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  • 55min Are there any public perma nodes i could use to read messages of old zero-value transactions? r/iotaHey I can read my transaction messages on and I'm also able to read those messages by connecting to via but about a week after doing the transaction i only get empty messages from while they are still shown on So i guess there are no permanodes in that node cluster ..
  • 2h Polkadot, IOTA, Aave Price Analysis: 25 January ambcryptoPolkadot broke out of a range and moved lower to retest the range highs, projecting an upside target of $21 should the $18.2 region hold steady. IOTA was in a period of consolidation, and Aave showed strong bullish momentum as it surged to a high of $280 before facing some selling pressure. Polkadot [DOT] DOT […]
  • 3h Zero Balance? r/iotaHi All, after almost 2 years I tried to get back to my IOTA wallet via the following: I noticed that this no longer connects to nodes. I've then jump started ahead and got Trinity and tried to restore my wallet with my 84 character seed/key. Trinity started to initialize but always shows 0 balance. The last information I had from my transfer was th..
  • 16h Mana, what I think it is r/iotaIOTA is not easy to understand for a layman. I have been trying to understand mana and particularly why have it, this is my understanding and please correct me if I am wrong. Mana is a measure of reputation for a node. The more honest a node is, the more reputation/mana it will earn. I believe the real use for mana is when there is a network congestion, otherwise mana does not come to play. One wa..
  • 17h Created a MIota Price checker on Fitbit (sense + versa) r/iotaBought couple of weeks ago a fitbit, and thought it was fun to check the euro price on the watch. (coingecko) App is officially not published, and is in premature alpha stadium, but it works for my needs. I might be extending it further (probably not, unless high enthousiasm). Feel free to use the following link, and to donate
  • 22h Ledger nano help r/iotaHi Iota Community, I am trying to consolidate all my crypto holdings in one place, my ledger nano S. I have been holding my iota on the mobile trinity wallet. It seems that only the trinity desktop client has the ledger nano compatibility. If I set this up does this mean my Iota seed will be stored within my ledger seed? When this consolidation is done I’d like to store my ledger somewhere safe an..
  • 1d New to IOTA r/iotaI am a newbie into crypto and just joined this IOTA community .I want to know what makes it unique and wanted to get started with it. Can anyone help me getting started? submitted by /u/random_rock_rk [link] [comments]
  • 1d TECH: No longer one tx confirms 2 others, but 1-8 others! r/iotaThere are a few interesting things changing after Chrysalis. Not only the dust protection (, 1Mi minimal per address), but also something else: "Parents must be at least 1, and a maximum of 8. Parents must be unique and sorted by lexical order of their hashes." "The number wa..
  • 1d [OWL WATCH] IOTA TIME 75-77; summary r/iotaDisclaimer: This is my arbitrary editing, so there could be some 'unintentional' misunderstandings. Pls, take this stuff not as a 'proven fact', but 'additional information' showing the general picture of 'what's going on' around IOTA. Not everyone here is IF members, and in many cases the convos are just personal opinions, so it shouldn't be interpreted as ..
  • 1d Why IOTA? r/iota submitted by /u/FinCentrixCircles [link] [comments]
  • 2d Here is why Iota needed Coordinator for so long r/iotaThink about that, feeless transactions give path to feeless hacker attacks. Here is why Bitcoin is so valuable, network is big, cost of attack is expensive, and simple cryptography sha256 was enough at the beginning and now as well. For Iota they really needed a Coordinator for such a long time, because the young experimental chain is weak. In our real life the safer the custody the more you pay. ..
  • 2d Discord channel is useless r/iotaI downloaded discord, thought its in someway better for chatting, and after 10 mins of useless clicking, found that i cant find the channel, either through the link, either through search. Deleted app as fast as possible. Just useless, if i with Higher Degree couldnt figure out what to press submitted by /u/Serhiomius1 [link] [comments]
  • 2d Doesnt show the price so, the balance also wrong, as it multiplies r/iota submitted by /u/Serhiomius1 [link] [comments]
  • 2d IF in UK r/iota submitted by /u/SARS-C0V-2 [link] [comments]
  • 2d IOTA Getting Busy With More Smart City Projects on Blockchain with OBSR Foundation and Tanglehub r/iota submitted by /u/TheCurrencyA [link] [comments]
  • 2d HelloIOTA Roundup 071: Big News for IOTA: Business r/iota submitted by /u/nstratz [link] [comments]
  • 2d IOTA Partners With Tanglehub and Observer for Smart City Application in Asia and Europe r/iota submitted by /u/Solodeji [link] [comments]
  • 2d Not about IOTA, but watching this 2 year old talk w/ the current incoming US FCC chairman I have to say, I like how she thinks. r/iota submitted by /u/natufian [link] [comments]
  • 2d Wallet bugged? r/iotaEven though it displays how much iota I own, it shows a balance of 0. The graph isnt working either. Should I reinstall? submitted by /u/TuggeTargaryen [link] [comments]
  • 2d 1000 TPS r/iotaThere is fundamentally no difference between current DLT standards (10-15 TPS) and 1000 TPS in the context of a global transaction protocol. In order to be useful, the tangle will need to be able to facilitate numbers which are orders of magnitudes larger than 1000, which is exactly what the original IOTA protocol had proposed. But 1000 is now the slated benchmark after coordicide. The research te..
  • 2d IOTA Talks #2 - Protocols, Frameworks and dApps (Dominik Schiener & Mat Yarger) r/iota submitted by /u/nstratz [link] [comments]
  • 2d Chrysalis weekly update - January 22 r/iota submitted by /u/FinCentrixCircles [link] [comments]
  • 3d IOTA Foundation to Enhance Blockchain Development for Smart City Projects btcmanagerIOTA Foundation has entered into a strategic agreement with the South Korean Observer Observation and Tanglehub to apply for smart city projects in South Korea, Asia, and Europe. The agreement which is set to kick in this year is expected to expand the use cases of IOTA in these regions. Partnership Set to Drive BlockchainRead More
  • 3d Correct Trinity balance showing but not fiat value of wallet, which is $0 r/iotaShould I be worried? It's the latest desktop version. submitted by /u/PedroPierrePeter [link] [comments]
  • 3d IOTA Foundation to Power Smart Cities in South Korea: New Partnership Inked u.todayIOTA Foundation, the non-profit behind the development and adoption of solutions based on IOTA DLT, has announced a new partnership in South Korea
  • 3d 2021-01-21 IOTA Experience Team Stronghold Kickoff Meeting r/iota submitted by /u/iotangle42 [link] [comments]
  • 3d IOTA Foundation signs strategic agreement with South Korean OBSR Foundation and Tanglehub to jointly apply for smart city projects within South Korea and South East Asia r/iota submitted by /u/FinCentrixCircles [link] [comments]
  • 4d IOTA Standardization Update — January 2021 r/iota submitted by /u/FinCentrixCircles [link] [comments]
  • 43d [Weekly r/IOTA Discussion - Ask questions, and share info, thoughts, ideas!] - Week 49, 2020 r/iotaWelcome to r/IOTA! The r/IOTA sidebar, on the right, contains helpful links to IOTA resources and community-created tools. It is important to keep your IOTA software (Trinity Wallet, or IRI) updated, in order to maximize your performance and security. Latest version numbers are in the sidebar. Be careful when generating a seed to use with your IOTA wallet. Never give your IOTA seed to anyone and N..

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