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  • 9h Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, ETH, MATIC, ALGO, EGLD cointelegraphIf BTC holds the $49,000 level, ETH, MATIC, ALGO and EGLD could move higher during Bitcoin’s expected “consolidation phase.”
  • 11h Maiar App problem r/elrond-erd-2Hello everyone, since I've created the Elrond wallet and downloaded the Maiar app I keep getting a message that says: "Account Activation Pending" "Phone number attestation and address mapping are in progress right now." Does anyone else get it? submitted by /u/Tall-Seaworthiness62 [link] [comments]
  • 13h Elrond Price Analysis: EGLD Coin Has Reached A Crucial Support After Displaying V Top Bearish Reversal coingapeOn November 23th, the EGLD coin made a New All-Time High of $542. After experiencing intense selling pressure from this level, the coin price dropped faster and plunged to the $300 support. The technical chart shows a clear V-top reversal pattern for coins; however, the battle to reclaim the $300 mark continues. Key technical points: The post Elrond Price Analysis: EGLD Coin Has Reached A Crucial..
  • 15h Why you should be bullish on Elrond, and not just Maiar! r/elrond-erd-2From an investing point of view (ignoring the MEX exchange which I only see as an added benefit for Elrond as of now) Elrond is quite special. First of all its a pretty scarce coin giving high staking rewards for a coin that only has a maximum just over 30M coins, and even then theyre getting burned down to mid 20Ms Second of all, Elrond has a blazing fast **WORKING** sharding network that hasn..
  • 1d Lending r/elrond-erd-2Can anyone tell when the Elrond lending application comes out? submitted by /u/Consistent-Throat821 [link] [comments]
  • 2d Staking with verified or unverified provider r/elrond-erd-2Is there a risk staking with a provider that is not verified on the Maiar App? I was told that the provider could run off with your staked EGLD… i don’t think this is entirely true… but still… just wanted to know submitted by /u/Major-Bob-3785 [link] [comments]
  • 2d Short Maiar DEX update r/elrond-erd-2 Testing on Testnet will start tomorrow - the setup is taking longer, so we begin fresh in the morning. We are targeting go out of maintenance tomorrow evening. 🛠 Things we have in mind post maintenance: - extending no penalty for withdrawals - extending Week 2 MEX reward rates - extending staking snapshot for next Launchpad project to accommodate funds presently on the DEX 👌 Funds are safe...
  • 2d ⚡️ The Maiar DEX is about to get more awesome! Optimizations to gas costs will lead to lower fees and more transactions per block r/elrond-erd-2 🚀 We expect at least 10% improvements across the board, with some operations costs decreasing ~40% ⏸ We need to pause the interface for this change. ⏱ 11:00 - 12:00 13:30 14:00 15:00 18:00 UTC: scheduled maintenance. ⏸ The price fluctuations are due to data being reindexed and updated. No swaps are happening. Once the data is fully reindexed, the correct values will be displayed again. 👌 You..
  • 3d Holoride Initial Liquidity r/elrond-erd-2Is there any information out there on what the initial liquidity will be for Holoride? As I understand it, for the token to list on a DEX AMM, the Holoride team or someone will have to put in an initial amount of liquidity so that people can start trading? Or will it be like Mex where people who had some airdropped or had EGLd/usdc stake the initial pools? If the latter that means they’ll open it ..
  • 3d How do you withdraw earned MEX from Maiar exchange r/elrond-erd-2Totally confused! How do I withdraw my earned MEX in EGLD-MEX and then get it exchanged for EGLD and into my Maiar Wallet so I can send it out to an exchange and sell off the EGLD? submitted by /u/scottcap [link] [comments]
  • 3d Please clarify r/elrond-erd-2Im confused and need clarification on the following: 1) Is my unlocked EGLD-MEX farm deposited before December 1st still earning the original (old) APR? Or is it now automatically earning the new APR, which at this moment is 70%? It looks like it is now earning the NEW APR even though i did not remove/restake it since the DEC 1 change. 2) If i earn locked MEX then re-invest that locked MEX, does t..
  • 3d How to farm? r/elrond-erd-2Hey I tried looking at videos and reading through guides but I still can’t understand how to allocate and farm using egld? I want to start with 5 today. Do I need to swap the egld in the liquidity pool first? And then farm using the tokens? submitted by /u/tonyyayo93 [link] [comments]
  • 3d The transportation company of the metaverse - holoride in TechCrunch r/elrond-erd-2 Holoride, the Audi-backed startup that’s creating an in-vehicle virtual reality entertainment system designed for passengers, has begun publicly selling its Ride cryptocurrency token. The launch of the crypto is the latest move by Holoride to build up its extended reality (XR) ecosystem of games and experiences created by a community of developers. Vehicle passengers keen to experience virtu..
  • 3d Reddit exposure r/elrond-erd-2We need more exposure on reddit especially in r/cryptocurrency. If any of you decide to post news on Elrond here, post it in r/cryptocurrency aswell. Might help attract more eyes. I can’t make posts in r/cryptocurrency yet, but I haven’t seen a single post about Elrond in that subreddit and considering the DEX launch and the holoride listing soon I’m honestly shocked no ones mentioned it there. ..
  • 3d Community build dex? r/elrond-erd-2 ​ Just saw this posted on Telegram, can someone explain why Elrond only has 1 dex while other chains like Avalanche and Solana have a long list of community build dapps? What is currently keeping developers from launching their own dex on Elrond? su..
