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  • 49min What are the safest ways to handle private wallets these days? r/bitcoin-cashWith all that's going on I've diversified a lot and I'm no longer comfortable with custodial accounts and it's time for them to be my keys, my coins. I've been holding Bitcoin cash and lurking here for years and trust the folks of this sub quiettte a bit more than other subs. After years of slow but steady increase of my positions, I have significant (to me) amounts of BTC, BCH..
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  • 2h Bitcoin Cash - Logos / Graphics for anyone who might want to use them. r/bitcoin-cash submitted by /u/SoulMechanic [link] [comments]
  • 3h The viegage website has been launched, our third funding round will start in a couple of hours. I think Viegage was made for BCH and BCH for Viegage. A symbiotic relationship, let's create some economic freedom together and untether ourselves from the banks. r/bitcoin-cash submitted by /u/i_have_chosen_a_name [link] [comments]
  • 6h Bitcoin without native scaling cannot be real Bitcoin r/bitcoin-cashSatoshi Nakamoto designed a natively scalable coin called 'Bitcoin'. The first question asked about it when he announced it was, can it scale natively to onboard the entire world? His immediate answer was, 'Yes.' Twelve years later, the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin is no longer designed to scale natively. It is not the technology that Satoshi came up with any longer: it is somet..
  • 6h We’re still early. Two reasons why r/bitcoin-cashOver the last year cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin and ETH have received a lot of attention worldwide and even adoption as currency in a few small countries. This is a great start but nowhere near the end goal. Reason 1: A lot of people talk about crypto like stock meaning they are measuring the value against a fiat currency. I know several people with 6 and 7 figure holdings that still refer ..
  • 7h Did you know CoinGigs has a referral program? Make some cash bringing employers to the BCH ecosystem! r/bitcoin-cashShare your referral link to potential employers so they register to our website. If they register using your link, they will appear in the list shown in this section. Every job completed by the employers registered with your referral link will give you the 4% of fees as rewards. submitted by /u/AD1AD [link] [comments]
  • 8h Tether only still exists because its collapse will be the main excuse to regulate crypto to death. r/bitcoin-cash submitted by /u/ChaosElephant [link] [comments]
  • 11h Warning for those here who use Monero multisignature wallets r/bitcoin-cash submitted by /u/Rucknium [link] [comments]
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  • 13h Theymos is asking for money r/bitcoin-cash submitted by /u/Egon_1 [link] [comments]
  • 13h The new version of openbazaar is not scam r/bitcoin-cashOur team has been openbazaar community for more than 3 years , we are not anonymous . After Ob1 gave up, we continued to develop. We will fix bugs, but we are not liars. submitted by /u/f..
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  • 14h Faith in Tether is now the lowest it's ever been. The rush towards the exist is about to begin. First everything crashes down, then on the Tether based exchanges Bitcoin will finally hit 100 000 Tether per Bitcoin. The Maxi's will be so happy! They were right. And then 200 000 Tether per Bitcoin! r/bitcoin-cash300 000 Tehter per Bitcoin. To the moon! They will say: hahah bcashers look 400 000 Tether per Bitcoin. I am going to buy 20 lambos. You guys are so poor and we are so rich now. Wow like I can get 450 000 Tether for my Bitcoin now! Wow. And then eventually at 1 million Tether per Bitcoin there will be a couple of maxi's, you know the dumbest of all to go to a Lambo dealer and try to buy a Lam..
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  • 16h Introspection opcodes are so cool, here's a teaser r/bitcoin-cashBelow is an example of a covenant contract owned by another contract. Whatever sibling contract is created as the 2nd (index 1) output will be the owner of the 1st (index 0) output. This way, ownership of the contract can be changed without changing the P2SH hash. This contract is an idea I was toying with before, but now I got to test it and it worked, eureka! Testnet4 transaction: https://testne..
  • 16h Please use caution with the "New OB app". There are red flags. r/bitcoin-cashA new OpenBazaar would be great! But I do not trust it for the reasons below. I will edit or delete this post if I am shown evidence to the contrary. TLDR; this new project is suspicious. First of all, they published a new app. But AFAIK, OB1 never released the code for their android app 'Haven' beyond an inital commit. This would require some work to make it publishable on another google..
  • 17h $1,000 bounty (in BCH) to any hired "reputation management" user who has been paid to post here willing to do an AMA. r/bitcoin-cashI have long suspected that something weird is going on in this community. Accounts will show up and post only to r/BTC with negative nonsense and lies then disappear. Adam Back has previously suggested they hire reputation management to "correct" information on social media. My offer, $1,000 in BCH to anyone who can show evidence they've been hired to post to this sub and do an AMA ..
  • 21h openbazaar's new version(including App), new website has been released. r/bitcoin-cash You could download desktop here New version search engine the mobile App Note 1 Due to the high cost of Eth, few people using Zcash, we removed them. 2 CFX is a kind of blockchain similar to eth but without fees. They donated some funds. If you don't like it, you could not to use it. ..
  • 22h I see a lot of people ask about the Lightning Network, while it's still young and not massively used as the main network, here is what inevitably will happen to LN if user demand grows and BTC block size limit remains the same. r/bitcoin-cash submitted by /u/walerikus [link] [comments]
  • 22h You can donate in Bitcoin Cash. Donations — r/bitcoin-cash submitted by /u/arruah [link] [comments]
  • 1d Recent tether print for customers to rebalance loans. It's the equivalent of banks increasing customer loans to buy more property when house values drop. The stripper from The Big Short comes to mind. r/bitcoin-cash submitted by /u/user4morethan2mins [link] [comments]
  • 1d This is the official AMAA for the creators of Zapit a BitcoinCash wallet. The Zapit wallet is created by a two-man team, u/Romit-Radical and u/Valuable-Cod291 from India. We'd like to welcome everyone to ask them questions about crypto, coding, Zapit, India, or BitcoinCash. r/bitcoin-cash submitted by /u/SoulMechanic [link] [comments]
  • 60d How Innovative NFT Technology will Unleash the Potential of This Brave New Market coinscribbleCrypto ain’t got nothing on NFTs. For sheer degenerate thrill, something more insane than shorting bitcoin, more YOLO than buying out of the money calls with 24 hour expiry, and more buzzy than your paycheck on roulette – it’s shovelling hard earned cash into a picture of an ape, a pixel blur, or a anime […] The post How Innovative NFT Technology will Unleash the Potential of This Brav..
  • 389d Frequently Asked Questions and Information Thread r/bitcoin-cashThis FAQ and information thread serves to inform both new and existing users about common Bitcoin topics that readers coming to this Bitcoin subreddit may have. This is a living and breathing document, which will change over time. If you have suggestions on how to change it, please comment below or message the mods. What is /r/btc? The /r/btc reddit community was originally created as a community..

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