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  • 1h Phemex Is Bringing Its Community’s Dreams to Life Celebrating Its Second Anniversary news.bitcoinSingapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Phemex is celebrating its 2nd anniversary this November. It’s been an eventful couple of years for the derivatives platform, and with its Choose Your Reality event, this anniversary is going to be a memorable one. Phemex’s dedication to its users has created a thriving community, and to celebrate their impressive growth the […]
  • 2h Fuzz Wager dApp live on testnet tomorrow Dec 6th r/harmony submitted by /u/BigBouch99 [link] [comments]
  • 2h What will be the state of BTC Bridge by end of day ? r/harmonyWanted to check the community sentiment. View Poll submitted by /u/No-Mission-962 [link] [comments]
  • 3h Viper Unlocking 12/25 r/harmonyWhat kind of effect would you expect the Viper Unlocking on 12/25 have on the Viper coin value? A profit taking opportunity to sell or a majority investing back? submitted by /u/Equivalent_Sea9894 [link] [comments]
  • 4h List of RPCs r/harmony◦ Network Name: Harmony Mainnet ◦ RPC URL (choose one): Main: Alternative: ( Alternative: Alternative: ( ◦ Chain ID: 1666600000 ◦ Symbol: ONE ◦ Explorer URL: submit..
  • 4h Harmony HIT All Time High of 4.62 MILLION+ daily Transaction on Mainnet on DEC 3, 202ONE🔥, this is the testament of exponential growth 📈 Congratulations 🎉 r/harmony submitted by /u/kratos_harmony [link] [comments]
  • 4h How do I update the outdated block height? r/harmony As the title says, I'm seeing this outdated information on the amount of runes in DFK and the same applies to every other item. submitted by /u/MisanthropeSPE [link] [comments]
  • 5h Week 6 Of Validator Initiative Spotlight r/harmony@RutilantHub @makcryptoworld @olivia_harmony1 Hey everyone! This week the validators listed above have shared their stories to us and we wanted to share it with you! Down below we provide the Article link for you to read over. We humbly appreciate your feedback and you participation with these projects. Thank you for your time and please reach out to each validator if you have any questions. Vali..
  • 5h CDC transfer to BSC wallet r/harmonyI sent some coins from CDC directly to a BSC address. Am I fucked? submitted by /u/Eagle1FoxTWO [link] [comments]
  • 5h I was banned from the harmony discord for asking for better communication from the team r/harmony Im sorry about this post but I needed to get the word out. I already contacted the harmony team on twitter to ask for clarification about the ban but they haven't aswered. I was banned by community support mod "harmony dragon" for asking for better communication regarding the mainnet RPC issue. I politely suggested they needed to set up an "announcements" channel and ..
  • 6h The previously published Michael Saylor full interview got a copyright claim on YouTube. I will have to remove it soon. There's a new link to the same video which got unnoticed so far. Also I published several 5-10 min segments on the same channel in case this one gets copyright claims! Thanks guys! r/bitcoin submitted by /u/HugoRamos [link] [comments]
  • 6h VenomDAO & Crypto Royale presents Battle Royale r/harmony submitted by /u/Skillz4lif [link] [comments]
  • 7h Wouldn’t be cool to have a Visa debit card connected to One wallet where I can spend the stablecoins generated from staking with the wallet? r/harmonyPossible or impossible? - Defi-Tradfi bridge submitted by /u/FinancialRevltn [link] [comments]
  • 7h Should I buy 1 ETH if I have the money? I bought $1,000 worth of BTC at the dip last week and have .02 of a coin. Wondering if I should just get one full coin of ETH. r/ethtrader submitted by /u/arod422 [link] [comments]
  • 8h Community Feedback for DEX Rewards Preference r/harmonyAs Syndicates progresses towards mainnet launch, there are a few thing's I would love to get some feedback from the community on... For starters, on the DEX portion -- mainly regarding preference on token vesting timelines, reward lock percentages, etc. - Shorter lock up periods / less rewards? - More rewards but longer lockup and/or releasing schedules? - No lockup period at all? - No pr..
