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  • 18h Not everybody has 'buy the dip' money.. and that's OK r/CryptoCurrencyYou've heard it before. "Bull markets make people money and bear markets make people rich" "This is what we are waiting for! If you're not buying now you're a fool!!" "YES I dream of this stuff! Chips and dip!!" Believe it or not, some people don't have the fiat to throw in at a moment's notice. Especially with the holiday season coming, things ar..
  • 11d Hoverboards - Jadu is building the Mirrorverse, an AR layer for metaverse avatars bravenewcoinJake Sally is the COO of Jadu, an AR platform and narrative layer for Web3 and the metaverse. Jadu is pioneering the functionality of digital assets in AR and the physical world by converting 3D NFTs into playable avatars and objects that can interact with each other in an ever-expanding AR game world. Jadu is minting 5555 hoverboard NFTs in December.

Arweave (ar)

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Market cap: $2,097,841,206.0 #73
24h volume: $60,390,015.0

Growth History

All Time High: $89.24(-52.84%)
All Time Low: $0.298788(13985.23%)