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  • 3h What are the requirements for the $50 referral bonus? r/crypto-com-chainI am aware it you have to stake to order the tier 2 card but at which point do you unlock the $50 and how long for is the staking locked up? submitted by /u/pm_interesting_fact [link] [comments]
  • 5h Okay time to lighten the mood here. Let's hear all your new unique PayIDs! r/crypto-com-chain submitted by /u/deadburgerboy [link] [comments]
  • 6h Received the wrong card??? r/crypto-com-chainSo I've been waiting for 2 months for my Indigo blue card to arrive. Just now I got home and found a little parcel from Was extremely excited to have finally got my card after such a long wait. However it seems like I've been sent the plastic blue card instead of the Indigo. It definitely isn't metal nor does it feel premium. Nothing much came with it apart from a bit of w..
  • 7h Welp seems like we going down now r/crypto-com-chain submitted by /u/rvd113 [link] [comments]
  • 7h NORTHERN USA UPGRADE HAS ARRIVED! INDIGO! AIRPORT LOUNGE HERE I COME. r/crypto-com-chain submitted by /u/Platypus-Worth [link] [comments]
  • 8h Forecast of 2020 End r/crypto-com-chainHi Folks, what do you think about CRO last rate against USD till at the end of 2020. My forecast is 0.12-0.13 ad max. They have lost the confidence of their customers in recent 2 months and many people no satisfied about unstable decisions. submitted by /u/selcukaslantas [link] [comments]
  • 9h Everything inside the Private box r/crypto-com-chain submitted by /u/ctpmd1234 [link] [comments]
  • 10h Just got a box within a box from Afraid to open it. r/crypto-com-chain submitted by /u/brendzy [link] [comments]
  • 11h Predictions for tomorrows AMA? r/crypto-com-chainCDC clearly need to do something to turn this all around, whether it's peoples lack of interest in CRO as a product or lack of faith in CDC as a company! Some think this was planned to buy back CRO on the cheap, and others think they have some good news up their sleeve to rescue the falling price of CRO. So whether it's the US gaining access to the exchange, promises to give notice for an..
  • 11h 5M+ users - a reliable number? r/crypto-com-chainI see that CDC frequently announces the number “5M+” users in their promotions and advertising. I also see that CDC and avid users of the platform states that this number is one of the main reasons for downgrading benefits given through the CDC-ecosystem. More then 5 mill? That’s almost the total of inhabitants of my home country. I was part of the MCO ICO, so I’m in it to win it, but 5 mill I don..
  • 12h First time user. Is the app eligible for airdrops? r/crypto-com-chainOnly been using for a month now, so I've never experienced an airdrop. According to the post for the DIA airdrop, they will take a snapshot of all wallets. Does this include the native app? Cheers submitted by /u/bobinhumanresources [link] [comments]
  • 17h Join us Wed 21 Oct at 17:00 UTC at the MakerDAO Collateral Onboarding Call. Eric Anziani will present our app for CRO to join as a collateral asset. We look forward to hearing from the MKR community! Zoom info + details: r/crypto-com-chain submitted by /u/BryanM_Crypto [link] [comments]
  • 17h New Super App Menu Now Live r/crypto-com-chain Customizable shortcuts with instant access to the frequently-used features ​ With an ever-growing list of new products and features, we have redesigned the Super App Menu to ensure users can navigate through the App with ease. The new Super App Menu allows users to have a list view of available products. We are also introducing the Shortc..
  • 18h My Card arrived - Ruby - UK r/crypto-com-chainWell I wasn't expecting that this morning, it was still showing as "issued" last night :) I ordered it back end of August and here it is, so maybe around 2 months to arrive. I've authorised it in the app and went to spotify to change the details and its saying "The payment failed" - good start eh!? Can anyone advise please? Also, do i need to load the card with £9.99 e..