  • 8h Help with DaVinci NFTs appearing in ONE wallet? Spinning wheel of death after adding Token ID (which was recognized) r/harmony submitted by /u/robertfwilliams [link] [comments]
  • 8h lost harmony one 1000usd r/harmonyHey, I've sent one from meta mask to my harmony wallet its shows as successful on harmony explorer but I can't see them in my wallet is there anything I can do? thanks the explorer submitted by /u/Careless-Material-97 [link] [comments]
  • 9h Community DAO Twitter Space Today r/harmonyThe Community DAO will be hosting a Twitter Space at 4pm PST, come join in and engage with others in the community! submitted by /u/StrongMindsHold [link] [comments]
  • 9h Crypto Corner: The Sports Slice bitcoinistYou might call Floki Inu a meme-coin, but the token secured a major sponsorship over the past week that will put the blockchain’s logo in front of quite a few eyeballs. Powerhouse consulting firm Deloitte has something to say about sports NFTs as we look towards a new year. Meanwhile, one sports executive thinks that […]
  • 9h Reminder: DAYONE Event 12/8/21 r/harmonyDay ONE | A Harmony Web3 Event in San Francisco Day ONE: A Harmony Web3 Event in San Francisco Harmony is holding an event in San Francisco on December 8th to celebrate all things Web3 in 2022. Guest speakers include DeFi Kingdoms, Olympus DAO, OpenSea, Timeless, and Tranquil Finance. Harmony team members will also present on project highlights such as 1-second finality, decentralized basic income..
  • 9h How much further down the crypto rabbit hole can one go? r/CryptoCurrencyWhen I got into the space early this year it opened my eyes to a world of macroeconomic thinking, I deep dived. HARD. I started by watching all the MIT Gary Gensler lectures, all of the videos where Micheal Saylor proved he was a maximalist. I read books trying to understand the gold standard, the bitcoin standard, where Peter Schift is coming from. I reading the white paper again and again, under..
  • 9h Starting My Journey Into the Metaverse by Throwing Tomatoes at Zuckerberg’s Face news.bitcoinEditor’s Note: The following story was written by Neomi, an author from China with experience covering art, music, culture, tech, and travel. News sent her into the field of blockchain-based metaverse experiences to capture the feeling of a pioneer entering this new reality. Decentraland, Day One: I Need a Hat Upon entering Decentraland for […]
  • 9h Please help r/harmonyI can't send any ONE or stake it, and inputing my adress into the explorer crashes the website. I literally have 6K ONE locked out because of this. Please help. This is my address, you can check for yourself. submitted by /u/fr4n_x [link] [comments]
  • 10h Four inspiring blockchain journeys and stories from Odisha, India cryptoslateBlockchain technology offers a great many advantages to many industries, with the financial sector being one of the most notable examples. The post Four inspiring blockchain journeys and stories from Odisha, India appeared first on CryptoSlate.
  • 10h wagmiDao($GMI) PROJECT SPOTLIGHT!DeFi 2.0 in GODMODE! r/harmonyHey guys, i'm writing this post to introduce you to a project that i found that really seems promising! Actually it may be the best DeFi 2.0 project i have seen!The project has undergone 2 audits .Devs and admins are present constantly and very helpfull! WagmiDAO is the first multichain reserve-backed decentralised exchange (RDEX)! It has launched its own stable coin, the very first native sta..
  • 10h Exchange Giant FTX Releases 10 Proposals for Crypto Market Regulators dailyhodlCrypto exchange giant FTX has released a list of 10 proposals for market regulators in the US looking to oversee the digital asset space. In a new blog post, the exchange reveals what it calls “FTX’s Key Principles for Market Regulation of Crypto-Trading Platforms.” First on the list is to have one primary market regulator […] The post Exchange Giant FTX Releases 10 Proposals for..
