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  • 5h GME coins when? r/havvenI heard there are more tokenized stocks coming. Which ones are planned? submitted by /u/ahead_of_trends [link] [comments]
  • 13h Binance Coin, Synthetix, Zcash Price Analysis: 27 January ambcryptoBinance Coin was trading within a restricted channel and it awaited further direction from the broader market for a breakout. SNX flipped the $17-resistance level, but the indicators suggested that bullish momentum was slowing down. Finally, ZEC moved closer to its 200-SMA and a fall below that level would confirm a bear market trend. Binance […]
  • 18h SNX APY: 18,55% on the CELSIUS app!!! r/havvenadded some $SNX into the CELSIUS app yesterday, APY is great: 18,55%!!! if you want to do the same, you can get $20 in $BTC with your first $200 deposit by using my referral code: 1242442fb8; and get another $30 in $BTC with the promo code WEB30 enjoy!! submitted by /u/BothAnywhere [link] [comments]
  • 1d Bull Market Debt Pool Mirror is now live on dHEDGE via DebtHedger r/havven submitted by /u/coldiceinthefreezer [link] [comments]
  • 1d Just put my SNX into Celsius Network 18.55%!! r/havvenJust added some SNX into Celsius pretty good rates at 18.55% cant complain! Couldn’t find better rates at the moment to be honest... Anyway if anyone else fancies the same you can get $20 in BTC with your first $200 deposit using my referral code: 11302673fb And then you can use ‘WEB30’ for another $30 free BTC after depositing $200 once your signed up! Cheers and enjoy :) submitted by ..
  • 1d L2 fees subsidised r/havvenHey guys, Just a query on how long L2 fees are going to be free? I notice that it says it’s being subsidised by the “Optimism team”. Am I correct in assuming that, that “subsidy” will not be in perpetuity? submitted by /u/journeyman-2020 [link] [comments]
  • 1d Synthetix statistics over the last 24h r/havven submitted by /u/DappRadar [link] [comments]
  • 2d Gemini Singapore Extends New Token Offerings Including DeFi After Bank of Singapore Backs Crypto Assets coingapeSingapore-based customers of the Gemini crypto exchange have good news as the company is offering its tokens offerings including a wide range of altcoins and some popular DeFi tokens. As per the latest announcement, 20 new tokens will be available for trading on Gemini Singapore including Uniswap (UNI), Sythetix (SNX), Yearn.Finance (YFI), Filecoin (FIL) and The post Gemini Singapore Extends New ..
  • 2d hi can i ask everyone is it safe to put my metamask phrase into i gotta be really careful, i was in the ico and now want to see my tokens but dont know how. r/havvenim trying to see my synthetix tokens i got at the ICO, back when it was called Havven, but i got tech support from their discord and they told me to use this site, i feel really skeptical about doing anything with my phrase online, i really want to see all my Havven tokens i got through the ICO vesting period, it seems to be really complicated and there are people everywhere ..
  • 3d Do I have to mint sUSD? r/havvenCan I just stake SNX and L2 and collect my weekly yield or do I have to mint sUSD? I am confused about that. Same goes for the 600% collateral I keep hearing about. Is that only if I mint sUSD? So I I deposit 6k I mint 1k sUSD? Anyone got a link explaining this stuff? submitted by /u/sonOfPlutus [link] [comments]
  • 3d Knocking on $18's door! Go you bad boy! r/havven submitted by /u/VamboRulz [link] [comments]
  • 3d If I want to stake 3.41SNX I have to pay $60 in gas fees? r/havven submitted by /u/ChineseCracker [link] [comments]
  • 3d SNX getting unstaked automatically ? r/havvenHey guys, I staked 86.07 SNX about a week ago when an SNX was around 12.5 €. Now that the price has risen it seems that my collateralization ratio is above the threshold required of 600%. What I don't understand is why did some of my SNX got unstaked? I connected this morning and 5.83 of my staked SNX are "not staked"? Should I restake them right now or is this dangerous to do so if ..
