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  • 2h Cardano + Ergo = Real World Use Case r/cardanoI have been diving deeper into Ergo since the Ergo Summit and I have to say they are doing some interesting stuff that could augment the Cardano ecosystem in major ways. Even if it does not come to fruition, it will still be a cool/useful experiment. AgeUSD is neat and exciting, but I really like the ERGO auction house where users can buy and sell NFTs. I want to make some Cardano related NFTs an..
  • 3h How does the max supply of ADA work? r/cardanoHi everyone, I’m a complete newbie to cardano and am just getting interested in staking as from what I’ve read so far it’s a rigorously peer reviewed technology, with a great future ahead of it. However, I’m just confused about a few things regarding Cardano’s future and how it’s plans relate to its current token value etc. As far as I can tell ADA has a fixed 45x109 supply. Are there any plans ..
  • 3h Staking Report for Epoch 245 (Over 1500 active pools!) r/cardano Decentralization: 76% (pending sign-off by IOG) k parameter: 500 Total active stake: 22.1B ₳ Active pools: 1509 Saturated pools: 57 Oversaturated stake: 108M ₳ Pools expected to make 0 blocks: 807 Stake required to expect to make 1 block: 1.34M ₳ ​ If you ha..
  • 4h How to pair Trezor to Daedalus? r/cardanoI downloaded Daedalus because I heard voting is available through it. So I did the whole signature check, checksum check and installed the software. Looking online I see that people have a "Pair" option but it doesn't appear on mine. Only "create", "restore", "join" and "import'. Join and import are both greyed out. What am I doing wrong ? ..
  • 4h Should Cardano have it's own "Category Theme" for Swap Tokens? r/cardanoEthereum has tons of food themed swap tokens: Sushiswap, pancakeswap, uniswap, etc. Should Cardano develop it's own theme for swap tokens? I mean if you make one you could call it whatever you want, but others may choose to follow a naming theme. I don't know, what do you think? What do you think would be a cool theme? Maybe: Minerals - CobaltSwap, EmeraldSwap, SilverSwap, RubySwap Space..
  • 4h 1st Staking Rewards r/cardanoJust received my first staking rewards from ADA that were stuck in ye olde Byron wallet until a few weeks ago. Feels good man. submitted by /u/USSImplication [link] [comments]
  • 4h How Long will we get interest for stacking? Will it always stay around the 5% PA or will it eventually increase/ Decrease/ stop all together? r/cardanoFor Example, If I Currently have 10,000 ADA trading at $0.3 and I get around 5% (500 ADA) PA, will that change 5 - 10 Years down the line if ADA starts trading at $10 or eventually will that number decrease? Also, do we need to claim our reward or does it automatically compound for us? submitted by /u/ice-ahhh [link] [comments]
  • 5h List of Projects/Description/Websites Planned to be Implemented Upon Goguen Launch r/cardanoIs there an active list that contains the names and descriptions of projects that are planning to launch alongside Goguen? Please don't link me to Catalyst, I am already aware of the projects that got funding. I am more interested in an additional/independent list of project names, use cases, and websites to get more info. Does this exist yet? Also, these projects probably aren't going to ..
  • 5h Stake to single or multiple pools? r/cardanoHello there, I want to start staking my ADA but heard that you can only stake to one pool on Daedalus and multiple pools on Yoroi. Is this true? ​ Not only that, but would it be better to stake in one pool to maximize your gains or stake it in other pools to spread your gains? submitted by /u/SilentStealth0 [link] [comments]
  • 6h I don't understand the hype for ageUSD stablecoin in Cardano r/cardanoHi everyone. I'm definitely missing something here but since the Cardano community is quite relaxed and forgiving with obtuse people like me, I'll go ahead an ask: why so much hype with the ageUSD stablecoin? This arrives at a point where several stablecoins are established in the market: USDT, DAI, USDC, TUSD to name a few. What value does ageUSD bring into this environment and why is it ..
