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  • 2h Would you'll benefit from a tool that told you the gains/losses on each Ethereum transaction you did? r/ethtraderAs we all know, the capital gains tax and accounting for cryptocurrencies (let alone ETH) can be complicated and not practical. For example, if you buy ETH but then swap it for DAI on Uniswap there are potential tax consequences and positional changes with your holdings. If there were a tool that went through all your transactions, parsed them and calculated the estimated gain/loss on each would y..
  • 18h ETC Builds a Bridge Back to Ethereum...for DeFi decrypt.coETC Labs, the foundation supporting development of the Ethereum Classic blockchain, has announced DAI stablecoins are coming to ETC via Chainsafe.
  • 1d Introduction to the Yield Protocol theblockcryptoQuick Take Yield Protocol v1, which launched October 19th on Ethereum mainnet, enables fixed-rate borrowing and lending for DAI. Previous crypto lending protocols have generally focused on variable rate lending, with interest rates set by governance or a formula. Three of the five most valuable crypto protocols by total value locked are lending services, with a combined $2.4 billion in outstandin..
  • 23d Hodlnaut Allows You to Earn Attractive Bitcoin Interest while HODL-ing bravenewcoinAs demand for crypto yield farming increases, Singapore based Hodlnaut has added Dai and Ethereum to its portfolio of high interest-bearing crypto savings accounts.
  • 385d Maker Price Surges 10 Percent as MakerDAO Sets Date for Multi-Collateral Dai Release u.todayMKR price soars nearly 10 percent so far, as the MakerDAO founder announces the date when multi-collateral Dai is planned for launch

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