  • 4d Trouble Staking r/havvenHi all! New to the sub and SNX as well. I picked up 100 SNX a cpl months ago and would like to stake. Previously had stored on ledger. Following prompts to stake on, I linked my ledger and sent SNX to to address to stake. I tried to mint sUSD afterward and Im being given message to follow metamask promts to authorize transaction...I dont understand why. Can someone tell me what I'..
  • 5d ELI5: The C-ratio and its effects r/havvenI've staked my SNX on L2 (was curious) and now i'm struggling to understand the C-ratio and rewards system. My understanding is, and please correct my where i'm wrong, is that when staking your SNX, you get (or mint) 16.6% of the value in sUSD (or 600% the other way round). This is my debt. Now as SNX goes UP in value, my SNX gets unstaked because the c-ratio is trying to balance at 60..
  • 5d No rewards to claim? r/havvenHey guys I have a sum of SNX staked on the L2 and I was wondering how is the collateral ratio working? Right now when I go to the claim section, I can claim 0. My question is should I be able to view how much I will be able to claim or not? Or is this amount will be displayed next Wednesday? Does the staking system rewards me even though my collateral is less than the target ratio ? (hidden questi..
  • 6d L2 sUSD r/havvenHi all, staked SNX on L2 Mintr I’m having a hard time trying to get my L2 sUSD deposited on curve, I see it on Mintr but is not in my MM wallet and wondering what to do. Any help appreciated. I’m guessing there’s a contract and custom token to add? Thanks very much. submitted by /u/fire2018F [link] [comments]
  • 6d Enzyme is now live, included in the list of tradable assets is all Synthetix assets! r/havvenA few months ago there was a collaboration announced between Enzyme and Synthetix. Today Enzyme has officially gone live! This means anyone can open and manage an asset management fund in a secure and transparent way. Included on the list of tradable assets is all Synthetix assets! Learn more about the release here. Website Enzyme Twitter Discord submitted by /u/MonaforPresident..
  • 6d crypto subscriptions r/havvenI have snx coins but wondering if their is a crypto subscription you like that offer buy/sell of majors and alts? I just don't have a highly developed criteria to eventually sell one day, considering all the institutional and hedge fund money flooding into the space submitted by /u/anxietyokra [link] [comments]
  • 7d Time to go mO-bile. r/havven submitted by /u/lakerz690 [link] [comments]
  • 7d L2 staking rewards r/havvenDoes anyone know if L2 has blocked the loophole of simply staking SNX a few hours before the claim cut off and receive the full stake value as per the value staked? For example I staked 75% on release day then staked another 15% yesterday. I wasn't able to work out if the extra 15% I staked was proportionalised as it was only staked for a day in the epoch. The reward is received is just a sum ..
  • 8d A bit confuse about deposit and transfer from L1 to L2 r/havvenI didn't have my SNX on L1 and today I tried deposit my SNX to by connecting to MetaMask my wallet. The deposit went through and I thought this is IT, that my SNX will be on L2 now, but on I don't see my balance. Yet on I now see the balance and it asks to deposit XXXX SNX. Is this how it works? That it i..
  • 8d L2 Experiment r/havvenI was thinking of starting a new metaMask to experiment with L2. Since L2 is basically an extension of L1, what would be the minimum amount of SNX I would need to stake on there? How much ETH would you recommend? submitted by /u/jeffreyrufino [link] [comments]
  • 8d Peanut partners with Curve. Time for SNX team to consider partnership with Peanut too and bring slippage free swaps to the platfrom r/havvenPeanut will connect its protocol to Curve to balance price of trading pairs. In addition to the unique formula for equalizing the value of tokens in Curve trading pairs (more information in this article), Peanut will create for Curve users an additional layer of protection from slippage and from skewing the tokens value. Due to the high volatility of the crypto asset market, the lack of unified tr..
  • 373d Welcome to the subreddit, you can also come join the Discord community! r/havven submitted by /u/synthetix_io [link] [comments]

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