  • 7h ageUSD release date announced: Two weeks from now on ERGO chain! r/cardano submitted by /u/Redac07 [link] [comments]
  • 7h Cardano Price Analysis: 25 January ambcryptoFrom a lowly $0.17 on 1st January, Cardano has taken an authoritative charge in the market, rallying by more than 100% over the course of the past 3 weeks. Currently valued at $0.360 on the charts, Cardano had a market cap of $11.18 billion sitting tightly at 6th in the market. Cardano 6-hour chart Although […]
  • 7h Ada throwing it down y’all!! r/CryptoCurrency submitted by /u/trapsoetjies [link] [comments]
  • 8h New listing is coming r/cardanoHi guys I just noticed that Coinmetro (Fully regulated with licence in Europe) is going to list ADA in coming days! So everyone like me that wants to buy ada with £, $ or Euro can do that! I have a good experience with them, very quick on KYC and supper quick support! lot more better than Coinbase!! Thanks submitted by /u/MosioH [link] [comments]
  • 8h Liqwid Finance Whitepaper Translations: Japanese + Vietnamese r/cardanoHuge thanks to Yuta and Tap Chi Bitcoin for these translations submitted by /u/dewaynec23 [link] [comments]
  • 8h Artwork for Strategy Game on Cardano r/cardanoHey all, my team is developing a top-down strategy game / RPG with collectible NFTs, vaguely similar to MTG cards. But this is not a card game. We really like the artistic, painting type look of many trading card games, feeling it contributes to game feel and lore. We need artists to help us produce these. If you're interested, or simply want to give some creative input, please post/DM a drawi..
  • 8h Price analysis 1/25: BTC, ETH, DOT, XRP, ADA, LINK, LTC, BCH, BNB, XLM cointelegraphAltcoins continue to trend higher, but Bitcoin price needs to turn $35,000 to support in order for the entire market to gain momentum.
  • 8h After Rejection, ADA Readies for Breakout Attempt beincryptoDespite the rejection, ADA has reclaimed the previous breakout level and should resume its upward movement towards $0.45. Long-Term Levels The weekly chart shows that ADA is trading right at the long-term $0.38 resistance area, which is the 0.382 Fib retracement level when measured from the all-time high Dec. 2017 price. Despite being right at … Continued The post After Rejection, ADA Readie..
  • 8h What do you guys think about Cardano? r/CryptoCurrencyHello, I am wondering what you guys think about Cardano (ADA)? Currently trading at ~$0.35 with a market cap of $10,991,593,084, Cardano is created by one of the ETH co-founders and aims to do everything ETH does but more. $10,000 investment in Cardano right now; what do you think, good or bad? I think Cardano is expected to rise significantly after the release of the Goguen mainnet this year. Th..
  • 9h Plutus Playground Refresh - Video Tutorial (Out today) r/cardano submitted by /u/tradefeedz [link] [comments]
  • 9h Introducing the new Plutus Playground r/cardano submitted by /u/everest_staking [link] [comments]
  • 9h Would it be a good idea to create a Cardano academy in Egypt and spreading throughout Africa and the Middle East? r/cardanoI’m an Egyptian American living in USA with many family contacts, government contacts, and business contacts in Egypt. I think it would be a great idea to start an academy in Egypt to teach people about developing on Cardano and hopefully create a hub for developers. Most of the work force are in their 20s and labor costs are cheap as the value of the Egyptian pound has gone to hell. Let me know w..
  • 9h 💡 Ergo's AgeUSD Tweet Thread - Basic Concepts & Context 🤓 r/cardano submitted by /u/danny_cryptofay [link] [comments]
  • 10h cardano yield farming introduced and ADA and DEFI in Africa 2021 r/cardano submitted by /u/BTECHNEWS19 [link] [comments]
  • 10h Why is K changing? (& what is K and what you should do about it) r/cardano submitted by /u/monad_pool [link] [comments]
  • 11h Crypto exchange HitBTC adds 18 new leveraged trading markets cryptoninjasHitBTC, a bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2013, today announced the launch of new trading pairs that are available for margin trading. Now, users can access 3x leverage on XRP/EOS, TRX/EOS, XMR/EOS, LTC/EOS, DASH/EOS, XEM/EOS, NEO/EOS, TRX/ETH, XMR/ETH, DASH/ETH, XLM/ETH, ZEC/ETH, ADA/ETH, MKR/ETH and 5x leverage on XTZ/BTC, XTZ/USDT, TON/BTC and TON/USDT. Margin is […] Crypto..
