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  • 2d Need some help with an issue that popped up r/bittorrent-2Yesterday I had a mess up where my antivirus deleted the bittorrent client even after I had excluded the path from scans. When I had reinstalled it everything looked fine but all downloads on other users were gone. It seems that there is no option to select an installation folder so it automatically installed to my user appdata folder which is what I believe caused all the downloads on other users..
  • 12d BitTorrent deleted my in progress downloads. Can they be retrieved? r/bittorrent-2I had over 900 files queued up and downloading for quite some time now. Unfortunately I experienced power failure to my computer several times in a row. Enough that I got a light blue screen of death as the drive rebuilt itself. Restart when the blackouts stop happening to resume my downloads and come to find they are all gone from the manager. However, whenever I added a new file, it allocated it..
  • 13d How To Delete Bittorrent Web r/bittorrent-2Pretty Simple just wondering how to delete the program. I have a mac. Any help would be much appreciated. submitted by /u/Geekluve [link] [comments]
  • 15d BitTorrent Remote Android r/bittorrent-2Hey y'all! I've got a question. I can connect and manage my torrents via BitTorrent Remote on my Android phone. However, is there a possibility to stream or move the downloaded files to the phone to watch/use them? submitted by /u/BE3dARt [link] [comments]
  • 18d [Question] Is there an implementation of BitTorrent like this? r/bittorrent-2I was thinking of a bittorent implementation like this: from a specific magnet link, download several pieces, seed those, and delete those pieces after some time, then repeat kinda good if there is, since it allows users to have more live torrents than before, doesnt force you to download the whole thing before seeding thanks for answers btw submitted by /u/ergoest [link] [..
  • 22d Trying to download BitTorrent and I’m getting a weird problem. After downloading the .exe setup file for windows, it says extracting: 0% that goes up to some % and then everything suddenly disappears and it never gets installed. Can someone help? r/bittorrent-2I run Windows 8 and have never had this problem before, used BitTorrent in the past too. Infact, I think I had uTorrent installed earlier and now it’s suddenly not there. submitted by /u/l00t9 [link] [comments]
  • 22d Can someone explain why bittorrent speeds goes up and then just plummets, and then keeps bouncing up and down. This happens frequently (ssedbox), but also on home connection. r/bittorrent-2 submitted by /u/soda_party_euw [link] [comments]
  • 29d Removing Web helper from bittorrent? r/bittorrent-2Does anyone know how to remove webhelper from bittorrent? submitted by /u/uzumaki_kira [link] [comments]
  • 45d Why Does My GPU Usage Spike When Running bittorrent? r/bittorrent-2What is bittorrent doing with my GPU that causes usage to increase from 0-1% at idle to 20-50% when bittorrent client is running? submitted by /u/Dr3wIv4n [link] [comments]
  • 49d New FrostWire for Android 2.2.1 with powered by all new libtorrent/ r/bittorrent-2 submitted by /u/gubatron [link] [comments]
  • 63d This popped up on my media PC, I cannot find any information that looks like an official source that has this same logo. Is this from BitTorrent, or a virus attempt? r/bittorrent-2 submitted by /u/TheBasementNerd [link] [comments]
  • 65d My Bittorrent Bundle is not published, even after 14 days r/bittorrent-2Hi! If ANYONE can help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated. 14 days ago, I published a free book bundle on Bittorrent Now and when I go to view it, a banner appears saying its not publicly available yet. I understand that it would take some time for it to appear on their pages etc. but I feel 2 weeks is way too long. Please do give me some insight into this. Hope you all are safe! Naeth..
  • 77d How to determine the best value of slot per torrent in bittorrent to achieve best download speed? r/bittorrent-2To achieve the best download speed I need to be the top 4 or top n uploader for my peers(It's because bittorrent's Tic-tac-toe). I have a fibre connection which can achieve download 500Mbps and upload 500Mbps. Of course I can't set an unlimited number for the slot per torrent, because this will make each uploading to my peers be slow which will make me fail to become top n uploader for..
