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  • 5d Sending from Enterprise wallet to Bittrex r/factomInsanely slow. 1 hour and still not reflected in Bittrex wallet. Why? submitted by /u/PedroPierrePeter [link] [comments]
  • 6d Latest grant round results r/factomThe voting in the latest grant round of the Factom Protocol finished on May 16. Approximately 193K USD have been awarded to push the protocol forward. The funded grants are: ​ [Exchange Working Group-3] Exchange Working Group Funds (65,000 FCT / approx. 113,750 USD) [Fillip H.-Alex-Factomize-1] Sale of the Factomize forum to the Factom Protocol and coding work. (10,294 FCT / approx. 18,0..
  • 7d Liquid has enabled Factom (FCT) trading, deposits, and withdrawals r/factom Factom Exchange Committee is pleased to announce, that Liquid, a Japanese-regulated and soon-to-be Singapore-regulated cryptocurrency exchange platform operated by fintech company QUOINE, has enabled Factom (FCT) trading, deposits, and withdrawals! Liquid × Factom You can now trade Factom (FCT) on Liquid via web or its ..
  • 8d Had Factom on short list for months. Time to buy first stack? r/factomHi. I've had this project on a short list and keep up with Twitter etc best I can for news. There doesn't seem to be much direct from the team. Can someone shill me a list of positives regarding this project please. The Digital ID with Bill Gates foundation had my ears pricked. I understand they are trialing Blockchain medical records in Africa too (?). I like projects with some connection..
  • 11d Blog post on the technical side of ANO and server management: r/factom submitted by /u/hesudesu [link] [comments]
  • 11d My colleagues got published in Science Magazine. On Blockchain facilitated sharing of outbreak R&D r/factom submitted by /u/nklomp [link] [comments]
  • 11d Factom for elections r/factomWant a big idea? Use factom blockchain for secure voting. People would get verifired ID number one they were registered. Would vote online, and then be able to see their vote was counted by checking their ID number on the voting tally blockchain. GOP would fight this idea with everything they got. It is what we should be doing though. Registered voters should be able to vote online securely using..
  • 18d Tracking drones and other things with Factom r/factomRecently Coindesk ran this article about drones and blockchain tracking ( ). I recalled that TFA Labs did some work on using Factom for tracking drones, as they showed in this video ( TFA have since mentioned that they are focusing their efforts elsewhere – I guess their grant wit..
  • 20d Grant proposals are now open for review and discussion r/factomTokens worth more than 200K US Dollars will be distributed in this grant round. The grant proposals can all be found over at the Factomize forum, where each individual proposal can be discussed: Any thoughts on the overall mix of proposals and is there anything you think is particularly good for the protocol? submitted by /u/hesudesu [li..
  • 21d William & Mary Blockhain Lab & Factom r/factomI know that Troy Wiipongwii has been working on creating a blockchain lab with the College of William & Mary (ranked 40th overall best national university in the U.S) and bringing Factom in play for it. Today I found this page - looks pretty cool! submitted by /u/hesudesu [link] [comments]
  • 22d Accessing Factom blockchain from different programming languages r/factom submitted by /u/sigrlami [link] [comments]
  • 22d US customers on Coincheck r/factomRecently Factom was added on the Coincheck exchange. Does anyone know if the exchange is open to US customers as well? Then US based ANOs would be able to use it to sell on, if needed. submitted by /u/hesudesu [link] [comments]
  • 23d BlockVenture has become an Authority Node Operator r/factomI don’t think it has been posted on Reddit yet: BlockVenture was recently included in the Authority Node Operator set. The company has existed for more than two years and works with a number of universities and funds. It will be interesting to see what they will contribute to the protocol and I look forward to it! submitted by /u/hesudesu [link] ..
  • 24d A sports betting platform on Factom r/factomLately I have been thinking whether Factom is actually very well suited to do a peer-to-peer sports betting platform. It seems like all the needed features are going to be there: Smart contract functionality, that would make it possible for users to go into bets against each other. The outcome of the bets and the resulting payout could determined by checking against sources of sports results PegN..
  • 25d Factom Open Node Monitoring upgrade r/factomDe Facto continues improving Open Node Monitoring to provide the best experience for all users. On this week we deployed the new version of monitoring system, which contains updated algorithm for detection of lagging nodes. Open Node monitoring performs checks of heights of each node every 20 seconds. New algorithm detects lagging nodes almost instantly (within 1 check interval — 0-20 sec) and red..
  • 25d Factom based Triall solution passed the pilot stage r/factomTriall, who uses Factom as they have outlined here, just made public that their Verial eTMF solution passed the pilot stage and is now being used in multiple clinical trials - Triall is "the first organization to implement blockchain technology in a live and running clinical trial setting":
  • 25d Ledger Support available to Factom users! r/factomFor those who have run into issues using the Ledger with the MFW browser integration, there is another option available for you. Check out the FAT wallet developed by the hard working folks bringing Factom Asset Tokens to the Factom network! Factom Asset Token wallet w/ Ledger compatibility submitted by /u/Nolanbauer [link] [comments]
  • 25d Factom Meetup in Austin r/factomFor anyone interested there is a Factom Meetup in Austin on May 18. It is hosted by the Austin Blockcahin Collective: submitted by /u/hesudesu [link] [comments]
  • 31d Ledger support is gone r/factom submitted by /u/sirlordcomic [link] [comments]
  • 34d Miners Trick Stablecoin Protocol PegNet, Turning $11 Into Almost $7M Hoard - CoinDesk r/factom submitted by /u/gryphon999555 [link] [comments]
  • 34d VCC halting deposits/trading for US customers (move your FCT) r/factomVCC sent out an e-mail that they are halting deposits/trading for US customers. So if you have FCT on VCC it will have to be moved. What other exchanges allow the storage of FCT for US Customers? Please let me know. thanks submitted by /u/ChinookKing [link] [comments]
  • 36d The April 2020 Factom AMA Questions and Answers r/factomFollowing the successful AMA we have produced the attached summary which comprises over 20 questions and answers, they are divided into 6 sections: Strategic Governance ANO related Grants Technical Marketing There have been minor edits for succinctness and clarity, E&OE. You may be interested to see that there was some great feedback which has been captured as quotes to preface the questions..
  • 40d PegNet Video Released r/factom submitted by /u/DJohnston [link] [comments]
  • 46d Factom Inc not Liquidating, Carrying on with Two Employees r/factom submitted by /u/rugglenaut [link] [comments]
  • 51d Off-Blocks Launches US Government-Tested Digital Signature Service in Beta r/factom submitted by /u/D-Lux [link] [comments]
  • 51d Factom AMA running from April 6th to 12th r/factomFactom AMA Who We Are We are a group of 19 of the current 27 Factom Authority Node Operators (ANOs) who have decided to take part in this AMA. There will eventually be 65+ ANOs who are companies that operate the server infrastructure that decentralizes the Factom protocol. ANOs are charged with, "Furthering the Protocol" in whatever ways we choose. In return for our services, we earn 1,1..
  • 165d Factom Protocol Information r/factomThe Factom protocol is a data-centric platform for Proof of Existence (PoE) and decentralized applications. Just as TCP / IP enables the WWW, the Factom Protocol enables countless applications to be built on top of it. Layer 2 Applications PegNet - A network of stablecoins and synthetics for decentralized finance. Join the PegNet Discord FAT Protocol - A tokenization and smart contract platform o..

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