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  • 5h Soonaverse is live! r/iota submitted by /u/Ktota_tut [link] [comments]
  • 10h Time to stop diplomatic talking about future coexistence with old blockchaintechnology? r/iotaI was just reading through a JPMorgan statement about the great future perspective of ETH not mentioning a single word about risks deriving form new DLT). Next to it I see how IOTA is refused from the big exchanges. Also most of other exchanges are freezing IOTA for the holders at least for days with strange explanations. The official line of IOTA foundation dealing with our "competitors&quo..
  • 11h How the IF needs to communicate so the entire community will be pleased r/iotaWith the announcements of ASMB and SMR many in the iota community are fearful that their MIOTA tokens will become worthless. And that the original iota vision is no longer the IF's goal I think everyone in the iota community shares a vision of having the MIOTA token be adopted by large corporations, governments, machines and p2p transfers. In the future when the IF announces big changes it w..
  • 14h 350+ IOTA stuck in NY r/iotaI have 350+ IOTA that I cannot sell/trade because I'm in NY. Can anyone help with this? submitted by /u/nostyrofoams [link] [comments]
  • 14h Iota Bytes — Assembly Of Data The New Eco r/iota submitted by /u/MysticVision401 [link] [comments]
  • 19h Digital identity ecosystems can help both businesses and customers r/iota submitted by /u/koenka [link] [comments]
  • 21h What is the actual vision for the MIOTA token now? r/iotaWith all these new tokens emerging from nowhere, the picture regarding what useful purpose the original native token serves has never been so nebulous. I can't be the only one that's perplexed by it all. Assembly and Shimmer feel like exit scams to get out of miota, and in the case of the former, is it not a massive conflict of interest that Dom is a director??? The strategy nowadays seem..
  • 22h What will happen if the new consensus mechanism also fails? r/iotaThey said they figured it out. And FPC still failed. Now we have a new one, but what if OTV also fails? Will it be too late & game over for IOTA or will they create another new one? submitted by /u/MisterKiwi69 [link] [comments]
  • 1d IOTA the Ultimate Economic Model and Secure Scaling of Smart Contracts r/iota submitted by /u/Ktota_tut [link] [comments]
  • 1d What are your favourite community moments/memes over the past few years? r/iota submitted by /u/talktap1 [link] [comments]
  • 1d Moving MIOTAs from eToro to Firefly in US? r/iotaHi all, I live in the US and I bought a bunch of MIOTA on eToro, which I now understand to be 'futures' or some kind of financial derivative product, not actual IOTA tokens. My question is: what would be the best way of getting some actual IOTA tokens into my Firefly wallet for future staking? I've heard about possibly swapping for some other coins on eToro, sending to my wallet, and ..
  • 1d The hate towards the IOTA foundation r/iotaI think people in the foundation have had to defend themselves a lot and quite frankly I do not think it is fair the way they have been treated over the years. Lets face it, they hear a lot 'admit you guys made mistakes'. Some people just need to chill out. So the fuck what if they do not make the very best desicions 100% of the time. I've got news for you guys, no company or person e..
  • 1d Firefly, how to remove profile r/iotaHello all...on firefly, i have a profile that i want to remove but to do that i need the password that i don't remember. How can i remove it? Thank you submitted by /u/mladen90 [link] [comments]
  • 1d Firefly r/iotaHi guys, how safe is firefly wallet? I heard that metamask were hacked many Times and I am little bit afraid it could happen to firefly ad well submitted by /u/Equivalent_Tip_1693 [link] [comments]
  • 1d Two questions wrt Assembly r/iota(1.) I get that being able to transfer/use tokens from all the individual Smart Contract Chains via a single backbone is amazing, as shown in this "Official Assembly info-graphic" is amazing, but that backbone is Assembly, not IOTA correct? Why is the IOTA tangle even there? The IOTA Smart Contracts whitepaper said that the smart chains would settle a single transaction onto the tangle..
  • 1d Comparison Iota and BTC Lightning r/iotaRecently I had a discussion with a friend about payments with BTC Lightning and Iota. I just want to focus in the payment aspect and ask a question. Is BTC Lightning superior to Iota in terms of payment? The Lightning network is growing and trying to become feeles, why would you use Iota? Don't get me wrong, I am invested in Iota since 2017, but I couldn't find convincing arguments for Iot..
  • 1d Trinity to firefly migration issue. r/iotaHello, I am having an issue with migration from Trintiy to firefly. ​ About 18 months ago I purchased some miota coins and stored them on Trintiy via my nano ledger s. Today I have found out that trinity is no more and that I need to access the coins via firefly. I have researched the migration method and am at the point where it is trying to find my balance via the account index. I don’t b..
  • 1d So what is the utility token going to be in the IOTA ecosystem? r/iotaWe have IOTA for the 1st layer, Assembly for main net development and Shimmer for test net development so what will the actual utility token be? Have they yet to announce it or do you think or how will it work? submitted by /u/safemooning [link] [comments]
  • 1d Where do I find my Transaction History of my IOTA SEED (2018) r/iotaI have an IOTA Seed from 2018. I cannot find the transaction history. Need help submitted by /u/Sylla_Bear99 [link] [comments]
  • 1d “Better than Coinbase” — IOTAs new Assembly network is the missing piece for Metaverse and Web3 r/iota submitted by /u/Linus_Naumann [link] [comments]
  • 1d Why Assembly will do very well! r/iotaIOTA has its own ecosystem and community. The crypto space has a potential massive eco and we have probably only just scratched the surface on penetration. This eco is large enough for everyone. Any crypto with a unique feature that can be used for a slightly different use case will succeed. Also the reason why these faster blockchains like solana, kadena, avalanche, cardano, Elrond are rising al..
  • 2d IOTA to Release Smart Contract Network ‘Assembly’ And Distribute ASMB Token newsbtcThe ledger IOTA aims to become “a fully decentralized, feeless multi-asset ledger” by launching Assembly in 2022, a governance layer one for permissionless smart contracts, along with the native token ASMB that will open the doors for the network’s main stakeholders, who would be democratizing Assembly. IOTA’s founders say the ledger is a “public permission-less backbone for the ..
  • 2d Dom - Assembly Mktcap r/iota submitted by /u/ziggzaggy [link] [comments]
  • 2d Assembly Subreddit [AMA Dom & Dave Dec 6th] r/iota submitted by /u/FinCentrixCircles [link] [comments]
  • 2d My mind is blown by how much IOTA and Assembly could streamline DeFi r/iota submitted by /u/TheLegendOfIOTA [link] [comments]
  • 3d IOTA Announcing 70% of Supply Rewards Prior to Launch of Assembly Layer 1 Network u.todayIOTA to launch a new Assembly Layer-1 network and redistribute 70% of token supply to developers, creators and early adopters
  • 255d IOTA All-in-one Thread r/iotaWelcome! Hello and welcome to the IOTA Community! This post is a starting point to kick start your journey in the IOTA community to start learning and become a knowledgeable IOTA community member. Been gone for a while? Still using Light wallet? Incorrect balance? Read this thread. What should you know right now? Before, during and after the migration KEEP YOUR SEED SAFE! DO NOT share your IOTA S..

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