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  • 6h Automated Market Maker’s (AMM) Breakdown r/kyber-network submitted by /u/Multi_Exchange [link] [comments]
  • 17h Kyber Network is going to have problems if the ETH fees stay higher than Uniswap r/kyber-networkAs a KNC holder I want to use the network. But it’s just not worth it. Real scenario (using Meta Mask) Problem 1: Staking nullifies free limit orders To use the limit order feature with 2000 KNC to trade commission free, we can’t because staked KNC doesn’t count. Why can’t staking balances count toward the 2000 KNC free limit order? Problem 2: Swap fees are 10x higher than Uniswap v2 Limit orde..
  • 19h Is it possible to stake KNC and get the limit order discount? r/kyber-networkWith 2000 KNC in the wallet, limit orders are free. But when KNC is staked for rewards, it no longer shows in the wallet. Is it possible to receive the discount on limit orders while staking and voting? submitted by /u/lodobol [link] [comments]
  • 1d Add to your calendar Kyber Network (KNC) event: Huobi Perp Swap Listing - August 5, 2020 r/kyber-network submitted by /u/cryptocalbot [link] [comments]
  • 1d Coinbase swap r/kyber-networkNew to crypto... how does coinbase swap feature differ from kybernetwork? Or does coinbase use kybernetwork technology to swap tokens/coins? submitted by /u/MambaMac [link] [comments]
  • 1d KardiaChain (KAI) is now available on Kyber Network r/kyber-network submitted by /u/ShaneMkt [link] [comments]
  • 1d KNC/USD perpetual swaps listed on Huobi Futures. r/kyber-network submitted by /u/hammerlea [link] [comments]
  • 1d Who is delegating their vote for staking KNC? r/kyber-networkIt seems like an easy way to let the passive income stay pretty much %100 passive, but it also seems a bit disingenuous. Granted, I don't know enough about the network to vote what would be best. Opinions? submitted by /u/FrequencyEight [link] [comments]
  • 1d Help with KNC Transfer r/kyber-networkHey guys, I'm new to the Kyber Network. I've just purchased some KNC on an exchange and want to transfer it to my Ledger Nano X. Now I understand KNC is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The part that I'm confused about is that will I need to send the KNC tokens to an ETH address or do I need to generate some sort of KNC wallet? submitted by /u/RayBrigs [link]..
  • 2d I asked GPT-3, "How can I make money using DeFi?" and I got an Awesome List of Defi Stuff including KyberNetwork r/kyber-network submitted by /u/vasa_develop [link] [comments]
  • 2d KyberDAO: Governance Insights from Epoch 1 r/kyber-network submitted by /u/ShaneMkt [link] [comments]
  • 2d Bull or Bear r/kyber-networkPredictions for Kyber price ? submitted by /u/Who_knows_me-not-U [link] [comments]
  • 2d pLTC is now available on Kyber Network r/kyber-network submitted by /u/anultimatewingman [link] [comments]
  • 2d Future DeFi Projects like Origin Protocol r/kyber-network ​ Is possible that Kyber Network add anything else with Origin? They are partners with Dshops but at least I want to see more! submitted by /u/ReadMEasd [link] [comments]
  • 2d Kyber Staking not on my ledger r/kyber-networkCould you please help me...I staked KNC on Epoche 0 now my KNC are not on my and when do I get them back? Thank you submitted by /u/CryptoYoda13 [link] [comments]
  • 2d New to Kybernetwork, questions. r/kyber-networkI usually use uniswap but found a few pairs that aren't carried there on kyber. "This token pair is temporarily under maintenance" when this happens how long does it usually take? I've seen transactions spike across the ETH network recently but the fees I've seen on Kyber compared to other DeFi protocols are significantly higher when the network gets clogged. For example i..
  • 3d What's stopping Kyber DAO allowing users to choose a preferred token to be payed in? r/kyber-networkI have not personally seen this on the roadmap but since Kyber is an on-chain liquidity protocol, there is no reason you can't use the protocol to choose what token you want to be payed out when you take your tokens out of the DAO. This would drive transaction value on the network and also give stakers flexibility of getting rewards in other tokens. If anyone is thinking, why don't you ju..
  • 3d Over 11mil KNC released into circulation over one month r/kyber-networkFrom July until now, around 11.5mil KNC was released into circulation. Based on Coingecko, circulating token rose from 183.5mil to 195.1mil. I would love to see clarification from the team when KNC supply increased by 5% so quickly. I understood that 10mil went into staking. This does however spread the staking pool thinner. This is not FUD. Rather, I believe that solid projects require transpar..
  • 4d Kyber Wallet maintenance time (RSR) r/kyber-networkHi all, I hope you are well. I'm relatively new to Kyber (about a month) and I have a couple of questions - if anyone can help? I've noticed my RSR on Kyber Wallet (mobile) has been in 'Maintenance' for nearly 2 days now - is this normal? It's seems to be the same situation in desktop wallet. How long does maintenance on a coin usually take? Does it differ from coin to coin?..
  • 4d What does Rebate mean from the Kyber Dao Voting? r/kyber-network Is the rebate going to the person who makes the trade? or the market makers? who does this benefit? submitted by /u/Apprehensive-Top-847 [link] [comments]
  • 4d I think i will pass oo this 35 dollar gas fee transaction. r/kyber-network submitted by /u/Ceahorser [link] [comments]
  • 4d Withdraw fee BINANCE !?! r/kyber-networkWhy is it so high the transaction fee on BINANCE to withdraw? Is something to do with the exchange, meaning greed, or that’s normal for KNC? Thx 🙏🏻 submitted by /u/Giorgie0 [link] [comments]
  • 4d Trading Activity - 77% of the transactions are coin sales . Did I miss something overnight ? r/kyber-network submitted by /u/redbirdit [link] [comments]
  • 4d Transaction Fees VS Voting Rewards r/kyber-networkWith the price of Etherium shooting through roof, it seems that voting will cost more than the rewards themselves. Is there anyway we can vote in a coming epoch to decrease the transaction fees or at least have a reduced fee when it comes to voting so that voting costs don't outweigh the rewards? submitted by /u/ReformedSlate [link] [comments]
  • 5d KyberSwap Transaction Discount r/kyber-networkAccording to this Medium article by KyberSwap, if a wallet holds >= 2000 KNC, the transaction will be discounted by the formula: 0.5 * x / (x+3000) (where x is the amount of KNC held in the wallet) free[1]. During the swapping process, is this discount ever visible prior to confirming the swap? If not, will we see the discount applied afterwards? [1] I read the article wrong and thought the fr..
  • 9d Kyber Network - building the liquidity infrastructure for DeFi bravenewcoinLoi Luu is the CEO and Co-Founder of Kyber Network - one of the best used Defi protocols in the world. Kyber is an on-chain liquidity protocol that powers decentralized applications, exchanges, funds, and DeFi lending protocols.
  • 38d Katalyst and KyberDAO go live on 07.07.2020! r/kyber-network submitted by /u/ShaneMkt [link] [comments]

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