  • 90d Could someone explain which number means what? (does left mean #leachers and right #seeders?) r/bittorrent-2 submitted by /u/teranklense [link] [comments]
  • 92d BitTorrent (BTT) Throws Another Jab at Filecoin (FIL) ethereumworldnewsIn brief: In a recent tweet, the team at BitTorrent (BTT) has highlighted why the BTFS file system is better than Filecoin (FIL).  The teams behind both projects have been throwing jabs at each other ranging from accusations of plagiarism and going as far as claiming the other is ‘vaporware’. Filecoin’s (FIL) Mainnet is set to be launched between mid-July and mid-August.  In a re..
  • 103d BitTorrent installed malware on my computer r/bittorrent-2This evening I downloaded BitTorrent and it was already apparent during the installation that it was kind of a trashy torrent client which will sneak up malicious program installations during the setup. I tried my best to avoid them, declining and unchecking all the boxes. There are amazingly a lot of them in the setup. Looks like I eventually missed one of them and it just installed the search en..
  • 109d Does anyone know a good tutorial to help me build my first BitTorrent client? r/bittorrent-2The title says it all. Looking for a good resource to build my first client. Doesn't have to be super awesome. But good enough to be able to download a file. I tried the tutorial by allenkim, but the client from there isn't able to connect to a peer. Ideally looking for a follow along tutorial. submitted by /u/RoundService [link] [comments]
  • 109d BitTorrent dark theme ? r/bittorrent-2is there any indication that BitTorrent will add dark theme any time soon ? submitted by /u/KuwaitiRock [link] [comments]
  • 112d Where is bittorrent.exe installed r/bittorrent-2Hi. This question seems impossible to get answered. I have installed the latest bittorrent (BitTorrent.exe) recently but can't find the program in windows 10. So I had to reinstall the program to get it started again. No shortcuts or icons were installed so it is impossible to find. I have searched the internet but amazingly find no true answers to this question. Some old answers to the quest..
  • 114d Just built computer. Installed bittorrent. Torrents won't download? r/bittorrent-2It's just stuck at "connecting to peers 0.0%" I do remember maybe having to change the settings possibly? Am I forgetting to do something? Thank you submitted by /u/meangreenmartian [link] [comments]
  • 121d I made a better Dark skin mode for Bittorrent/Utorrent r/bittorrent-2Hi! I made a btskin in win10 for my use with Dark mode. Here are the settings and screenshot if you want to try it out. Have a Preview <------------Start copying from start of next Line-------------- graph_bg:191919 graph_border:c0c0ff graph_text:ffffff graph_ruler:9999A7 graph_legend_bg:131316 graph_legend_text:e0e0ff list_background:0B161D list_alternate_background:B3B3B3 list_text:ffffff pr..
  • 127d Bittorrent iOS App not available for my region r/bittorrent-2Hello, I was trying to install the BitTorrent app on my iPhone. But I couldn't find it in the app store. Then I googled it and found a link for iOS app from bit But when I touch it, it opens the app store but I keep getting a message saying something like ”this app is not available for your region”. Then I changed my Apple ID region to the USA and tried again. But no luck. Isn..
  • 133d Global Share Ratio r/bittorrent-2Hi so i am fairly new to torrenting, how can i change my global share ratio on bittorent? submitted by /u/droidcube [link] [comments]
  • 134d Help!!! My connection is fine I changed my browser but my bit torrent web is quitting unexpectedly ( I have a mac and I am using BitTorrent web r/bittorrent-2 submitted by /u/woldorinku [link] [comments]
  • 135d When I uninstall Bittorrent r/bittorrent-2The green bar gets stuck at 75% and says uninstallation aborted. But the executable file is gone? is the program gone? submitted by /u/Seeker_of_Arcane [link] [comments]
  • 159d Can a peer discover your other torrent activity? r/bittorrent-2How much can a peer discover about you (beyond IP address)? Is it at all possible for someone to discover what other torrents you are a peer on if you use the/a DHT? submitted by /u/JimmyCheeseoid [link] [comments]
  • 491d r/BittorrentToken if you want to discuss about BTT r/bittorrent-2 submitted by /u/BittorrentToken [link] [comments]

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