  • 10h Everything is about to change- Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs will be here in 1-2 months) r/harmonyMy analysis of the Great Reset, banking, the equity, bond & FX markets and the crypto industry. The blockchain and web3.0 is integrating into everything. In 2 months, by Feb 2022 traditional banks are going to GO full crypto, they will have to because the big national banks are going to lead this action. Im watching for major partnership with blockchains, many have already started, these Trad..
  • 10h Coin Bureau shouts out Harmony One again, second time this week! r/harmonyAwesome! Coin Bureau shouts out Harmony One in a video, second time this week! About two weeks ago, they did a full Harmony One video submitted by /u/nationsrazor [link] [comments]
  • 11h Why I’m not worried r/harmonyI’ve seen a lot of posts lately talking about previous crypto crashes and bear markets and how they shook out a lot of coins. I’ve seen the phrase “if you look at the top ten coins in 2017 a lot of them aren’t around anymore.” I think there’s definitely some truth to that caution. However, this is not 2017. There is such a wider, more engaged, and more prepared audience for crypto. Projects with s..
  • 12h In regards to the flash crash r/harmonyReminder- .18 though .19 range is a great opportunity for an easy 2x when we get to prior ATH. Accumulating and placing orders just as I have been doing for the past year. Stay strong Harmonauts!!!!!!! wagmi!!! ​ NFA submitted by /u/Valuable-Aside-7356 [link] [comments]
  • 12h The A to Z of what Litecoin is missing and what it needs ambcryptoLitecoin, one of the market’s oldest cryptos, has seen its own share of ups and downs over the years. More often than not, this altcoin has unhesitantly followed Bitcoin’s pre-carved footsteps. The last couple of days have been quite deterring for Bitcoin and most other large-cap coins. Litecoin wasn’t spared from the wider melancholy either. […]
  • 12h ‘One of the Most Transformative Moments in Our Lives’: Why TIME Is Betting Big on Crypto and NFTs decrypt.coBetween launching NFTs, holding crypto, and educating readers, the century-old media brand is looking forward.
  • 13h So apparently crypto billboards are now a thing. Has anyone ever actually seen one? r/CryptoMarkets submitted by /u/Rich_Transition5070 [link] [comments]
  • 13h Vs Rest of the world r/harmonyWhat is causing 2cent ( 10% ) difference in ONE price between and all other exchanges. Shouldn't arbitrage fix the gap? submitted by /u/Equivalent_Leg7587 [link] [comments]
  • 14h The Intent of Harmony’s Roadmap r/harmonyI posted the comment below in another thread and I decided to make a post because I believe it may help others to realize what Harmony’s roadmap is supposed to be. I know it’s frustrating to see dates change, but this is what happens behind closed doors at all companies. “Harmony’s roadmap is an internal document that the company uses to track progress. It is a living document that is updated eve..
  • 15h What is the unique selling point of Harmony? r/harmonyI'm least bothered by the recent price fluctuations. Let's say in a year or two, what are the best adaptations or existing plans that can take Harmony to the top 10? I don't know about the sizable outcomes of the bridges being made. Is Harmony the only L1 to do so? Or has someone already achieved it? If so what competitive edge does that provide? I understand that that speed of finalit..
  • 15h BitMart Hacked, Losses Estimated at $196M beincryptoSecurity company Peckshield has reported a hack of two BitMart wallets that used the 1inch DEX aggregator to swap stolen tokens for ETH. Two BitMart hot wallets have been hacked. One of the hot wallets was an ETH wallet, the other a BSC wallet. The method of attack is not yet known, although BitMart estimates … Continued The post BitMart Hacked, Losses Estimated at $196M appeared first on Be..
  • 16h Why Harmony Mainnet + Metamask not working well for past couple of days? r/harmonyIt's not syncing or takes a lot of time or inconsistent. Someone suggested trying POKT Harmony network and it works fast. What is the issue with Harmony Mainnet and why they haven't fixed it immediately, seems like should be a priority? submitted by /u/CantPickDamnUsername [link] [comments]
  • 16h Everyone is talking about how the "crash" has recovered and we are back to normal but am i the only one sat here thinking this dip is about to drop again before it recovers r/CryptoCurrencyAlot of post seem to be talking about how the dip is over and starting to recover but for me it feels like it's gonna have another dip or 2, I can't tell I feel this is because i have buy order sat that I want to trigger so keep telling myself another drip is coming or I legit feel this is true, just wondering on others feel. From the last times btc has dipped like this it gets a small bou..
