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  • 18h What happened to Interoperability r/aionInteroperability was the big vision... What happened to it? Is Aion still working on it? The Vision was strong, Aion was in the Alliance and a strong and in progress leading competitior against cosmos and polkadot. OAN is cool, but not unique. There are plenty of Blockchains. I hold for years now, but don't get what Aion is aiming for now. submitted by /u/Mil______ [link] ..
  • 1d Defi will need real consumer markets to achieve scale and have a global impact. The gig economy presents an incredible opportunity to innovate on financial products in a meaningful way. We’re excited about the role Aion will play in this growing market. r/aion submitted by /u/AionRedditBot [link] [comments]
  • 3d "Velocia app takes healthy new look at mobility" (expansion into Toronto planned for end of August) r/aion submitted by /u/a_toad_a_so [link] [comments]
  • 13d "What are some great DeFi projects on chains other than Ethereum?" Matt Spoke: Stay tuned. We’re building something. Related to this product: r/aion submitted by /u/a_toad_a_so [link] [comments]
  • 15d (belated) Weekly Digest - July 25 r/aion📑 Transcript of Matt's Q2 2020 AMA (video link included) - 📊 The Open Foundation releases its Q2 2020 transparency report - 🐶 For Mainstream Success, Blockchains Must Eat Their Own Dog Food -
  • 16d With all emerging technologies, testing is an essential part of developing a product that people actually want to use. @MattSpoke comments in Forbes how blockchain developers can identify blindspots by "eating their own dogfood". $Aion r/aion submitted by /u/AionRedditBot [link] [comments]
  • 17d The Open Foundation has released its Q2 report to share insight with the $Aion community into the internal operations, metrics, and strategies of the Foundation. Check it out here >> , and stay tuned for translations into Chinese and Korean! r/aion submitted by /u/AionRedditBot [link] [comments]
  • 27d Thank you to everyone who joined us for our quarterly AMA with @MattSpoke last week! We've added a transcript of the AMA to our blog, check it out here: $Aion r/aion submitted by /u/AionRedditBot [link] [comments]
  • 29d ICYMI: (belated) Weekly Digest - July 11 r/aion📆 Matt Spoke's Monthly Update - 💬 Quarterly AMA with Matt - • Reddit summary and discussion thread - 🔓 Open Apps Must Embrace, Extend, And Innovate On Platform Monopolies - 🇨🇦 Moves expands into Alberta and Br..
  • 29d Blockchained India opens registration for second "100 days of code" building on The OAN beginning in September r/aion submitted by /u/a_toad_a_so [link] [comments]
  • 30d AMA Discussion Thread r/ I figured I'd post a thread for discussion about the AMA (link above). Below is a summary of the highlights (though I recommend watching the video and not just relying on my summary). ​ - Next quarterly report coming end of July - Estimated current runway (not including future capital acquisition): Q4 2021 - Shanghai and Barbados offices closed - Consolidated team s..
  • 31d Thank you all for submitting questions for our Q2 AMA! @MattSpoke answers all your questions about $Aion, The Open Application Network, and our progress with Moves. r/aion submitted by /u/AionRedditBot [link] [comments]
  • 33d Check out @MattSpoke 's June update video for The OAN and $Aion r/aion submitted by /u/AionRedditBot [link] [comments]
  • 33d Aion is over? r/aionThere’s zero traction and the only people building on Aion are Moves which is basically the foundation. I’ve fully capitulated, I was put off by certain members of this community failing to recognise a problem & believe that’s part of the problem. Does anyone still truely believe in this project? submitted by /u/jsbsbxbdhdh [link] [comments]
  • 33d Bit of expert know-how required r/aionI've made a mistake. Or three. I have my account address, and I can see my balance on the Aion explorer. What I cannot do is send any tokens. I installed the new version of the wallet, but both the options - "Unlock Account" and "Import Account" do not respond whatever I input. It either says "Cannot decrypt your seed" or if I try to import, it looks for a keysto..
  • 37d Does this mean LOCX and VCI smart contracts are live on Moves? r/aion On the recently-updated moves site, in the about us page, there's a statement at the bottom stating it is backed by blockchain. Does this mean that the smart contracts are live i.e. Aion is officially integrated into Moves? They wouldn't make a false claim now, would they?
  • 40d Founder @MattSpoke's latest for Forbes - open apps should be embracing existing monopolies, not trying to reinvent the wheel. $Aion r/aion submitted by /u/AionRedditBot [link] [comments]
  • 46d Quarterly Video AMA with Matt Spoke - July 9th r/aion*Update: Quarterly Video AMA with Matt Spoke - July 9th is now LIVE * Matt Spoke, Founder & CEO of The Open Application Network and Moves, will be doing a pre-recorded AMA. Video content will be released on Thursday, July 9th at 2:00 pm. There is a lot to talk about since Matt’s last AMA, including: The most recent monthly update The team’s fully adjusted to the new norm New additions have jo..
  • 48d Interoperability community discussion r/aionI still come across folks who are really sore about The OAN setting interoperability to the side in favor of focusing on platform problems in the gig economy generally, and specifically. My thoughts are below, please comment with yours. Interoperability is not the golden goose folks make it out to be. Just because other projects are getting attention for working on interoperabili..
  • 49d ICYMI: (belated) Weekly Digest - June 21 r/aion📆 Matt Spoke's Monthly Update (June 1) - 🎙️ Matt Spoke's presentation at Messari Mainnet - 🚴 "Gig labour market needs policy reforms" by Matt Spoke - 🤖 has been updated with the latest project info ___ Info Bot: Newsfeed:
  • 51d Founder and CEO @MattSpoke for the Financial Post on gig worker's exclusion from labour related social and financial services, and how they must be reformed to align with the future of work. r/aion submitted by /u/AionRedditBot [link] [comments]
  • 52d Another startup targets gig economy r/aionI'm posting links just for the research purposes, Joseph, feel free to edit/delete everything that you find inappropriate. ​ I stumbled upon this startup called . Looks like they are in preliminary stage, targeting gig workers with microloans. ​ We're building a new platform for gig workers to get microloans based on and paid through their work on es..
  • 57d AionTGbot gets a makeover r/aion submitted by /u/a_toad_a_so [link] [comments]
  • 58d roadmap 2020 and beyond r/aionHi there Can someone link me to a roadmap for this project as Im having difficulty finding the information. If there is not one,the question arises why not ? Communication is key!! Thankyou in advance. submitted by /u/onthejazz69 [link] [comments]
  • 59d Want to know more about the product roadmap for Moves? @MattSpoke shares his vision for our flagship open app. $Aion r/aion submitted by /u/AionRedditBot [link] [comments]
  • 60d Why is Moves targeting independent workers? We're paving the way for an underserved market to thrive in the modern economy. $Aion r/aion submitted by /u/AionRedditBot [link] [comments]
  • 209d Aion Essential Links r/aionThe Open Application Network (OAN): Solving the unintended consequences of platform economies Latest Updates: The OAN's Q2 2020 Transparency Report - Matt's Q2 2020 AMA (video link included) - Matt Spoke's June 2020 video update (July 7, 2020) -

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