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  • 16h Do you hold Unus Sed Leo? Then you are eligible for special benefits! r/leo-token 🦁 Holders of our native token, UNUS SED LEO, are entitled to a variety of benefits when trading on Bitfinex, one example being fee discounts on trades. Fee reductions vary according to a users' level status, or size of UNUS SED LEO token holdings, as well as the type of trade executed on the Bitfinex platform. Find out more about the great benefits available!⬇️
  • 1d Be part of the Bitfinex verified users family r/leo-tokenBeing a verified user on #Bitfinex brings HUGE advantages, such as: 💵Fiat deposits and withdrawals 🦁Access to UNUS SED LEO and its discounts ✅Stable and utility tokens deposits and withdrawals PLUS more! 🔥 Follow the video below and upgrade your account NOW! submitted by /u/news_bitfinex [link] [comments]
  • 1d Human Protocol listing on Bitfinex will be postponed r/leo-tokenTo accommodate strategic upgrades to the Human Protocol’ roadmap, Bitfinex will postpone the listing of HMT on the trading platform. Find out more⬇️ submitted by /u/news_bitfinex [link] [comments]
  • 2d pNetwork token and pTokens will now available on Bitfinex r/leo-token Bitfinex supports #pNetwork’s PNT EOS and lists pTokens’ pMKR, pLINK and pYFI. Deposits and withdrawals of PNT, pBTC, pLTC and pETH are available from Bitfinex for Ethereum and EOS through the pTokens network. Deposits and withdrawals for PNT (EOS), pMKR, pLINK and pYFI opened from 23/10/20 at 04:00 PM UTC. Discover more ⬇️
  • 2d Bitfinex supports ANT token swap r/leo-token Tomorrow, 27 Oct at 11:00 AM UTC, Bitfinex will perform the Aragon (ANT) token swap. During the token swap, ANT tokens stored on the Bitfinex platform will be converted to the new ANTv2 token and our users do not need to take further action. Find out the new ANTv2 token address ⬇️
  • 5d Send direct messages on Bitfinex Pulse through your Mobile app! r/leo-token Reach trading influencers directly with the latest Bitfinex mobile app update!📱 You can now send direct messages in Bitfinex Pulse on your Mobile app💬 ➡️ Find out more at, and download now ⬇️ IOS: Android: APK:
  • 6d HUMAN token (HMT) will be listed on Bitfinex! r/leo-token HUMAN token (HMT) will be listed on Bitfinex! HMT deposits will open on 27/10/20 at 03:00 PM UTC. Trading and withdrawals for HUMAN Token on Bitfinex will start on 28/10/20 at 03:00 PM UTC. HMT can be traded with US Dollar (HMT/USD) and Tether (HMT/USDt). Discover more on our HMT listing ⬇️
  • 6d Have you noticed any extra DOT recently? r/leo-token 💰Have you noticed any extra DOT recently? Staking is now available on DOT! Get started by depositing Polkadot into your Bitfinex account to receive your weekly reward! ⬇️ submitted by /u/news_bitfinex [link] ..
  • 7d Becoming an affiliate has never been more profitable! r/leo-token 🖖 Bitfinex Affiliate Program allows you to earn a percentage of trading and margin funding fees with up to three degrees within your referral network! Join the revolution, become an affiliate and multiply your earnings! Don't wait any longer ⬇️ submitted by /u/news_bitfinex [link] [comments]
  • 9d Your website is only waiting for Bitfinex Tipping Badge r/leo-tokenIntegrate the #BitfinexPulse Tipping Badge on your website! You can earn: ✅ #Bitcoin ✅ #UnusSedLeo ✅ #Tether 💰Get rewarded with tips for your original content! submitted by /u/news_bitfinex [link] [comments]
  • 11d $36k weekly rewards for staking! r/leo-token 📣💰 This week, we’ve paid another $36K in staking rewards🔥 Don’t miss out on another week! You can stake using TRX, EOS, XTZ, ATOM, ALGO & VSYS, with two big new entries, ADA and DOT, and more on the way! Increase your earnings today ⬇️ submitted by /u/news_bitfinex [link] [comme..
  • 12d ⚔️Will you join the Fellowship? r/leo-token ⚔️The Fellowship of Elrond is coming! Will you join the round table? From today, Oct. 16th at 11AM UTC, until Nov. 6th, Elrond holders will be eligible to win from a total prize pool of 1,000 EGLD. Find the competition details and get ready to join the Fellowship⬇️
  • 13d Filecoin (FIL) is now listed on Bitfinex! r/leo-token Trading and withdrawals for FIL are now available on Bitfinex trading Platform. Filecoin can be traded with US Dollars (FIL/USD) and Tether (FIL/USDt). submitted by /u/news_bitfinex [link] [comments]
  • 13d Filecoin ($FIL) will be listed on Bitfinex! r/leo-token FIL deposits are now open. Trading and withdrawals for #Filecoin on #Bitfinex will start from today at 6:30 PM UTC. FIL can be traded with US Dollar (FIL/USD) and Tether (FIL/USDt). Discover more here ⬇️ submitted by ..
