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  • 5h After 6 days, IoTeX will release the final version of Mainnet GA r/binancecoin submitted by /u/Leonid83 [link] [comments]
  • 5h Why can limit orders be executed as market orders? r/binancecoinIf you place a limit order but the price swings while you place it, your order gets executed as a market order, even filled at different prices... why can't it only place limit orders and cancel the order if it's not gonna be executed as a limit order? At least bitmex has a "post-only" option, but in absence of that, shouldn't the default be to only execute limit orders as li..
  • 6h Is the margin interest simple or compounded? r/binancecoinHey guys, can someone explain to me how binance calculates interest? On the site it just mentions the hourly rate which is 0.00166667% for USDT. Suppose I borrow 1000 USDT for 2 months, how much interest would I be paying at the end? submitted by /u/jhokkar [link] [comments]
  • 9h Stacking in Lending? r/binancecoinI have TRX in Lending right now. I wanna know if I still get the Stacking money or not. Might be a stupid question. But thanks anyways. submitted by /u/NuclearMask [link] [comments]
  • 11h Binance Enables Isolated Margin Trading for ADA, EOS, ETC, LINK and MATIC r/binancecoin submitted by /u/ilir_binance [link] [comments]
  • 15h Binance futures fees. Need an explanation please. r/binancecoinHi Team, ​ I have used futures today for the first time and read up on the fees before hand I need some help here. The fee's say 0.0200%/0.0400% Taker and Maker. That's less then a percent. When I place a futures bet @ 75 leverage. 25 ETH cost me $70 in margin but when I close the trade in profit, I get a $4+ fee from Binance per trade. Am I..
  • 20h Converting BUSD to BTC r/binancecoinI am a noob so forgive me, how do I convert my BUSD to BTC? I can’t seem to find a way submitted by /u/yuriychemezov [link] [comments]
  • 21h My personal Binance ethereum address has chain link tokens in it I can’t get out r/binancecoinWhat should I do? submitted by /u/gwapbaby [link] [comments]
  • 1d Is there a way to set automatic buy and sell options for BTC and have it be completely automated? r/CryptoCurrencyExcuse me for the silly question. I held BTC back when it worth maybe just dollars. Of course, I lost all of it after losing passwords and even if I hadn’t I would have sold it for far less than even $1000. I was also just a child at the time, I remember trying to convince my parents to buy $10,000 worth. If I could go back.. lol. Regardless, I got pretty lucky a few years ago with BNB and made a..
  • 1d Binance Will Support the Upcoming Theta Network (THETA) Mainnet Upgrade r/binancecoin submitted by /u/ilir_binance [link] [comments]
  • 1d Binance Options Lists ETH and XRP Contracts r/binancecoin submitted by /u/ilir_binance [link] [comments]
  • 1d Price Analysis 5/25: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, BNB, EOS, XTZ, ADA cointelegraphSeveral major cryptocurrencies have turned down from their resistance levels, hinting that further downside could occur in the short-term.
  • 1d BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, BNB Weekly Price Analysis - Which Coin Will Grow Most at Start of June? u.todayAre there any similar trading patterns among Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV (BSV), and Binance Coin (BNB)?
  • 1d Analysis of the "simplest way to stake" with Binance r/binancecoin submitted by /u/xawotihs [link] [comments]
  • 1d It’s been an entire week and my withdrawal hasn’t been put into my bank (3000) r/binancecoinGetting really worried now. Withdrew 3k fiat from Binance into my checking account and I still have yet to see a single dollar. Usually I get my money in my bank same day but it’s literally been an entire week this time. It says transfer was successful and it may take several business days but idk.. customer support still hasn’t gotten back to me on this submitted by /u/BALDnMEXICAN ..
  • 1d Binance Coin (BNB) Major Investment Indicator Unveiled by Analysts. CZ Responds u.todayAs Bitcoin (BTC) is disappointing its holders with a drop, a hypothetical ?alts season? could be in the cards. Typically, BNB leads in these seasons
  • 1d Steem Hardfork Gets Binance Support — But with Reservations r/binancecoin submitted by /u/DemetriaGober [link] [comments]
  • 1d I want to see USD value for each currency in balace page r/binancecoin It would be so much easier if i could see the USD value on the balance page. ​ Here: submitted by /u/The-Creek-Walker [link] [comments]
  • 1d Binance Adds XRP Options, Expanding Coin's Liquidity u.todayThe largest crypto trading platform Binance has added XRP and ETH options, giving traders more tools to earn profits
  • 1d How do I get kickback r/binancecoinI moved from cex to binance with a refferal code. It wrote %20 kickback on signup but when I check fee schedule I see only BNB discount which is 0,075. How can I get the refferal discount and have 0,06 as mentioned in the list? submitted by /u/akaanc [link] [comments]
  • 1d Switch from Binance to Binance US question r/binancecoinHello everyone, I made a Binance account yesterday and I didn't know that Binance is no longer available for US traders. Im going to assume I can use my same login and password to get into the Binance US website. My question is should I deleted my account from the regular Binance website and create a new account on Binance US and will my info be safe if I don't delete my regular Binance ac..
