• 11-22-2019 MCO Price Drop? r/crypto-com-chainDid I miss something last night around midnight? The value of MCO dropped from $4.13 USD around 12AM PST to $3.58 as of this post. It’s not the end of the world, but wanted to see what current event is influencing the drop. submitted by /u/quiktekk [link] [comments]
  • 11-22-2019 DAI/BTC price when trying to buy doesn't match the price shown on graphs r/crypto-com-chainDAI(SAI)/BTC price when trying to buy is 10% higher than the price it shows in the charts. Lucky of me that I only bought $25 of BTC. The app is excellent, but we need more transparency when buying/selling. Right now BTC is tanking and i'm unable to buy. submitted by /u/ToniGalmes [link] [comments]
  • 11-21-2019 Nano withdrawals r/crypto-com-chainI can’t think of a good reason why this hasn’t been implemented at this point other than it being considered unimportant. There are now other exchanges where I can buy directly with fiat. To get to the point -> I really like using but if this isn’t happening anytime soon I’m going to trade out and move on. Then chances are I won’t be back. I’d just like to know something concrete eit..
  • 11-21-2019 Error when trying to buy??? r/crypto-com-chainWhen trying to purchase bitcoin today I received the message “incorrect 3DS. Data please contact bank for more details” while trying to checkout with an RBC credit card. When I called RBC, they didn’t know what it meant, and only told me that they couldn’t see where anything attempted to charge the card. I’m currently waiting on a response from Has anyone experienced anything simila..
  • 11-21-2019 How often do you guys use your cards? r/crypto-com-chainWhat are your spending habits with your cards? Do you use it only when the price of crypto rises? Do you use it for everyday purchases? I'm just curious. submitted by /u/BucketsofKFC [link] [comments]
  • 11-21-2019 Feature request: new balance notification! r/crypto-com-chainHi, Just recieved my Icy White! I just linked my card to PayPal and I was thinking, how will I know when my balance is low other than checking all the time. So... maybe CDC can create an alarm/ notification button and you could set " if my balance goes below x" ... What do you guys think? submitted by /u/thehaddon [link] [comments]
  • 11-21-2019 Private key - Exchange/App r/crypto-com-chainHi everyone. No that the we know that CdC is building up an Exchange im asking myself if they will give us our private Keys. For the Exchange i think they have to give them otherwise people could say: i wont support a exchange that doesnt give me my PK. And maybe if they do so they could give the PKs to all the app users as well or not? By the way, whats the requierment for being able to give the ..
  • 11-20-2019 Earn vs Stake - a spreadsheet analysis r/crypto-com-chainThe interest rate on Earn depends whether you stake 500 MCO or not. If you stake them, you get higher rates. If you stake only 50 MCO (to still get a card), you can invest the remaining 450 MCO in the same Earn program, converting it to, say, USDC to get the highest rate. I created a spreadsheet to calculate the difference in 1-year earnings:
  • 11-20-2019 Adoption r/crypto-com-chainThere was a Cryptocurrency meetup here in DC and everyone was absolutely shocked when I told them about . Nobody knew about the platform and explaining it to them made me feel like a true ambassador. Hire me lol I’ll host events weekly if need be haha !!! submitted by /u/iamcryptoseeker [link] [comments]
  • 11-19-2019 Is there anyway to check volume on the app? r/crypto-com-chainI noticed when checking Exchanges on MCO in the app that the app itself is not listed. Is there anyway to know the volume going through the app? submitted by /u/Cryptoodude [link] [comments]
  • 11-19-2019 Ready to win $1000 USD in ₿itcoin? This week you have 72 hours to: 👍Follow ⏩Retweet TimeForPlanB 🤝Tag 3 Friends A new winner every CryptoFriday💰 r/crypto-com-chain submitted by /u/Bonnie_Crypto [link] [comments]
  • 11-19-2019 The MCO/USDT trading pair is now live on Binance! Join the $MCO promotion with a total of $100,000 USD worth of MCO! 💰 r/crypto-com-chain submitted by /u/Bonnie_Crypto [link] [comments]
  • 11-19-2019 Spotify says "payment method and country don't match" when trying to use MCO card as payment r/crypto-com-chainI'm in Australia but my card seems to be in SGD and so geo-restricted services like spotify and netflix aren't going to accept it as a payment method... am I doing something wrong? submitted by /u/talentlessclown [link] [comments]
  • 11-18-2019 Earn with a stable coin,profit r/crypto-com-chainHi everyone. Im getting more n more curious about CdC features like Invest n Earn. I started invest 2 days ago because it felt like i would miss something as long as i dont do it. Money under my pillow doesnt grow. Just like that. Now that i noticed i havent any/enough coin/s for Earn i could use a good advice which coin would be the one with the best profit? Im not up to date about other coins, ..
