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  • 1h No Ads showing up [PC] [SOLUTION] r/basic-attention-token Howdie fellas! I'm happy to say I've found a way to get those damn ads back! No, it has nothing to do with Win10 notifications but with Brave itself. These methods may also work for Linux. So let's get going... [WINDOWS 10] Check Windows Notifications first! I know, many of you aren't here to hear again "check the notifications" with a deep and joking voice but some..
  • 1h So, no Gemini for users? r/basic-attention-token submitted by /u/notthrowingg [link] [comments]
  • 1h Mods please create payout megathread r/basic-attention-tokenWhy didn't create the megathread like last month? Now the forum is spammed with many users not knowing how payout works etc. There are probably real bugs but it's bad to spam the forum like this? What does it say to new members? Please let's get our act together Brave Team. My payout did well so thanks! submitted by /u/ReallyNewHere111 [link] [comments]
  • 5h Why is Brave the only browser with BAT support? r/basic-attention-tokenWhy not a Firefox add-on or Chrome extension? submitted by /u/After-Cell [link] [comments]
  • 8h Cannot get BAT off my Android and into my Uphold wallet. I also cannot tip myself BAT from my phone. r/basic-attention-tokenI am having a frustrating problem getting BAT off my phone into my Uphold wallet. My phone says I have 35 BAT, but I do not see it in my Uphold wallet. I am sure this is not the estimated earnings. And yes, my wallet is verified on my phone. I also have my Reddit, Twitter, and Twitch account linked to my Uphold wallet so I can attempt to tip myself. I know I did it right because I am able to tip t..
  • 10h I could not update for some reason even though I followed the fixing guidelines. After I reinstalled it I see it is saying I need 25 Bat?! This is only with the night ver so what gives because this was never the case with the original Brave. r/basic-attention-token submitted by /u/CGSasuke1 [link] [comments]
  • 10h What happened to my August BAT payment? r/basic-attention-tokenToday was the day that Brave users could collect their rewards, and it seems like others have already collected it, or at least got a prompt and a captcha to collect it. I had no problem last month, but this month, or today to be exact, I am not receiving a prompt to collect the BAT where it would usually be, and I had my browser open most of the day, and I even rebooted my computer just in case. ..
  • 12h probably a common issue but, where are my 15.5 BATs ??? r/basic-attention-token submitted by /u/Mr_Blue_Berry [link] [comments]
  • 13h BAT Earnings Estimator is wildly off r/basic-attention-tokenPlease note: This is not a complaint about earnings. It's about providing a good user experience and a good feeling of opting in to Brave Rewards. The estimator should show the expected payout. Any other method of displaying earnings is simply too confusing and gives a very unprofessional impression of the reward system. Some may say that the earnings all add up if you string them together mon..
  • 14h [New user:] I just claimed BAT and only 5 of the 9.85 BAT are shown in my wallet (see picture). Why is that? What happened with the other 4.85 BAT? r/basic-attention-token submitted by /u/Chris--1 [link] [comments]
  • 14h Brave Rewards ans Uphold not working? r/basic-attention-tokenHi guys! So I've just received my rewards from July on my Android wallet and I've just verified it with uphold (I've just made +25 BAT). The thing is, after verifying my Android wallet, my uphold account does not show my total amount of BAT that I've earned on my phone...Am I missing something here? Summing up: the BAT that I've gained from Android are not reflected within my u..
  • 14h Estimated Rewards Pending Hasn't Turned into BAT for 2 Months Now r/basic-attention-tokenHoping someone can advise on what to do. I think my problem started in May or June. My browser didn't convert estimated rewards into BAT. I thought starting a new profile in my browser would help. Now the estimated rewards that I did not receive are around 35 BAT in both profiles - so 70 BAT estimated rewards. When I did not receive BAT for June I thought it would sort itself out eventually bu..
  • 16h How long does it take for the BAT to show up in Uphold after you do that captcha? r/basic-attention-tokenFor a moment, a brief moment, it showed 3.000 But for the time I've used Brave, I should have 3.250. I have an uphold wallet all nicely verified. Refreshing the brave awards page says.....0.000 now. So, just wondering where everything went? submitted by /u/thkaal [link] [comments]
  • 16h Non-Recieved BAT rewards r/basic-attention-tokenHello, I have recently made around 4 or 5 bat from ads this month. I'm not able to see them in my uphold wallet, but it still shows my balance on the browser. What I've been doing is donating it to my creator account in hopes that I will show up in my wallet that way. I noticed that there was a mega thread for this issue so I will check that out too. submitted by /u/yumyumfar..