  • 13d Bitfinex Delists 12 Trading Pairs r/leo-tokenBitfinex will delist twelve trading pairs due to low levels of liquidity. The removal of the trading pairs is part of our efforts to improve liquidity on the platform and optimise #bitfinex users trading experience. Find the list of the trading pairs to be removed at ⬇️ submitted by /u/news_bitfinex [link] [comments]
  • 13d Celsius is now integrated on Bitfinex r/leo-token Bitfinex platform updates make your life as a trader easier 💻 With the latest #Bitfinex update you can manage your Celsius account through Bitfinex and earn up to 6.2% APY on Bitcoin and up to 9.65% on Ethereum. Find out more about the latest Platform Update⬇️
  • 14d Celsius is now integrated into Bitfinex r/leo-token Celsius Network, a cryptocurrency lending and borrowing platform, is now integrated to the Bitfinex Platform! Manage your Celsius account through Bitfinex and earn a return of up to 6.2% APY on Bitcoin and up to 9.65% on Ethereum. Get more information about Celsius and Bitfinex collaboration ⬇️
  • 14d Bitfinex supports FET token swap r/leo-token Today, 14 Oct., #Bitfinex will support the (FET) token swap. During the token swap, deposits and withdrawals of $FET will be paused for six hours, from 10AM UTC to 4PM UTC. FET holders don't need to take further actions; tokens will be converted automatically. Find out the new FET token address ⬇️
  • 14d Discover the lists of winners of #GameOnUltra Trading Competition! r/leo-token 🎮 Are you one of the winners of the #GameOnUltra Trading Competition? Find out now, if you won up to US$10,000 in UOS and discover all the winners who faced the new ERA of trading competition⬇️ submitted by /u/new..
  • 15d Discover what happened at Bitfinex during September! r/leo-token September was AMAZING at Bitfinex! 🚀 Our journey to promote crypto mass adoption brought us: 💬 Tipping on Bitfinex Pulse 5️⃣ Five new token listing 🎉 HUGE staking month Watch the video below, to discover more and sign up to our newsletter to never miss an update ⬇️ submitted by /u/ne..
  • 15d Bitfinex delists Wollo (WLO) r/leo-tokenIn line with our commitment to delivering the best trading experience, Bitfinex is delisting #Wollo (WLO). Trading and deposits for WLO will cease by 14/10/20 at 1:00 PM UTC. Withdrawals will remain open until 28/10/20 at 1:00 PM UTC. Find out more⬇️ submitted by /u/news_bitfinex [link] [comments]
  • 16d The fight is on in the Bitfinex Leaderboard r/leo-tokenWho were the traders with the highest volume on Bitfinex Leaderboard last week? 🎉 john_j_brown was #1, with a volume of $63.843.377,00 USD! Want to get your name on the leaderboard? Enable your account for the Bitfinex Public Leaderboard 🌟 submitted by /u/news_bitfinex [link] [commen..
  • 20d Bitfinex liquidity now available for the EOS community via eosfinex! r/leo-token eosfinex mainnet beta version is live 🎉 Post launch, eosfinex will roll out listings for Equilibrium Framework (EOSDT & NUT), LiquidApps (DAPP), Everipedia (IQ), EOS, USDt and pTokens’ pBTC, pETH and pLTC in addition to other popular cryptocurrencies. Find out..
  • 21d Get famous in social trading! r/leo-token With the latest Bitfinex mobile app update, the pulses you like are visible on your Bitfinex Pulse profile📱 Get famous, see your name on other pulsers' profiles! 💬 ➡️ Find out more at, and download now ⬇️ IOS: Android: APK:
  • 21d Bringing Bitfinex liquidity to the EOS community! r/leo-token Eosfinex, a high performance, non-custodial digital asset exchange and portfolio management solution is about to launch its mainnet beta version on 08/10/2020 at 11:30 AM UTC 🚀 Stay tuned and find out how Eosfinex will bring #Bitfinex liquidity to the #EOS community👀
  • 22d Boost your trading strategy, you still have time! r/leo-token 🎮 Less than 24 hours left until #GameOnUltra trading competition ends. You still have time to boost your trading strategy and win up to US$10,000 in UOS with #bitfinex and Ultra! submitted by /u/news_bitfinex [link] [comments]
  • 78d Bitfinex To List (FET) r/leo-token ​ FET deposits have opened at 10:00 AM UTC on 11th August 2020 and trading will be available from Tuesday 18th August 2020 at 10:00 AM UTC. Discover more about @Fetch_ai listing at: submitted by /u/garbisbfx..

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