  • 18h Terra Price Analysis: LUNA Coin Flourished Despite The Bloodbath Of December 4th coingapeOn December 4th, the crypto market experienced a sudden and intense selling pressure that took a significant toll on even the major cryptocurrency out there. However, by the end of the day, one of the few coins that not only survived but thrived in those situations was the LUNA coin. The day the coin gained The post Terra Price Analysis: LUNA Coin Flourished Despite The Bloodbath Of December 4th ..
  • 18h WIN NFT HORSE launches the Tron version Open Beta Test on Dec 6th bravenewcoinAfter six months of active development, the team behind WIN NFT HORSE, one of the hottest GameFi projects in the market, officially launches the open beta test on December 6, 2021, on the TRON network
  • 19h Nascent Crypto Sector Is the Biggest Outperformer After Skyrocketing 37,000% This Year, According to Market Research Firm dailyhodlA prominent market intelligence firm has identified one crypto sector that is exponentially outpacing all others in terms of growth. UK-based market research firm MacroHive created four indices which the company believes capture the popular use cases of cryptocurrencies. Each index, except for Bitcoin, consists of five tokens that represent the market value of a […] The post Nascent Crypto S..
  • 19h One more Bitcoin price dip? BTC may fall again before 'slow grind up,' warns analyst cointelegraphLeverage may be gone but Bitcoin faces an uphill struggle and multiple potential resistance levels on the road back to all-time highs.
  • 19h Transfer question r/ethereumHi guys - I have Ethereum on my Binance account but want to transfer to my coin base wallet. Which network should I use? The only one I see that looks right is ‘Ethereum (ERC20)??? Thanks submitted by /u/Frankydan100 [link] [comments]
  • 20h There are numerous reasons why DeFi will be going stronger in the upcoming years, one of them is decentralized autonomous organizations. r/CryptoMarketsI think the strength of DeFi lies in the ability of its projects to adapt quickly to changes, and the fact that there’s a good communication between investors and developers makes it even better. I mean investors having the last say simplifies the job of project developers. This shows the importance of DAOs to decentralized finance. Also, this kind of projects put the investors in direct relation..
  • 21h Top Analyst Says One Crypto Asset Will Spearhead Bull Market Recovery – And It’s Not Bitcoin dailyhodlA closely followed crypto analyst and trader is naming one altcoin that he believes will reignite the crypto bull market. Pseudonymous crypto strategist Credible tells his 275,300 Twitter followers in a new video that Ethereum’s strong performance against Bitcoin (ETH/BTC) amid the brutal correction is a sign that the markets are still bullish. “I’m bullish […] The post Top..
  • 1d Massive SHIB Burn Expected As Shiba Inu Prepares To Advance Into Trillion-Dollar Metaverse zycryptoShiba Inu could soon turn its focus into blockchain gaming in a watershed moment expected to greatly reduce the number of tokens in circulation, sending prices north. In a recent reveal by one of the token’s leading developers, Shytoshi Kusama, the development which he termed as the “future of gaming” was poised to be a […]
  • 1d Crypto Analyst Michaël van de Poppe Details Path Ahead for Polygon, Harmony and VeChain dailyhodlCryptocurrency analyst and trader Michaël van de Poppe is looking at three altcoins and outlining the path forward after the recent market correction. Starting with Polygon (MATIC), Van de Poppe tells his 150,000 YouTube subscribers that the Ethereum (ETH) scaling solution could potentially hit a new high of $2.70. “…Overall we are making higher lows. […] The post Crypto Analyst Michaë..