  • 19h CRO back in the green r/crypto-com-chainNice to see it's up 1.82% over the past 24 hours now that the last dump is out of that window Maybe the start of a slow bounce back? submitted by /u/pHyR3 [link] [comments]
  • 20h GBP bank transfer as for non brit europeans? r/crypto-com-chainHi, back in august I was using Revolut for fast GBP transfer to but last week I initiated a new transfer that was returned to my Revolut account by Unfortunately, we cannot process your transfer at this stage because of internal restrictions and funds have been returned to your Revolut account. As it be suspended for non British resident or something? submitted by ..
  • 20h A positive look at the recent drops r/crypto-com-chainAs a recent high staker (currently down 30%) it is easy to only see the negatives in the current downturn. The dips have been caused directly by whales dropping large CRO stacks, presumably due to the change in earn rates. The fact that they were able to swing the price so much is very troubling. Going forward this CRO is now in the hands of thousands of people decreasing the chances of major swi..
  • 21h Exchange lists EGLD! Trade EGLD in USDT & CRO pairs now. r/crypto-com-chain ​ Log in now! 👉 submitted by /u/BryanM_Crypto [link] [comments]
  • 21h How do you know the real amount when you withdraw in another currency at an ATM r/crypto-com-chainI have withdrawn 800RMB at an ATM and the EUR amount shown in app a few seconds later was 101.52EUR, but it changes when I refresh the app. When I look at the email I received it says 102.18. When I export the transaction history it uses the rates at export time, which is a bit weird. Which EUR value should I consider as the real value ? submitted by /u/PeYoTlL [link] [commen..
  • 22h NOW LIVE for 24 Hours Only ⏰ EGLD is 50% off r/crypto-com-chain ​ Participate in 2 simple steps: 🔥 Stake 5,000 CRO 🔥 Trade US$5,000 on the Exchange (over last 30 days) Sign up👉 The more CRO you stake, the greater your potential allocation! Details: FAQ: https:..
  • 23h Best way to sell crypto r/crypto-com-chainMorning all, looking for some quick advice, how to sell crypto? In a nutshell, have a chunk of BTC and looking for the most efficient way to sell : through the CDC app seems to have a large spread (1 BTC = £9030, where as the price is currently £9113). Or should I go for the exchange? And convert it to something else Or move it some other platform to sell? Just like everyone I’m looking to maxim..
  • 23h Staking for the card r/crypto-com-chainIf I stake 10,000 CRO for the Jade Green card, do I qualify to Earn 6.5% P.A. on BTC in Earn 3 month stake? I don't need to stake another 10,000 CRO in Earn to be eligible for that 6.5% P.A. right? submitted by /u/gigadigit [link] [comments]
  • 1d I originally invested 4,000USD into MCO back in May and now it’s only worth 2,500 thanks to the CRO switch, and that’s with the early bonus swap and all my “rewards”. I really hope this will turn around soon, or at least by the time my stake is free r/crypto-com-chain submitted by /u/DrewRQ86 [link] [comments]
  • 1d Complete guess - lowered rates means they’re preparing to open up the exchange to the US? r/crypto-com-chainI’m assuming they have a fair few users based in the US who can’t participate in exchange staking/syndicates etc at the moment. If they suddenly started offering their services there, their expenses would increase MASSIVELY (in CRO terms) - so maybe the lowered rates means they’re preparing to open up in the us more fully? US users coming in at a lower price also allows them to make a paper profit..
  • 1d The one thing I didn't account for r/crypto-com-chainWhen I joined CDC and started buying CRO I did it knowing that crypto is a volatile market, that CDC is a young and ambitious company that will have its ups and downs and that all the great perks it offers are incentives for adoption and they will slowly have to be revised to be more sustainable. I saw CDC's potential and accepted the short or mid term risks this could imply. However, the one ..
  • 39d DeFi Swap Goes Live on Ethereum Mainnet r/crypto-com-chain The best place to swap & farm DeFi coins, offering Triple Yield for Liquidity Providers - powered by CRO DeFi Swap went live on the Ethereum Mainnet today. DeFi Swap is the best place to swap & farm DeFi coins, powered by CRO. With DeFi Swap, Liquidity Providers (LP’s) are generously incentivized for contributing to liquidity pools with Triple Yiel.. Coin (cro)

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