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  • 49min David Portnoy Video Invites the Winklevoss Twins to Learn about Cryptos - Crypto is Coming r/dogecoin submitted by /u/alicxer [link] [comments]
  • 55min My $DEXT memes contribution - yea, it's $DOGE r/dogecoin submitted by /u/crypto-kurtosis [link] [comments]
  • 58min $DEXT memes contest just startet - post your memes on their discord channel and win BIGLY! r/dogecoinPrice pool from $DEXT holders and hodlers ($4,650 as per now and changing!) Discord channel to post your memes: End of the contest: Sunday August 9, 2020 - EOD GMT submitted by /u/crypto-kurtosis [link] [comments]
  • 7h Doge power up r/dogecoin submitted by /u/BroLo75 [link] [comments]
  • 8h :) r/dogecoin submitted by /u/stephan-buvanyk [link] [comments]
  • 10h Dogecoin HQ Discord! r/dogecoinHello everyone! Come check out our Dogecoin Discord! We talk about mainly Dogecoin. But also other cryptos/stocks! come check it out! and we are having an invite competition with a $25 cash prize at the end of the week! submitted by /u/RussianChiChi [link] [comments]
  • 10h Getting into doge coin mining r/dogecoinLooking for tips and advice on mining dogecoin. I’m sure everyone could agree it would be much wow if we all had an app that mined our doge for us. That would be much good. Any apps or software I should look into fellow shibes? submitted by /u/younghogey [link] [comments]
  • 16h Pay with Dogecoin and get discount! r/dogecoin Hi, everybody! To push mass adoption among Dogecoin holders we've launched a new branch - Dogecoin promos About 160+ different coupons, discounts, bonuses and special offers by companies accepting Dogecoin Use it for free!
  • 16h Gets Redesigned With New Content and Doge Illustrations cointelegraphThe Ethereum Foundation is changing up some of its website’s designs as it pushes for a comprehensive educational strategy.
  • 18h Dove coin over investment apps r/dogecoinEdit: Dogecoin* over investment apps So I’ve purchased my dogecoins over an investment app called “Robinhood” and that’s where my doge coin is held. Is there a better location that I could keep my dogecoin or would it be feasible staying in my Robinhood account or should I find a better source of dogecoin? Is there a better place to watch the crypto currency? And what are some tips and tricks for..
  • 18h Best Dogecoin wallets? r/dogecoinI’ve installed the dogecoin wallet for Windows but it keeps crashing; I removed it. There is no iOS for this one yet. I’m using right now Doge from Freewallet but I have a small amount (not convincing either) I’m trying Coinbase but I disagree with their fees. is out of the question (bad reviews) and Binance has too many lock while trading. Guarda wallet on the other hand seems interest..
  • 18h ‎Doge iMessage Stickers r/dogecoin submitted by /u/fonzie_the_warrior [link] [comments]
  • 20h What's the deal with Dogecoin? r/dogecoinI've just recently decided to invest in crypto, but I've been studying the phenomenon for some time now. I remember Dogecoin being one of the early coins, and I understand the concept behind it. Investing in Dogecoin is basically investing in a meme, however, I don't understand why? What's the value you guys see in this coin? Do you expect for it to ever make profit or is it simpl..
  • 21h Abracadoge r/dogecoin submitted by /u/kaedoge [link] [comments]
  • 21h We agree Tom r/dogecoin submitted by /u/kaedoge [link] [comments]
  • 21h 💹🐶 r/dogecoin submitted by /u/kaedoge [link] [comments]
  • 21h "It's beautiful" r/dogecoin submitted by /u/kaedoge [link] [comments]
  • 21h Glory r/dogecoin submitted by /u/kaedoge [link] [comments]
  • 23h Normalize tipping in dogecoin r/dogecoinWe should push harder for tipping with cryptos but specifically dogecoin for obvious reasons, dogecoiners if your out doing your thing and it comes time to tip see if they will accept some doge coins 5-10$ worth of doge coin tip is pretty modest and also pretty bad ass, I'm gonna stack up on a shitload and try to make tipping in Crytpos, specifically dogecoin, a more normalized thing in my are..
  • 23h Life is like dogecoin r/dogecoinSometimes high, sometimes low, always give you a little surprise and hope submitted by /u/csybnb [link] [comments]
  • 1d Simple Guide to Security Tokens r/dogecoin submitted by /u/Unhappy_Shopping [link] [comments]
  • 1d We’ll get there eventually. r/dogecoin submitted by /u/aintnotimeforthat [link] [comments]
  • 1d Anyone else get screwed by back in 2014? r/dogecoinWhatever happened with that site? Was it really hacked or did we all just get scammed? submitted by /u/calculat3dr1sk [link] [comments]
  • 1d Updated Subliminal dogecoin poster r/dogecoin submitted by /u/Red5point1 [link] [comments]
  • 1d Roses are red, Violets are blue, I’m digging dogecoins, Only for you r/dogecoin submitted by /u/thiccshoberonnuggos [link] [comments]
  • 1d Say Hello to Loki r/dogecoin ​ submitted by /u/willlybolt [link] [comments]
  • 2d Dogecoin Price Analysis - TikTok breakout fails to sustain bravenewcoinIn July, DOGE was mentioned as a buying opportunity by several TikTok influencers, quickly propelling price over 100% over three days.
  • 13d Dogecoin (DOGE) Price Prediction and Analysis in August 2020 | DOGE Saw a Boost in Price Due to TikTok coindooWe will be looking into some of the past prices and market opinions for the DOGE crypto so that we can launch a Dogecoin price prediction for August 2020. Dogecoin Overview Dogecoin (DOGE) is a popular crypto that launched in 2013, based on the image of the Doge meme. DOGE has a current trading price […] The post Dogecoin (DOGE) Price Prediction and Analysis in August 2020 | DOGE Saw a Boost..
  • 33d Dogecoin Price Analysis - The DOGE/BTC spot price has been range-bound for over a year bravenewcoinDogecoin (DOGE) was released on December 6th, 2013, emerging out of an effort to increase cryptocurrency adoption, understanding, and awareness. Originally inspired by the Shiba Inu meme, the cryptocurrency was created by Billy Markus, with the help of Jackson Palmer, who left the project in 2015.
  • 271d Dogecoin 1.14.2 is out (with bugfixes) r/dogecoinWe've just released a bugfix version of Dogecoin Core, which you can grab from Github. For the technical details please read the full release notes on Github, but the two critical parts are: Fixed a backwards compatibility in mining that was preventing some miners from upgrading. Fixed an issue where change below 1 DOGE was still issued, triggering the penalty for dust outputs, at which point..
  • 610d Tutorial - How to buy Dogecoin II r/dogecoinHow to buy Dogecoins as of 4 December 2018 Where to store your Dogecoins Before we begin with the explanation of how to purchase Dogecoins, we should know where we can store our acquired coins. It is, by all means, always highly advised to use the Dogecoin Core Wallet: Dogecoin Core 64-bit Windows Dogecoin Core 32-bit Windows Dogecoin Core Mac OSX Dogecoin Core Linux 64-bit Dogecoin Core Linux 32..

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