  • 2d New mobile update 24/5/20 HELP r/binancecoinIts the one where they have put the futures tab down the bottom right now. Has anyone been able to find the futures order history? It looks to be removed. The spot is found by clicking on the info for the asset you own and its up on the right but futures does not have this! Some help if anyone knows where it is please, thanks submitted by /u/DougieEK123 [link] [comments]
  • 2d Blockchain platforms Travala and TravelbyBit backed by Binance join forces r/binancecoin submitted by /u/MK333666 [link] [comments]
  • 2d Dex and Ledger r/binancecoinHi guys, i have a question. I may lack basic understanding and i can't google a good answer, bear with me. Anyway i see it's possible to store btc on my ledger through the "normal" btc app or the dex app, the latter having way better fees but my raging paranoia keeps me wondering: are btc stored in the dex app on my ledger actually mine or can binance forbid me to access the fund..
  • 2d No BNB deposit address? [US] r/binancecoinI'd like to move my BNB from to but the deposit page isn't showing/generating an address. I have nowhere to send my BNB. Is this current on the website or am I having an technical issue? submitted by /u/kvenick [link] [comments]
  • 2d How long before withdrawal r/binancecoinI bought bitcoin on Binance US tried withdrawing. Said I can’t withdraw that some of my bitcoin is on hold. How long before I can withdraw please submitted by /u/tinny_og [link] [comments]
  • 2d Fee schedule clarification r/binancecoinIm a bit confused and trying to learn the ins and outs of crypto trading, if i put a market order would i be charged a fee every time the order gets filled by various available orders or binance would just fill the order then charge a fee one time for that order. submitted by /u/based-spice-islands [link] [comments]
  • 2d Binance Futures fees r/binancecoinCan someone explain how fees on open position work? like I understand maker/taker fees but couldnt find info about this or dont understand. How long can you hold position? submitted by /u/Waewagw [link] [comments]
  • 2d The best way to get per second data r/binancecoinI used the binance public API to get per minute data. But I need per second data. What is the best way to get per second data from binance? It's okay if there is a delay. For now I just need the historical per second data. submitted by /u/mrquantumgeek [link] [comments]
  • 2d does it work for US customers who signed up long ago? r/binancecoinI've had a Binance account since 2017 but havent touched it I was reading that was not going to be able to be accessed by US customers after Fall 2019. Well I didn't know this until now and have been out of the crypto game. I was wondering how you can access and take your cryptos off? Anyone know if I can just logon to Binance and put all my crptos onto a ledger wa..
  • 3d Binance (BNB) Supports Controversial STEEM Upgrade, Community Enraged u.todayBinance is embroiled in a conflict between Justin Sun and part of the STEEM community, with Changpeng Zhao acting as the go-between Scilla and Charybdis.
  • 4d Weekly /r/Binance Discussion - Week 20 (2020-05-22) r/binancecoinYou may use this thread to discuss anything and everything relating to the Binance Ecosystem, including (but not limited to) Binance Coin (BNB) price fluctuations, Binance Chain, and Binance-related news. Please ensure that you exercise common sense, as inappropriate content (e.g. referrals, advertisements, and other spam) can and will result in a permanent ban from all related subreddits. For sup..
  • 117d Welcome to r/Binance r/binancecoinWelcome to r/Binance! We are excited that you are visiting our subreddit. Our mission at Binance is to be the infrastructure services provider for the entire blockchain ecosystem. We are a passionate team that's spread all over the world, dedicated to building innovative fintech products for the community. Simply put, if you want it, we will build it. Support Moderators will not be providing a..
  • 224d Binance Coin Now Backs Swiss ETP on SIX Stock Exchange with BNB Price Showing Modest Rise u.todayBNB is becoming more popular in the space as the Swiss stock exchange SIX partners with the world’s largest crypto exchange to launch a BNB-based derivative
  • 225d XRP Price Outperforms Top Ten Assets as the Coin’s Quotes Rise Following Bullish Forecast u.todayThe XRP price has been surging this morning, following a bullish forecast of an analyst on Twitter who is also positive on BNB and BTC
  • 229d Binance's XRP-Pegged Token Now Available for Trading on Its Decentralized Exchange u.todayBinance announces that an XRP/BNB trading pair is now open for trading on Binance DEX
  • 230d Binance Coin (BNB) Price Surges 7 Percent, After Binance Sees Significant P2P Bitcoin Trading Volumes u.todayBNB price spikes over 7 percent five hours after Binance announces P2P trading for BTC, ETH, USDT against yuan, seeing significant trading volumes
  • 235d XRP-Backed Coin to Be Launched on Binance DEX, Along with Bigger Number of Native XRP-Based Pairs u.todayBinance DEX plans to launch an XRP-pegged coin on its ledger along with more native XRP-based pairs to be offered for trading

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