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  • 2h Possibilities of borrowing on Ethereum, similar to real world borrowing? r/ethereumI'm just wondering if theres any protocols or mechanisms that act more like real world borrowing than I can currently experience in DeFi? That is, with my experience I put up some collateral (e.g. ETH) and then borrow e.g. DAI. The problem being that I kind of need to have money to borrow money. In the real world I can put up my house as collateral, or what would probably be more normal (where..
  • 4d DeFi assets DAI and WBTC added to the BitPay Wallet app cryptoninjasBitPay, a provider of bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment services, today announced the integration of WalletConnect into the BitPay Wallet app. BitPay Wallet app users have direct access to the decentralized exchange, decentralized games, and all that the evolving Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space has to offer. BitPay Wallet app users can send or receive Ethereum tokens […]

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