2.0 upgrade executive vote is now live. The upgrade to the platform’s liquidations system, if ratified, should improve system efficiency and help safeguard Dai’s stability. As per MarkerDao’s official blog post published on April 19, the proposal will implement Maker Improvement Proposal 45 (MIP45)Read More
  • 16h Service to auto-withdraw your stables from a farm to pay back your loan if your collaterial ratio is bad? r/makerSo a lot of people provide crypto as collateral to borrow stables to put them to use in farms since stables usually get the most yield. So, you have the money to pay back your debt within hands reach but if price of collateral drops heavily while you sleep (blitz crash) you still can still lose your collateral. Is there a service that you can pre-approve to be able to pull your stables from a far..
  • 18h Questiens about mkr r/makerI like the idea behind this project but two things. 1. rich people could buy mkr and get a monopole. They could vote for whatever they want (i think this is allready the case) 2. defi yes but centralized coins like usdc on loans. Where is the sense here? submitted by /u/cako05 [link] [comments]
  • 22h Maker Relay: Episode 41 r/maker submitted by /u/mariouy1986 [link] [comments]
  • 1d How to access MKR purchased on oasisdex back in the day? r/makerBack in 2018 I bought some maker using the metamask browser and oasisdex (Been so long ago I can barely remember how I did it...), But now that doesn't seem to be an option, as oasis has changed. Any ideas on how to access my MKR? Thanks! submitted by /u/mercurious77 [link] [comments]
  • 1d Everything is down today...except for Maker r/makerThroughout much of today (19 April) Bitcoin and almost all major Altcoins have been down except for Maker. Does anyone have any insight into what is pushing MKR's counter-market drive? submitted by /u/defensible81 [link] [comments]
  • 1d Paying back DAI to r/makerHi guys, I'm trying to pay back the DAI that I have borrowed to my WBTC Vault - but when I try to pay it, it's saying, even I see the gas fee to the lowest, that it's over $800 USD?! Any idea what the eff is going on there? That is ridiculous, and there's no way I'm going to pay that level of gas fee to pay back an $8k loan. submitted by /u/aidanb02 [link] ..
  • 1d Is the only way to make a cdp? r/maker submitted by /u/FriskyHamTitz [link] [comments]
  • 1d Wow what is maker? r/makerLook at this sick movement, what’s up with maker? submitted by /u/cryptomafia100 [link] [comments]
  • 2d What will happen to MKR and DAI if ETH flash crash to 200$/ETH? r/maker submitted by /u/No-Bookkeeper4061 [link] [comments]
  • 3d Binance to Exodus network r/makerSorry for the noob question folks, but - what network should I use for Maker in transfer from Binance to Exodus wallet please? Bep2, Bep20 or Erc20? submitted by /u/Darrowww [link] [comments]
  • 3d Is anybody staking their Maker? r/makerMKR is the biggest hold in my portfolio so Im interested in generating yield instead of just having it sit there, im not totally sure about the risks of impermanent loss, but it moves in tandem with ETH so i should be guaranteed to profit if I provide liquidity on uniswap right? Also I see bancor has crazy high APY but what are the risks with that? Could the smart contract have a bug? submi..
  • 4d Why does Sai have a premium? r/makerEdit (Solved): I've found that Sai went into global settlement, meaning the Sai became redeemable for Eth in May 2020. Since Eth had gone up in that time and Sai is essentially pegged to it, the Sai went up as well. So best course is probably to just redeem it for Eth Original post below:   So I have a boomer dad that I helped try Compound Finance a couple years ago. Now he's never to..
  • 4d Is it possible to kill a vault and get gas refund for it? r/makerIt would my own vault. submitted by /u/hegedis [link] [comments]
  • 4d Here's Why Stablecoins are the Crucial Bridge to Crypto Adoption - The Tokenist r/maker submitted by /u/ledonskim754 [link] [comments]
  • 4d Borrowing USD instead of DAI? r/makerI was wondering if it would be possible to borrow fiat (eg.: USD) instead of DAI from a collateralized position (eg.: locked ETH vault)? Maybe there's a company that already offers this service? It would have to be non-custudial, though, just like how Oasis works. Context: Imagine you have your entire net worth in crypto and want to use it for day to day stuff, like paying your credit card bil..