  • 12h How to Delegate to a Stake Pool With Daedalus? r/cardano submitted by /u/carolintaling [link] [comments]
  • 12h This is all of Binance's stake pools in Daedulas. Around 2.7Billion Ada staked 😆 r/cardano submitted by /u/zmurc [link] [comments]
  • 16h Emurgo announces launch of first stablecoin 'AgeUSD' for Cardano r/cardano submitted by /u/rpyrpy [link] [comments]
  • 16h Reasons to love cardano r/cardanoMost decentralized and secure, Blockchain to date once D=0 in March. Fast, robust, built to scale, on-chain democracy through voting, open to all. The best network stack, meta-data implementation in the industry. Extended-EUTXO, fantastic UI/user experience through fullnode/lightnode wallets, cold staking through your own wallets. Hard Fork Combinator, seamless upgrades/hardforks. Built on solid f..
  • 18h Charles Hoskinson Believes One Person Fits Profile of Satoshi Nakamoto dailyhodlCardano founder Charles Hoskinson believes that only one person fits the profile of the mysterious Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. In a surprise Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on YouTube, Hoskinson reveals that he has narrowed down his search to one person who he believes is the only individual that fits the part. “I’ve been very […] The post Charles Hoskinson Believes One Person Fits Prof..
  • 21h Cardano Weekly Discussion - Questions & Market Thread - January 25, 2021 r/cardanoHello everyone, Welcome to the Cardano Weekly Discussion - Questions & Market Thread! Rules: You are expected to treat everyone with dignity and respect. Personal attacks and insults will not be tolerated and users will be banned. Keep the discussions crypto related and always look to add value. You are not allowed to post fake news or spread misinformation. Repeated attempts to pump, shill, ..
  • 22h Blockchain In Africa is a must. r/cardano submitted by /u/Smilespool [link] [comments]
  • 5d Poloniex adds new leveraged token trading in ADA, LTC, and XLM cryptoninjasPoloniex, the popular cryptocurrency exchange platform, today announced it has added six more leveraged tokens. New additions include: ADABULL, ADABEAR, LTCBULL, LTCBEAR, XLMBULL, and XLMBEAR. Now, traders can enjoy 3x leverage on ADA, LTC, and XLM. These new leveraged tokens from FTX, join the 16 leveraged tokens currently available on Poloniex. Poloniex Leveraged Token Trading […] CryptoNi..
  • 6d Charles Hoskinson, IOHK CEO, Shares Date of Cardano's (ADA) Plutus Open-Source Release u.todayThe crucial stress tests of Cardano's smart contracts are scheduled on Q1, 2021, Mr. Hoskinson announces
  • 17d Cardano Price Analysis - Transactions per day and active addresses hit new all-time highs bravenewcoinA quick comparison between coins using a staking mechanism shows ADA first in market cap, total daily transaction volume, and git commits on all repos over the past year. ADA is near the front of the pack in totally daily fees and in the middle regarding transactions per day, and daily active addresses.
  • 54d Cardano Price Analysis - Fundamental indicators on the rise bravenewcoinTechnicals for the ADA/USD pair have flipped from bearish to bullish over the past two weeks with the ADA price now above both the 200-day EMA and the daily Cloud.
  • 679d Cardano – Getting started. r/cardanoDear Cardano Community, The purpose of this post is to inform you about the Cardano project and tips on how to stay safe within the Cardano ecosystem. We want to make sure that every member of our community is up to date regarding Cardano news and updates and receive the best education about their online (crypto) security and safety. We hope that you find the following information useful to get yo..

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