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  • 1d Bibox Will List eMusic (EMU) on 05/25/2020 r/bibox-token Hello eMusic Pleasure to work with such a renown project. To celebrate EMU World Premier on Bibox, we now launch a 50% Discount EMU Token Event Details at: ​ ​ submitted by /u/t..
  • 4d Bitcoin exchange Bibox launches quant tools with automatic investing service. The Trading Bot Zone offers a low-entry barrier to quantitative trading services. The first phase comes with tools including: automatic investing, grid trading, cross markets arbitrage. r/bibox-token submitted by /u/jeffyal [link] [comments]
  • 5d How can the volume of the BIX token go from $ 70 million to $ 2 million in less than 2 days? r/bibox-token submitted by /u/MONKI-SOKI [link] [comments]
  • 6d GHT listing with 50% off discount token surprise r/bibox-token Participation = Profit Details at: ​ ​ submitted by /u/taylorzhangc [link] [comments]
  • 7d Bibox Cross Markets Arbitrage Trading Bot(s) now supports OKEx accounts. r/bibox-token You can now take profits from the prices difference between Bibox and OKEx by entering your OKEx API and completing the required setting. Details at: ​ ​ submitted by /u/taylorzhan..
  • 11d Bibox will support BitcoinCash (BCH) network upgrade r/bibox-tokenBibox will support BitcoinCash (BCH) network upgrade, which is scheduled at 6:00 PM on 5/15/2020 (GMT+8) . During this upgrade, BCH withdrawal and deposit will be suspended, with trading unaffected. Details at: submitted by /u/taylorzhangc [link] [comments]
  • 13d Do Bibox charges us interest over the leveraging in the perpetual contracts trading? r/bibox-tokenHi there, I have that question. Do Bibox charges us interest over the leveraging in the perpetual contracts trading? I'm not quite sure. In case they charges us, where can I see the amounts? submitted by /u/maurocostarica [link] [comments]
  • 17d #BitcoinHalving2020 with Bibox Grid trading fee reimbursement r/bibox-token #BitcoinHalving2020 with Bibox Grid trading fee reimbursement I am actually jealous here Guys, promise me. Make the best use of this event. Please!! Details at: ​ submitted by /u/tayl..
  • 18d Bibox Trading Bot now supports Cross Markets Arbitrage r/bibox-token Another feature just launched. Bibox Trading Bot now supports Cross Markets Arbitrage Instructions at: ​ submitted by /u/taylorzhangc [link] [comments]
  • 19d Bibox Has Completed BIX Repurchase and Burn of April, 2020 r/bibox-token Bibox has completed BIX repurchase and burn plan for April of 2020. The total amount of BIX burnt this time is 2,015,035 BIX. Incentive rewards monthly repurchase & burn: 1,842,160 BIX Contract mining repurchase & burn: 172,875 BIX The total number of BIX burnt so far is 22,109,651 BIX, accounting for 32% of tokens to be burnt. The total circulating amount is 109,410,698 BIX. We wi..
  • 21d Does BIX generate any rewards? r/bibox-tokenI have some "frozen" which used to generate Eth, but it seems that is no longer the case (considering the crypto alt winter it's understandable) Does BIX currently generate any rewards for holding it? thanks submitted by /u/ronnie_s [link] [comments]
  • 22d Bibox team contract trade competition r/bibox-token1mi $ in total for teams/individuals, hurry up! submitted by /u/yoeltorres [link] [comments]
  • 23d How to freeze BIX? r/bibox-tokenOkay so I have some BIX frozen, do these still offer rewards? I just bought some more How do I freeze / "lock" them up for rewards? If that's not working any more is there anything I can do with my BIX to generate anything? thanks (very out of the loop here) submitted by /u/ronnie_s [link] [comments]
  • 28d Bibox AMA - Our Way to Advanced AI Trading r/bibox-token submitted by /u/taylorzhangc [link] [comments]
  • 34d Kusama Network Listing on Bibox r/bibox-token Ready for a sneak peek of Polkadotnetwork ? Check out Kusama Network Kusama network - paving the way since 2019. ​ submitted by /u/taylorzhangc [link] [comments]
  • 35d Another Grid Trading Upgrade Done r/bibox-token ​ submitted by /u/taylorzhangc [link] [comments]
  • 35d Blatant generalization/discrimination should have no place in this space r/bibox-token The most-used crypto exchange and the most-used wallet are all built by Chinese teams. Most POW mining machines are produced by Chinese companies. If a project failed, it means it tried to build. Blatant generalization/discrimination should have no place in this space
  • 36d Bibox Grid Trading, Not Too Shabby!!! r/bibox-token What you could have done if using Bibox Grid Trading! ​ submitted by /u/taylorzhangc [link] [comments]
  • 40d What do you think of Bibox's new look ? r/bibox-token ​ submitted by /u/taylorzhangc [link] [comments]
  • 41d A Sovereign Digital Currency Will Be Rolled Out Soon r/bibox-token The People's Bank of China already started to test China's digital currency, which is called the DCEP. According to reports, China will probably be the first country to roll out a sovereign digital currency and it will happen SOON! ​ submitte..
  • 47d Perpetual Contract Super Maker Reward r/bibox-token ​ Details at: submitted by /u/taylorzhangc [link] [comments]
  • 48d Check out the platform with additional trading features for Bibox Exchange: trading bots, arbitrage, extended orders setup r/bibox-token submitted by /u/IdahoAnalytic [link] [comments]
  • 58d Bibox Monthly Free Draw for 1 Bitcoin - See How it Wnet r/bibox-token submitted by /u/kingscrown69 [link] [comments]
  • 62d How Bibox Exchange stole my BTC. (30 BTC) r/bibox-tokenHello traders, Bibox has locked my account after a profitable trade session on 17th May 2019. Since then they keep my account locked and do not allow me to withdraw my funds or continue trading. First of all, I have registered in the exchange and passed the KYC process. After that, I made a deposit from my wallet and began trading on pair BCHSV/BTC. I have been trading profitably, then decided to ..
  • 64d Hey guys. Maybe enjoy copy trading and grid trading while you are staying well and healthy r/bibox-token ​ submitted by /u/taylorzhangc [link] [comments]

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