  • 5d Was just reading the white paper and... r/makerIt states over and over that this is soft tied to the usd and is meant as a stable coin. It was exactly that until Jan. 2021. There has been a lot of talk about USD inflation. Is this surge in MKR tied to inflation or the fear of inflation? Or is there some community reason for the increase? Thinking about getting some but seems expensive comparatively. submitted by /u/sancho_panwza ..
  • 5d Maker (MKR) Liquidity Mining Rewards on Bancor have started r/makerIt looks like Bancor is incentivizing the MKR-BNT pool with liquidity mining rewards. It was mentioned on makerdao chat and I figured I give everyone a heads up (I just switched from sushiswap). You can provide liquidity single sided and also get impermanent loss protection FYI. The rewards are pretty good. submitted by /u/PrimeSe7en [link] [comments]
  • 5d What do you imagine? r/makerFirst of all, sorry for my english! I’m Sicilian and english it’s my 3rd language. So, What do you think will happen? I mean: is this rally the moment to sell or it’s a message to holders? submitted by /u/Gianne-Observer-420 [link] [comments]
  • 5d Dannggg. I’m not a holder. I thought about it and I missed out lol but r/makerCongrats to the holders. I hope you get rich !!!!!! submitted by /u/GreatestStepDad [link] [comments]
  • 5d Owning MKR could be like owning a share of a central bank. r/makerCentral Banks mint fiat money and loan it to the government by purchasing bonds. The coupon rate is like the stability fee. Central banks also loan to large banks at the federal funds rate (like the stability fee). The difference is the minting with MKR is over collateralized. submitted by /u/EarningsPal [link] [comments]
  • 5d Hell of a rally for Maker r/maker submitted by /u/halfdayallday123 [link] [comments]
  • 5d Recent movement r/makerAside from the premise that it is undervalued. What's occured of significance to reflect this huge jump at present? Considering DCAing but have been waiting for a dip since 2400 😒 submitted by /u/wanderingcryptowolf [link] [comments]
  • 6d What happens in a theoretical pure crypto future. r/makerWhat ways are there that could be used to secure the stability of Dai in a theoretical world where USD no longer exists, or potentially any fiat. Is there ability to migrate the peg in any way? My initial thoughts are that in such a case one way to maintain stability is to establish a peg to an 'energy' and 'store of value' crypto exchange pair. The first example I can think of is ..
  • 6d Community Calls Listing — 2021 Edition - Community Calls r/maker submitted by /u/mariouy1986 [link] [comments]
  • 7d how to sell original SAI for lowest cost. I have 5.9463577 SAI worth 11.82 each - $70.05 r/makerI have old SAI coin (before MakerDao went to multi-collateral DAI) in my wallet. 5.9463577 SAI worth $70.05. How do I sell this at the lowest cost because it even cost money (~$20) to move the SAI. A Uniswap transaction is a no-go for sure (swap fee is greater than total value). I was hoping there would be an exchange I can deposit (paying ~$20 mining fee) and at least get the difference ($50) bac..
  • 12d Maker Price Analysis - 9th April 2021 bravenewcoinMaker Price Analysis - 9th April 2021
  • 48d Maker Price Analysis - 4th March 2021 bravenewcoinMKR/BTC and MKR/ETH pairs are sitting below or within extreme volume resistance, suggestive of continued range-bound trading in the near-term.
  • 51d Sourcecred - Maker Dao r/makerHey guys, how are you? While we are going through a bit of a crypto slump it´s always good to promote ongoing initiatives such as sourcecred. Sourcecred is implemented in maker dao through the maker dao forum, it basically consisits on a program by which good participation is rewarded through DAI. You don´t need to have maker, you don´t need to incur in gas fees to claim your reward, you just join..

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