  • 1d Shiba Inu Remains Top Holding in Whale Wallets After Market Drops by 25% u.todayWhile most traders are selling their holdings amid cryptocurrency market correction, SHIB remains one of the strongest positions on whale-tier addresses
  • 1d Bloody Saturday: Bitcoin Drops 20%, Longs Liquidations Reach $1.8 Billion, Ethereum Below $4,000 u.todayBitcoin and other cryptocurrencies face one of the strongest corrections this year
  • 1d As BTC and ETH Tank Nearly 20%, Buy The Dip Interest Spikes to 3-Month High coingapeThe cryptocurrency market has witnessed one of the most brutal corrections of 2021 with the overall market tanking more than 15% in a matter of hours. The world’s two top cryptocurrencies plunged nearly 20% earlier today before bouncing back marginally. Bitcoin (BTC) witnessed a low near $43,000 while Ethereum (ETH) witnessed a low around $3,500. The post As BTC and ETH Tank Nearly 20%, Buy..
  • 2d Changes in Moderation to the Subreddit r/harmonyAs part of some restructuring of the subreddit, our moderator team is having all-hands on calls weekly to discuss the state of the subreddit. These meetings will foster/facilitate changes on our subreddit to help keep our subreddit healthy and balanced. Validator Rule Change Adding Clarity Previously the rules around validator advertisement on the subreddit were unclear. While the rule stated &quo..
  • 2d Was Celsius the ‘biggest victim’ in the recent BadgerDAO exploit? cryptoslateBitcoin DeFi tool BadgerDAO suffered a major attack earlier this week, and according to the current speculation, one of the most affected addresses that lost nearly 900 Bitcoin could be owned by Celsius. The post Was Celsius the ‘biggest victim’ in the recent BadgerDAO exploit? appeared first on CryptoSlate.
  • 2d Cardano Project Flickto Surpasses 1.5 Million ADA Staked One Month After Launch newsbtcFlickto has seen tremendous success since its first launch on Nov 1st. The number of delegates on the platform has grown rapidly, as has the volume of ADA staked. Less than one month after launch, more than 1.5 ADA has been staked on its ISPO delegator pool. The project is revolutionizing the way that media financing is carried out. Flickto uses the ISPO pool to fund projects through community par..
  • 2d IOTA to Release Smart Contract Network ‘Assembly’ And Distribute ASMB Token newsbtcThe ledger IOTA aims to become “a fully decentralized, feeless multi-asset ledger” by launching Assembly in 2022, a governance layer one for permissionless smart contracts, along with the native token ASMB that will open the doors for the network’s main stakeholders, who would be democratizing Assembly. IOTA’s founders say the ledger is a “public permission-less backbone for the ..
  • 2d Calls For Tesla To Resume Bitcoin Payments As Mining Reaches 57% Renewable Energy newsbtcBitcoin mining energy consumption has been one of the most addressed issues in the crypto space. Concerns over its energy consumption and environmental impact had been reasons cited during the China crackdown that saw miners exit out of the region en masse. The once bitcoin mining capital of the world had seen its hashrate crumble to zero following this move. Automotive manufacturer Tesla had also..
  • 2d Michael Saylor Discusses How The Future Of A Crypto Is Determined bitcoinistThe value of crypto and how it is determined is one that is still being debated strongly in the financial community. A lot of figureheads pop out to say that there is no value and crypto is just internet money, not real money. These arguments are however put to shame with the value that cryptocurrencies […]
  • 2d Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman Praises China for Banning Crypto u.todayOne of the world's most famous investors, Charlie Munger, wished cryptocurrencies were not even invented
  • 3d launches beta version of its own NFT marketplace theblockcryptoWhile the upcoming NFT marketplace is still in beta, now joins one of many other crypto firms entering the NFT market. The post launches beta version of its own NFT marketplace appeared first on The Block.
  • 3d Facebook’s Metaverse Play Is a 'Battle for Future of the Internet': Axie Infinity Co-Founder decrypt.coCentralized firms like Facebook are trying to “buy the soul of the internet,” said one of the popular Ethereum game’s creators.
  • 4d Metaverse Land Sales on Ethereum, Solana Top $100 Million in One Week decrypt.coMost of the cash invested in metaverse land is being spent on Ethereum-based projects—but investors are increasingly looking at Solana as well.
