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  • 1d Ravendex – Next Gen Non-Custodial DEX And Launchpad Powered By Cardano Blockchain zycryptoRavendex primarily ranks to be the first non-custodial decentralized exchange and Launchpad powered by the Cardano Blockchain. It features four multi-function liquidity pools which are as mentioned below: Constant-product pool Stable pool Multi-asset pool Dynamic pool APY rates were initially lower than other lending platforms on various blockchains, such as AAVE on Ethereum. Due to […]
  • 5d Centrifuge's Real World Asset Market coming to Aave? There's an AMA with their team tomorrow with Aave Grants r/aave submitted by /u/Honest_Star1167 [link] [comments]
  • 24d AAVE Price Analysis - 12th November 2021 bravenewcoinAAVE Price Analysis - 12th November 2021
  • 33d Withdrawal Fees Too High - something wrong? r/aave This doesn't look right does it? ​ submitted by /u/drivenkey [link] [comments]
  • 34d AMPL deposit on AAVE r/aaveI deposited some AMPL yesterday on AAVE to check what is going on with the huge APY currently offered to lenders. According to, my aAMPL balance should have been increased by around 7% (which is the rebase that happened a few hours ago), but no such thing has happened. Have I understood something wrong here? Thanks for any help! sub..
  • 34d I made this post over 4 years ago. Aave was 1/3rd of a penny! r/aave submitted by /u/danktim [link] [comments]
  • 34d How to actually use an L2 solution like Polygon on AAVE? r/aaveHi all, I am dipping my toes into DeFi, and want to use AAVE. My strategy is to convert BTC into WBTC, and then to move the WBTC onto AAVE. I have already done the first part and have some WBTC in my MetaMask wallet. For now I am starting with small amounts to make sure everything works. My first hurdle is that when I actually want to deposit my WBTC into AAVE, there is a high tx fee because of cu..
  • 40d How Tranche allows you to maximize APYs on Compound and AAVE bravenewcoinTranche Finance, a decentralized protocol for maximizing returns and minimizing risk, allows users to maximize their DeFi returns.
  • 61d Is AAVE planning to deploy to any true L2 roll-ups? r/aavePersonally, I do not feel any of the other L1s that AAVE has deployed to, such as Polygon and Avalanche, have adequate security guarantees for multi-billion dollar markets. At the same time, the fees on L1 Ethereum make it inaccessible to the average retail investor. A deployment to a true L2 roll-up such as Optimism, Arbitrum, etc would seem to be the right middle ground. Fees are only $1-2 per t..
  • 67d New to Aave r/aaveI'm wanting to diversify my crypto portfolio a little more and also branch into new areas of DeFi. I've come across yield farming and borrowing/lending to make money. Does anyone have a "map" or strategy that they use for additional gains? I don't know much about yield farming or the borrow/lend part. submitted by /u/FireFistTy [link] [comments]
  • 79d Aave stablecoin hypercompounding - realistic health factor? r/aave submitted by /u/sumpg41 [link] [comments]
  • 84d Borrow rates on AAVE V2 vs Polygon r/aaveI'm about to take out a USDC loan and I've noticed the rates are different on Polygon vs v2 markets. V2: 5.14 APR Polygon: 3.98 APR This is understandable since the liquidity reserves are completely different on the two networks. Also there is no Variable APY graph on Polygon like you get on V2 so you can see the history of the variable rate for volatility in the rate. ​ Does anyone..
  • 85d What’s the best way to leverage AAVE for optimal yields? I am thinking about depositing it into Yearn instead of staking it. But someone said that I should instead put it into Polygon for MATIC tokens. What’s the best strategy in your diverse experiences? r/aave submitted by /u/mobco [link] [comments]
  • 85d Rewards on Aave last I claimed was stAAVE now it STKAAVE? r/aaveIs there some place I can find an explanation what the reward/coins are on Aave, what can be done with them and why the change? I've had bags of coins on Aave ETH and Poly for a few months and have received very little rewards. (Yes I get that reward are based on which coins one has on Aave.) When I tried to swap my lil .3 stAAVE for USDC it came out to a -$27... wth? I haven't even bother..
