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  • 13h OKEx halted all withdrawals / Filecoin Mainnet is Live / ETH2 Deposit Contract to Launch this Week r/CryptoMarkets submitted by /u/coinmonks [link] [comments]
  • 18h 🚨Filecoin Debacle! Due to a "mistake", Testnet coins were somehow moved on to Mainnet and dumped on Chinese exchanges! Can't make this up r/CryptoCurrency submitted by /u/DetroitMotorShow [link] [comments]
  • 19h Crypto Buoyed by Bitcoin As Stocks Feel the FUD decrypt.coBitcoin continues its upward trend taking most major currencies with it. Filecoin fights a rearguard action while stock confidence stays low.
  • 1d Filecoin creator denies strike allegations cointelegraph“Miners are following the protocol, and making a ton of money doing so,” said Juan Benet on Twitter.
  • 1d Filecoin Categorically Denies Any 'Mining Crisis' decrypt.coToken price drops 25% on rumors of miner strikes. But Filecoin says none have dropped out and miners are making ‘a ton of money.’
  • 1d Filecoin miners are holding back their growth plans because of the network’s economic model theblockcryptoSeveral major Filecoin miners have halted or significantly reduced the growth of their mining power since the network's officially went live last week. The post Filecoin miners are holding back their growth plans because of the network’s economic model appeared first on The Block.
  • 1d Binance Futures To Launch FIL/USD Coin-Margined Perpetual Contract Despite Ongoing Controversies coingapeBinance Futures is all set to launch a FIL/USD coin-margined perpetual contract with trading starting from the 20th of October at 7:00 AM (UTC). According to the official blog post, the FIL/USD coin-margined perpetual contract is a futures contract that uses FIL as collateral. Herein, the users will be able to choose between 1-50x leverage. The post Binance Futures To Launch FIL/USD Coin-Margined..
  • 1d Filecoin Miners Strike Over Failed FIL Tokenomics coingapeThe newly launched Filecoin project is running into problems already as miners pull their collective plugs over a token model that does not appear to be economically viable. The much-hyped Filecoin data storage network launched late last week following a three-year hiatus after its $250 million pre-sale and ICO. A huge level of Chinese FOMO The post Filecoin Miners Strike Over Failed FIL Tokenomi..
  • 2d Is Fresh Trouble Brewing For Filecoin [FIL] Miners? coingapeTrouble for Filecoin shows no signs of fading away. While decentralized space [DeFi] is highly controversial, thanks to the massive boom, Filecoin has managed to capture the headlines in recent days, and not all of them are good. Miner Concerns According to a few experts, at the current valuation, it appears impossible for Filecoin miners The post Is Fresh Trouble Brewing For Filecoin [FIL] Miner..
  • 2d Crypto Market Forecast: W/C 19th October 2020 bravenewcoinA curated weekly summary of forward-focused crypto news that matters. This week - ongoing OKEx withdrawal suspension causing alarm for exchange users, Filecoin moves to its mainnet, and another institutional asset manager spends big on Bitcoin
  • 4d Tron CEO Justin Sun Publicly Attacks Filecoin as "Exit Scam" u.todayTron CEO Justin Sun suggests Filecoin is an exit scam in his recent Twitter tirade
  • 4d TRON’s Justin Sun Accusses Filecoin Team Of Pulling An Exit Scam coingapeIn his fresh attack on the newly launched Filecoin platform, TRON’s Justin Sun has accused the Filecoin team of pulling an exit scam. In his latest tweet, Justin Sun notes that the Filecoin team sold 1.5 million native FIL tokens at a high price of USD 200. Besides, he also goes to mention that Filecoin The post TRON’s Justin Sun Accusses Filecoin Team Of Pulling An Exit Scam appeared..
  • 4d Filecoin [FIL] Down By Over 50%; Is Filecoin Losing Steam? coingapeJust a day after Filecoin announced its much-awaited mainnet launch on the 15th of October at block 148,888, Binance revealed ending the zero-interest promotion for borrowing FIL  and its interest rate will be adjusted as per market requirements. This news comes just hours after Binance enabled Isolated Margin trading for FIL and two other assets. The post Filecoin [FIL] Down By Over 50%; Is File..
  • 5d Filecoin Mainnet Goes Live; FIL Fetches Several Listings including Binance and Coinbase Custody coingapeThe Filecoin network announced its much-awaited mainnet launch on the 15th of October at 3 PM at block 148,888. However, that did not deter the platform’s popularity. Announcing the same, Filecoin thanked researchers, experts, developers, Filecoin mining community, Filecoin storage clients, collaborators as well as the community. Its official blog post stated, “This moment marks The p..
  • 8d The future of data storage is decentralized bravenewcoinBlockchain based data storage solutions like Filecoin, Siacoin, 0Chain and Storj improve the security and privacy of existing cloud storage solutions. David Freuden investigates.
  • 21d Decentralized storage network Filecoin enters Mainnet Ignition phase cryptoninjasFilecoin, a decentralized storage network, has now entered its penultimate phase of development. The Mainnet Ignition phase affords network participants — including miners, clients, custodians, applications, and network services – time to initialize, learn, set up their systems, and optimize their deployments, before Mainnet Liftoff. Mainnet Ignition follows the success of Filecoin’s Space R..
  • 168d BitTorrent (BTT) Throws Another Jab at Filecoin (FIL) ethereumworldnewsIn brief: In a recent tweet, the team at BitTorrent (BTT) has highlighted why the BTFS file system is better than Filecoin (FIL).  The teams behind both projects have been throwing jabs at each other ranging from accusations of plagiarism and going as far as claiming the other is ‘vaporware’. Filecoin’s (FIL) Mainnet is set to be launched between mid-July and mid-August.  In a re..

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