  • 4d Top Crypto Airdrops You Should Look Out for in December 2021 coindooA month is ending, a new one is started, and as always, Coindoo offers the best assortment of top crypto airdrops you should look out for in December 2021. It’s that time of the year: blockchain startups are competing for your attention with free money! This month, airdrops are more important than ever as fan-favorite, […] The post Top Crypto Airdrops You Should Look Out for in December 2021..
  • 5d Curving Upwards: Why is CRV outperforming other DeFi tokens? bravenewcoinCurve’s CRV is one of the best performing assets in DeFi this quarter. What are the unique factors driving this alpha performance?
  • 6d Decentralized marketplace Particl introduces native ‘BasicSwap’ DEX cryptoninjasParticl, a blockchain platform offering users a gateway into an independent and autonomous economy, announced that it soon will launch and expand its ecosystem with a new vital dApp – BasicSwap. BasicSwap is a cross-chain and private decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol that allows users to swap one crypto for another without any middleman or third […] The post Decentralized marketpla..
  • 13d Snow Crash - Crash Punks is inspired by sci-fi, anime & Neal Stephenson bravenewcoinArtist Grace Ng is about to launch Crash Punks - an NFT collection on Stacks/Bitcoin. Crash Punks is inspired by sci-fi, anime, and Snow Crash, the iconic 1992 novel by Neal Stephenson. Snow Crash has been an inspiration for the Stacks and Bitcoin communities and is considered one of the greatest science fiction novels of all time.
  • 36d How to spot a crypto pump and dump scheme bravenewcoinOne of the downsides of any bullish crypto price run is a major uptick in the prevalence of crypto pump and dump schemes. This phenomenon has been evident again in 2021.This article identifies how to recognize a pump and dump when you see one and which coins are the most likely to be targeted.
  • 55d DeFi on Bitcoin - Sovryn is a decentralized Bitcoin trading & lending platform bravenewcoinJohn Light is head of product at Sovryn, a decentralized Bitcoin trading and lending platform. Sovryn is one of the first platforms to bring decentralized finance products to the Bitcoin protocol.
  • 77d Give a Dog a Moon, Now with Pet Puppies NFTs coinscribbleDogs and Crypto make happy kennelmates. Man’s best friend is also Coin’s best friend. Doge – against the doomsaying of all the technical blowhards bleating about its bad performance – is still one of the top ten coins by market cap and is still a real, and fungible, force in the crypto economy. NFTs are […] The post Give a Dog a Moon, Now with Pet Puppies NFTs appeared first on CoinScribble.
  • 181d Here’s When Big Bitcoin Bear Trap Ends, According to Crypto Trader Tyler Swope bitcoinnewsCrypto analyst and influencer Tyler Swope is issuing his thoughts on the latest Bitcoin crash and when the turbulent price action will end. In his latest strategy session, Swope tells his 250,000 YouTube subscribers that Bitcoin will likely set up one last bear trap before resuming its upward trajectory.   The flagship cryptocurrency is struggling […] The post Here’s When Big Bitcoin Bear Trap End..
  • 593d Ethereum’s (ETH) Price Holds $168 Support Amidst Historic Oil Dump ethereumworldnewsIn brief: The price of US Crude oil fell hard to $0 with its futures contracts going as far down as $-40. The once in a lifetime event, shook the crypto markets with Bitcoin (BTC) going back below $7,000. At the time of writing this, the price of Ethereum (ETH) is holding the $168 support zone. Analysts across the world have constantly been calling for a recession but no one was prepared for yeste..
  • 595d Why Staking Crypto such as TRX, KAVA and more is Gathering Steam ethereumworldnewsIn brief: The Coronavirus crash of mid-March has resulted in a lot of crypto traders being cautious.  The dominance of stablecoins is proof that they are waiting for favorable crypto conditions to get back to trading.  Staking crypto on the various exchanges has provided an alternative to trading and/or storing value in stablecoins.  The Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto market crash of mid-March was one e..

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