  • 87d Anyone know what’s new with AAVE? r/aaveThere’s not a lot of news lately with AAVE. Last I saw AAVE was looking to be a cross chain platform. Specifically eyeing Solana and Avalanche, about a month ago. Any word on these developments? Or other new developments? submitted by /u/Sandharbor [link] [comments]
  • 95d Discord 🤔 r/aaveDoes AAVE have a discord ? It would be great submitted by /u/Bullskey [link] [comments]
  • 96d What to do with my 3 Aave coins r/aaveHi guys, Total noobie question here, I bought 3 aave coins after watching a Youtube video on defi, Im fasinated by defi and crypto and Im learning everyday Using the Aave platform what can I do with my 3 coins ? I really what to start yeild farming, borrowing, staking ect ect But other than my cake tokens Im staking on pancakeswop Im doing nothing. Im not worried about losing small amounts for mo..
  • 98d Can anyone explain the possible benefits of borrowing? r/aaveIm trying to get my head around AAVE and other lending protocols, I understand depositing and how you can earn interest, but I dont understand the point of borrowing if the amount you can borrow is less than your collatoral, if you needed money why not just use the crypto you wouldve used for collateral? Also, Im confused on possible ways to make money when borrowing since the APY to pay back is a..
  • 99d How to borrow and "eliminate" liquidation risk? r/aaveAAVE newbie here. Am trying to understand whether I will be able to borrow and eliminate liquidation risks? ​ In summary: ​ Want to borrow crypto, let's assume US$100K value, in order to HODL crypto and avoid capital gains tax if I sell and then want to use that $100K for non-crypto purchases. ​ Borrow $100K value of WETH at variable borrow rate of 0.56% APY ​ ..
  • 99d Ethereum Mainnet Woes r/aaveSo I screwed up. About a month ago when I was learning about crypto, I got excited to use Aave. Instead of borrowing Aave on Polygon I stupidly deposited a few hundred of USDC on ETH mainnet. I borrowed a hundred USDT just to see how it worked. An expensive (for me) lesson. Now, ( as you can already see where this is going probably) , the gas fees to withdraw money and even payback my loan are INS..
  • 103d What health factor do you generally aim to maintain? r/aave submitted by /u/namborghini69 [link] [comments]
  • 103d Can you stake Aave from ledger Nano S? r/aave submitted by /u/Particular-Bunch3494 [link] [comments]
  • 103d AAVE token rewards r/aaveHow is the reward in AAVE token calculated? Why the rewards for GUSD decreased so much? submitted by /u/Printer-Pam [link] [comments]
  • 104d I'm trying to figure out whether to Stake Or Deposit my Aave coins because I also want to hold them and yield the most profit.. Any suggestions? r/aaveI'm trying to figure out whether to Stake Or Deposit my Aave coins because I also want to hold them and yield the most profit.. Any suggestions? submitted by /u/Waffaell [link] [comments]
  • 105d Paying debt with collateral vs paying debt with wallet r/aaveWhat’s the difference and is there a benefit to paying off my loan with one method over the other ? submitted by /u/jjjllee [link] [comments]
  • 105d Best place to buy r/aaveWhere can I buy aave so that I’m able to withdrawal for a reasonable price? I have a bunch in Binance, but as far as I’m concerned it’s locked in there. It costs significantly more dollar value than eth itself. Costs .11 aave to withdrawal. There literally is no point as to stake and repay the transfer fees would be a long time of staking. Is there any place I can buy aave with the ability to with..
  • 106d Where can I find aave users' addresses? r/aaveI've been looking more into aave liquidation bots. Looking to write one myself, however I can't find anywhere to retrieve aave user's addresses. With these addresses I'll be able to run them and check if health factor is below one, therefore able to be liquidated. If anyone knows anything about this, I'd appreciate the help. Thanks in advanced submitted by /u/aleg..
  • 106d Two different fees when staking? r/aaveI started the staking process and it said gas would only be ~$25, so I got to Step 3. At that point it said the gas fees would be $70, which was way more than the initial quote, so I cancelled the transaction. I still got charged ~$6 in fees even though I cancelled it, I assume for Step 1? Why are there two fees? My tokens seem to still be accessible in my account, but there's definitely a tra..
  • 697d AAVE PROTOCOL IS LIVE ON MAINNET! r/aave submitted by /u/isakiv [link] [comments]

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