  • 3d EGLD vs MEX APR staking question r/elrond-erd-2With the new APR for staking on Maiar.Exchange , would I benefit from unstaking all my EGLD-MEX LP, and to then swap all my EGLD for MEX and staking MEX only? It seems to me I'd be making a lot more. Is that so, or am I missing something? Also, is the value of MEX tied to EGLD or is it likely to gain or lose versus EGLD in the long term? submitted by /u/Unable_Recording_123 [l..
  • 3d 📆 Monthly Update by Helios Staking r/elrond-erd-2 🔥 What a month in #Elrond! For us, while the overall staked amount has declined our APR has increased & we still have plenty of breathing room to ensure our nodes are secured. Adding space back in October served us well. ​ Helios Staking Monthly Update ​ Now onto the fun stuff. We're renaming the “Reserves Wallet” to “Community Wallet” as we have something exciting to..
  • 3d 🕓 It's Harvest o'clock! You can now harvest a minimum of $20 USD worth of rewards every 20 minutes. These parameters can be adjusted with demand - please let us know what you think r/elrond-erd-2 Harvest operations are gas intensive and trigger-happy farmers can add unnecessary pressure on the Maiar DEX by harvesting too often. With these new parameters in place, the Maiar DEX will be able to pace itself and ensure smooth operations for everyone based on a fair time-based mechanism. When hovering over the Harvest buttons on the farms you will now see a message saying "Individual..
  • 3d Looking for tips for pool and farming r/elrond-erd-2Hi, i got today 6 unlocked egld and thinking on put them o a pool any simple strategy, proportions...? after doing the pool i will be able to use the farming also? ​ Or is better putting them on the farming directly withou the pool part? ​ Forgive my ignorance, Greetings submitted by /u/Embarrassed-Ad-3730 [link] [comments]
  • 3d Mex staking or liquidity pools? r/elrond-erd-2Why does the mex staking pool have a higher APR? Should I stake there or stick to the EGLD-MEX liquidity pool? Thanks submitted by /u/native1R [link] [comments]
  • 3d Just to be sure r/elrond-erd-2So if I want to benefit from the new rewards, I need to withdraw everything from my farms and then stake it again? Thanks for the answer submitted by /u/clake69 [link] [comments]
  • 3d NEW UPDATE | EGLD-MEX Reward r/elrond-erd-2Hello! First Reddit post ever :)) I want to put 7 EGLD and the equivalent in MEX, to earn LP token with locked rewards. My question is: what reward will I get per day or month? it's worth turning them into LP Token or staking on Maiar? submitted by /u/Resident_Victory7291 [link] [comments]
  • 4d Trying to withdraw my coins and stake again to get the higher interest but is impossible. Even though it said that you can withdraw with no penalty the transaction is not processed. It just loading there. What are going to do about this guys @elrond? r/elrond-erd-2 submitted by /u/TendieJohnnyBravo [link] [comments]
  • 4d Can someone explain to me what would be the best thing to do in my position? r/elrond-erd-2First off, sorry if I will say something wrong or stupid, I'm 15 and learning. With the new update the unlocked APR/APY went down, so obviously everyone's locking their LP for extra rewards. But what about the people who staked their LP when the price are higher? Basically you either sell and realize the impermanent loss, or you're left with a low unlocked APR/APY, all while the locked..
  • 4d Confused about LKMEX rewards r/elrond-erd-2If I lock my rewards today, it says I will receive 1,400% APR. Let's say I did that, and the next day shows locked rewards APR is 500%. Does that mean I will earn 500% in 1 year, or 1400% ? submitted by /u/Morning_Star1 [link] [comments]
  • 4d The Maiar DEX is going to next level r/elrond-erd-2 ​ Changes are coming, improvements are coming. Today #MaiarExchange evolves to strengthen and stimulate long-term participation in the ecosystem. Protecting the #community (one of the pillars of the @ElrondNetwork project). Growing everything ⚡️ #LKMEX #Mission10 ​ LKMEX Improved Tokenomics Source: Twitter @ThePalmTreeNW submitted by /u/Tink_Elrond [link] ..
  • 4d Today the Maiar DEX is going to the next level r/elrond-erd-2 Today the Maiar DEX is going to the next level. The first Maiar improvement proposal with an upgraded economics model is going live at ~20:30 UTC. The RIDE token is preparing for listing next week. Here are the most important things to know. ​ Maiar Exchange - Significantly Higher LKMEX Rewards ​ Context for today’s Maiar improvement proposal shared in Elrond town hall: youtu..
  • 4d Metaverse-scale DeFi begins December 07. r/elrond-erd-2 RIDE is coming to the Maiar DEX. ⚡️ Tip: Have $EGLD and LKMEX ready. Stay tuned for further details. ​ RIDE Lists On The Maiar DEX RT: Twitter @MaiarExchange submitted by /u/CB_scorpio [link] [comments]
  • 173d New to Elrond? Here's a short guide through the elrond ecosystem r/elrond-erd-2 Welcome to Elrond - Short guide to Elrond Ecosystem Made with ❤️ from Elrond community Dear Redditors, Welcome to our community! We are very excited to have you here and introduce you to the Elrond Ecosystem. ​ ​

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