  • 17h Cannot connect Ledger Nano S to 'Brave Crypto Wallets' when 'Brave Rewards' is already enabled r/basic-attention-tokenHello Brave Team, I think I discovered a Rewards / Crypto Wallets / Metamask -related issue: you cannot connect Ledger Nano S to 'Brave Crypto Wallets' when 'Brave Rewards' is already enabled. First of all, about the environment: - Brave version: 1.11.104 (latest on desktop) - Ledger firmware: 1.6.0 (latest) - Ledger Nano Ether app: 1.3.7 (latest) Repro steps: - Connect and unlock ..
  • 17h Still can't redeem rewards r/basic-attention-tokenI have used Brave for more than an year, I have a fully functioning verified Uphold wallet on my Pc but for some reason there is not an option to merge it with the one on my Android phone, therefore I was forced to make another wallet, but since I have created it I have never been able to redeem a single BAT i have earned through rewards system, and I can't even verify the wallet for that reas..
  • 17h Android Verified Wallet: Is there any way to make a backup in case I change my phone r/basic-attention-tokenHi, I just verified my android wallet after accumulating more than 25 tokens. Is there any way to backup the wallet similar to the desktop just in case I change my phone or some other mishap happens? submitted by /u/fanderzone [link] [comments]
  • 17h Weird stuff going on with rewards on both Android and desktop (PC, windows 10) r/basic-attention-tokenHello! ​ So I'd ignored my brave rewards for a long time on Android until like maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago. I had a shitload of things/buttons to click to claim my rewards. The weird thing is is that most of them would say I got x amount of BAT but then my balance would stay the same. I'm not sure how long I've had the android browser with the ads turned on but I'd guess for abou..
  • 19h Brave BAT Wallet says "disconnected" r/basic-attention-token Image of the "disconnected" status Can someone help me out and tell me what this means + how to fix it? Thanks! submitted by /u/JoeFCaputo0113 [link] [comments]
  • 20h How/where would you like to spend BAT that you receive? r/basic-attention-tokenI guess that most people here in this sub understand already the idea of "if you are not paying for the product, then you are the product" and how current ad-dependent business are a threat to society. I've seen a post already how some people would like to use BAT to pay for Netflix and Spotify, but these are not really good examples because: People already pay for it with the curre..
  • 20h Is My Referral Link Gone Forever? r/basic-attention-tokenI stopped doing content creation for quite a bit, and lazily missed the June cutoff to get everything verified. I just started getting motivated to do things again about a month ago, and got everything back up and running a little over a week ago, Uphold wallet verified, etc. But my referral links to download Brave are still nowhere to be found on my creator dashboard after about 10 or 12 days. A..
  • 21h Stopped receiving BAT rewards r/basic-attention-tokenI stopped getting the notifications on my lap top and desktop. All of my settings are normal and havent changed. I have noticed that I get directed to UK websites for some reason like and HELP! It has been about 1.5 months now. Edit**** Issue resolved. Seems like changing my pop up notifications on windows helped my issue. However it took almost 2 hours to get my first ad. I st..
  • 1d The Weekly BAT + Podcast Ep. 53 — Introducing the new Brave Firewall + VPN for iOS (powered by Guardian), “Future-Proof Your Marketing” w/ Brave & Dentsu (video), Interview w/ Lin Dai, CEO of TAP Network (Brave partner) r/basic-attention-token submitted by /u/CryptoJennie [link] [comments]
  • 1d Donating to Youtubers Who Talk About Bat r/basic-attention-tokenHey there! I'm of the philosophy that all of my earned BAT should go to content creators to promote the circulation of the currency. Ideally, I'd like to donate to creators who mention Brave at least occasionally. Something as simple as 'If you liked my content, leave me a tip on the Brave browser' would be great. Maybe I'm being a little too calculating here, but I see the B..
  • 1d Decreased Ads on Brave? r/basic-attention-tokenHey there! Canadian here. I've noticed that my BAT earnings have decreased substantially the past month or so. I normally get 25 ish BAT but this month, I'm only speculated to receive 6... As well, there seemed to be a decrease in the number of ads that pop up? A fellow BAT user in my area reported getting the usual amount, however. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks! submitted b..
  • 1d What’s stopping BAT from reaching $10 within 2 years? r/basic-attention-tokenThe BAT price since its inception has been quite disappointing however i would argue that’s down to not enough supply or demand or hype. I know BAT is not a security so Brave have no obligation to support a price increase but lets be real, if the BAT price takes off, they’ll be a flood of Brave users. I’ve been watching this forum for years and people discussing $30 prices ‘coming soon’ only for u..
  • 13d Basic Attention Token Price Analysis - Technicals for both the BAT/USD and BAT/BTC pairs are bullish bravenewcoinThe trend litmus test for both pairs is a spot price above both the 200-day exponential moving average and the daily Ichimoku Cloud, both of which are firmly bullish.

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