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  • 3d How is the price of iTokens (inverse) calculated? r/havvenCan anyone tell me how is the price of inverse tokens calculated? As far as i can understand, the prices are coming from oracles. Does this mean, the price of sXRP/sUSD is been updated by oracles? therefore sXRP/sUSD pair is like XRP/USD? I can't understand how the price of, for example, sXRP/iXRP, iXRP/sUSD, sXRP/iUSD pairs, is calculated, and especially what iXRP/iUSD pair represents? How is..
  • 4d Sent SNX from Coinbase Wallet to ledger and nothing! r/havvenHello I sent a quantity of SNX to my ledger from the Android CoinBase Wallet. There is no history, no transaction hash, nothing. It has not arrived in over an hour and so I sent a small amount of ETH to be sure it wasn't some problem and it arrived in seconds. Is there an issue with SNX? It showed up in Ledger as an erc20 token and looked to be admitted to the Ethereum app. I wanted to get mor..
  • 5d Can't claim my SNX Staking Reward r/havvenHello, When trying to claim my reward last week, i tried several times and transactions were never approved. I used enought GAS and a fairly gas price. My transactions were not found on etherscan, that's weird. Here's my address if someone want to check and give me some good advices : 0x151e50D7F5d34E1f695D5b352f90768f1fA0F8dd Thanks. To be honest, i'm still a beginer with Synthetix To..
  • 7d Can sUSD be used by DeFi in the same way as DAI is being used? r/havvenCan it be integrated in the same way as DAI is now being used by a lot of DeFi applications? submitted by /u/DVrij [link] [comments]
  • 13d SNX showing 0 value in etherscan r/havvenHi all, I have some SNX in my account on etherscan, but it's showing 0 value in ETH or $ It's linked to this contract address: 0xc011a72400e58ecd99ee497cf89e3775d4bd732f ​ What's happened? Do I need to do something? Thanks! submitted by /u/elefooled [link] [comments]
  • 14d You can all support Synthetix in the Best DApp category! r/havvenHi! You can all support Synthetix at this event. You can all support Synthetix in the Best DApp category! The top 10 most nominated will enter the final vote! To nominate Synthetix just follow this link: submitted by /u/hectorjosegonzalez [link] [comments]
  • 14d 6 Undervalued DeFi Projects To Put on Your Radar for 2020 & 2021 - Synthetix r/havven submitted by /u/s618o [link] [comments]
  • 15d Why are network fees so damn high? r/havven In the past 2 weeks, network fees have gone through the roof. Can someone explain why and whether this is a temporary situation? submitted by /u/furax75 [link] [comments]
  • 17d Still don't fully get it. What are the constraints of the system exactly? What is if the value of all synthetic assets becomes very high relative to the collateral provided by stakers? Is there some sort of liquidation mechanism? r/havvenI have a hard time to understand Synthetix. So people provide collateral in the form of SNX. Is that pool of capital forced to always issue more synths? What happens when the SNX token value drops suddenly, especially relative to the debt that is determined by external prices. And when I as a user buy a synth what do I own exactly? I can't fully get my head around the whole thing. subm..
  • 19d Do you have to mint sUSD to get staking rewards? r/havvendo you have to mint sUSD in order to earn SNX tokens or can you just simply stake submitted by /u/President_Evil_5 [link] [comments]
  • 20d Weekly reward inferior to the transaction cost. Why would I even bother? r/havvenHello there! First week that I'm trying to Mint some SNX, I've put 1 eth and receive around 1.5$ as a weekly refund, pretty good! But it would cost me 2.84$ in gas price for a slow transaction... So I rather not bother taking the reward (which I can only access in a year) and therefore I will not secure the network.. Is it always like that or the network cost are particularly high this wee..
  • 20d Why do I need to claim staking rewards? r/havvenA newbie to Synthetix here. I claimed some staking reward last week for the first time (the reward was about the same value as the gas needed to send the transaction, so was a bit pointless - roughly $1.70). Just wondering, why do I need to manually "claim" rewards? Can't they just be automatically sent to my ETH address? submitted by /u/hfthorpe [link] [comme..
  • 23d You can support Synthetix at this event r/havvenHi! You can support Synthetix at this event.It’s time to be community-powered.21 Categories!3 Nominations per Category!The top 10 most nominated will enter the final vote! To nominate Synthetix just follow this link: submitted by /u/hectorjosegonzalez [link] [comments]
  • 24d P/E Ratio for Cryptocurrencies - Synthetix r/havven submitted by /u/s618o [link] [comments]
  • 25d Would you rather buy UMA or Synthetix given the following facts? r/havven submitted by /u/SecretSalsaCrypto [link] [comments]
  • 26d What is Synthetix? A 3-minute guide to the trading platform r/havven submitted by /u/SaneFive [link] [comments]
  • 28d How would Synthetix deal with negative pricing? , as is seen in the oil market at present. r/havven submitted by /u/gox_happens [link] [comments]
  • 32d How do you reduce ethereum network fees when claiming your rewards on mintr. r/havvenI did try to reduce fees by editing gas but the transaction never complete. The ethereum fees are more than the reward itself submitted by /u/avbade1 [link] [comments]
  • 33d Synthetix - One of The 6 Explosive Altcoins to Watch in the Next Months r/havven submitted by /u/stosonia [link] [comments]
  • 36d FYI: Critical vulnerability found in CURVE sUSD pool contract - no fund loss - pool frozen - If you were in, WITHDRAW ASAP r/havven submitted by /u/Token_Brice [link] [comments]
  • 37d Can you automate trading in the Synthetix platform? r/havven submitted by /u/zonezap [link] [comments]
  • 41d DeFi Dive: Synthetix — A protocol for issuing and trading synthetic assets on Ethereum - DeFi Pulse r/havven submitted by /u/ChazSchmidt [link] [comments]
  • 43d Top Ten Altcoins that will Explode in 2020! r/havven submitted by /u/ronbubble28 [link] [comments]
  • 43d Long term success of SNX project depends on traders not being able to beat the market by more the fee collected? r/havvenIs my understanding of this correct? That by providing zero slippage and aggregating risk amongst the token holders based on the assumption that the sum of all traders cannot beat the market by more than the fee collected? Doesn't this open the token up to black swan tail risk, i.e. 99% of the time the market is efficient but there are instances where the market is inefficient and during those..
  • 126d Welcome to the subreddit, you can also come join the Discord community! r/havven submitted by /u/synthetix_io [link] [comments]

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