  • 11-18-2019 Replace the Initial Coin MCO for CRO. r/crypto-com-chainNow that the new blockchain main net is fully operational (CRO), replace all MCOs for CRO and get finally get rid of “Monaco”. I think everybody would be happy - one company, one coin. What do you guys think? submitted by /u/RaSoe82 [link] [comments]
  • 11-18-2019 When MCO private??? r/crypto-com-chainI have been waiting so long time for card in EU and holding 5000+ MCOs. I hope card coming soon but no problem to wait some month more. doing a Great work anyway!! But when news about MCO private?? Its like a secret currently I want to have free trading on Exchange with MCO private, 100% discount... Been waiting so long time with 5000 mco staked and falling MCO price, so we are worth..
  • 11-18-2019 exchange which platform? r/crypto-com-chainDoes any of you knows if the exchange is going to be available both on desktop and in the mobile app (or a separate app maybe)? I’m pretty sure the answer is desktop only for at least the first 2 years... submitted by /u/thibautrey [link] [comments]
  • 11-18-2019 This sucks, on this rate EU will get the card after Zimbabwe . r/crypto-com-chainSo not cool. submitted by /u/old_reddit_user [link] [comments]
  • 11-18-2019 Crypto Exchange open? r/crypto-com-chainDid anyone got an invite from regular users? Curious about first impressions and if they really went live. submitted by /u/q666 [link] [comments]
  • 11-18-2019 Received card in Philippines r/crypto-com-chain My friend just received today MCO card in Philippines submitted by /u/Hatmehit11 [link] [comments]
  • 11-18-2019 Bank of America ACH Transfer...? r/crypto-com-chainHow can I transfer fiat into my wallet using Bank of america app or website? They gave me the routing number, etc. But in the Bank of America app and on the website they ask for address and I'm not sure how to send to another bank... I feel like I can only transfer to people also in the app/website. I can go into a bank and transfer money but it's not worth my time to do that. ..
  • 11-18-2019 Questions about using and topping up the card in AU r/crypto-com-chainHi, I have a few questions regarding topping up the card. It seems it can only be topped up using: BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, and MCO. Why doesn't CDC allow top up using fiat? How does it make any sense you purchase crypto with fiat and then top-up the card by converting that crypto back to fiat? Can the fiat on the card be transferred back to my wallet? Lastly CDC wrote this in an e-mail regarding t..
  • 11-18-2019 Bring Debit Card Top Up to US Customers r/crypto-com-chainAfter seeing this is possible for Singapore users, it'd be nice if the team could allow US customers to top up cards using debit cards. Sadly, everyone I know either are too lazy, don't know or just don't trust adding the account information from CdC into their bank accounts to withdraw money from their bank to the app. It'd be much easier and faster to get funds not only to my car..
  • 11-17-2019 The experience of Online Purchases with Pay r/crypto-com-chain submitted by /u/TooFitToFat [link] [comments]
  • 11-17-2019 Advice please: inexpensive Australia fiat top up options r/crypto-com-chainHi Crypto braintrust! Super excited for the new credit card to arrive! Currently I'm trying to figure out how best to use it. My bank charges 30aud for swift transfers. Are there any Australians here who have found a better way of doing it, or a bank with free transfers? Thank you so much! submitted by /u/thehaddon [link] [comments]
  • 7-17-2019 Hey guys, here is a little 📽we made for 🇺🇸launch... r/crypto-com-chain submitted by /u/Bonnie_Crypto [link] [comments] Coin (cro)

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