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  • 11-17-2019 [ANN] Cryptocurrency Product for WooCommerce Dogecoin Addon is released r/dogecoin Cryptocurrency Product for WooCommerce Dogecoin Addon enables customers to buy Dogecoin on your WooCommerce store for fiat USD, or any other currency or cryptocurrency supported by WooCommerce. Dogecoin WooCommerce Product settings Features: * Sell Dogecoin for any WooCommerce supported currency. * Your customer can buy Dogecoin just like any other product in WooCommerce * Dynamic Dogecoin ..
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  • 11-8-2019 Dogecoin 1.14.2 is out (with bugfixes) r/dogecoinWe've just released a bugfix version of Dogecoin Core, which you can grab from Github. For the technical details please read the full release notes on Github, but the two critical parts are: Fixed a backwards compatibility in mining that was preventing some miners from upgrading. Fixed an issue where change below 1 DOGE was still issued, triggering the penalty for dust outputs, at which point..
  • 12-4-2018 Tutorial - How to buy Dogecoin II r/dogecoinHow to buy Dogecoins as of 4 December 2018 Where to store your Dogecoins Before we begin with the explanation of how to purchase Dogecoins, we should know where we can store our acquired coins. It is, by all means, always highly advised to use the Dogecoin Core Wallet: Dogecoin Core 64-bit Windows Dogecoin Core 32-bit Windows Dogecoin Core Mac OSX Dogecoin Core Linux 64-bit Dogecoin Core Linux 32..

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